URL Video Downloader to easily save video from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram

URL Video Downloader by Softorino is a desktop application that saves videos from the web once you copy the link. It works with Mac & PC and is able to download videos to iPhone & iPad right on the spot.

Josh Brown

While browsing the web you often stumble upon entertaining videos you’d like to keep for the latter. But since to download a single video you have to go over through tons of dubious software, it gets far more troublesome.

The solution is Softorino YouTube Converter. This is Mac/PC utility that downloads videos from the web to your desktop & iPhone.

In its latest Mac version the application supports all the major video-sharing websites: YouTube, Daily Moton, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram.

Because it's an URL video downloader, the way it works is practically effortless. All you do is just copying the link.

Follow the steps below to download video from YouTube to your iPhone:

(in the tutorial we’ll be using MacBook Air and iPhone 6)

The method works just the same for all the video sharing platforms.

Step one. Download & Install Softorino YouTube Downloader.

Download the installation package by clicking the “DOWNLOAD” button on the top of this webpage. The set-up file will be saved to your computer immediately. The download is free.

To start the installation – launch the file you had just downloaded. Pass through the installing process using the set-up wizard. This whole procedure usually takes a few seconds. Once it is over – proceed to the step two.


Step two. Launch the converter and connect your iPhone.

To establish a connection – use the standard USB cable.

Step three. Tap on the 'Download' button in Softorino YouTube Converter.

Everything is done in seconds.

Go to your video’s webpage. Because it's a YouTube URL video downloader, all you should do is to copy its URL address to the clipboard. The movie is now added to the download list. You will see its icon in the app's window.

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On the contrary to other YouTube link downloaders, you don't even need to paste the URL to the converter.

You can choose more than one video to be saved at a time. In fact, the number of videos is limited only by your iPhone’s memory. So add them all! 

Be Sure – it can download videos in the highest quality. Read our article on HD Video Download with Softorino YouTube Converter here.

Start the YouTube URL download by clicking on the 'Convert and Transfer to iPhone' button.

The progress bar will now appear on your screen. It is there to give you info about the converting. Once it is filled up – all your files are saved to your iPhone. Go find your videos in the playlist of the standard Apple video player right now! You can watch any of them right in this very moment.

***In case you'd like to save it to your iPad, here's how it's done: How to download YouTube video on iPad without iTunes.

Beside being just a smooth URL video downloader, Softorino YouTube Converter is also an MP3/M4A converter. So if you’d like rip audio from YouTube – the method stays the same. You copy its link as well, but choose ‘Audio’ while downloading. More details on this here: YouTube Song Download in 3 Steps.

Likeweise, the file will be availavle from pre-installed Apple Music.app.

You won’t see any other YouTube link downloader able to do the same things so easy and fast. Our converter was specially developed to perform its function with really high speed. Moreover, the app’s interface was designed to be as user-friendly as possible.

Softorino YouTube converter works fine with both Mac and Windows operating systems.


YouTube is the world’s most popular video hosting website. Sixty hours of new videos are downloaded to its servers every single minute. All those videos vary a lot. They can be hillarious, educational, musical, historical etc. Anyone can find something interesting for himself there.

This app to download YouTube videos will be very useful for everyone who enjoys YouTube's content. It's got great features and it works in a very simple way. Furthermore, this app is the only existing tool, that can fully replace YouTube Red – paid subscription launched recently. It's the simplest YouTube to MP3 converter in the niche.

iTunes Sync isn't required. This makes the download even faster than you could think. Everything is done in complex by one single app.

It's a perfect tool for you wish to download YouTube videos easily and then save it on your iPhone.

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