Best Way to Download YouTube Videos to Computer and iOS

The best way to download YouTube Videos is to use Softorino YouTube Converter. To prove this we came up with easy to follow tutorial below.

Josh Brown

You can download YouTube videos for free but it’s like a Russian Roulette. Sometimes you get lucky and save the videos easily, but sometimes you get viruses and malware instead. So, in this article you'll learn the best way to download YouTube videos. To understand what this is all about, watch this video:

At the first sight, download from YouTube seems to be something that is really easy to tackle. And in theory it should be so. But in practice, it is a bit different (unless you're using the app from the video)

UPDATE: In its lastest version Softorino YouTube Converter for Mac supports Daily Motion. The working principle is described here: How to Use Daily Motion Download Software by Softorino.

If you type ‘The best way to download YouTube videos in Google, you'll get a whoooole bunch of different solutions.The whooole bunch of different unreliable & clumsy solutions.

Various Downloaders & Converters are exactly the type of software that is packed with all kinds of junk imaginable. Once you install one of those, you'll have to put in a Herculean effort to remove it from your HDD.

And even If you got lucky and installed something without any badware agents, this doesn't mean that it's going to work as you expect. It's a common fact that YouTube download software often affects the quality of the videos. Let's say, you wanted to save the video in 1080p, but in the end you just get 480p. Exactly what you wanted, isn't it?

***Latest tutorial: How to Enable YouTube Offline Viewing on iPad & iPhone 

Moreover, if you needed that video on your iPad for example, you have to transfer it with iTunes afterwards. And this means more wasting of time, more hassle and more irriation.

However, you can skip all those stages. And you can skip them if you use Softorino Youtube Converter – the best way to download YouTube videos.

Softorino YouTube Converter is a new superb tool created by the guys that introduced WALTR for Mac & Windows. Their new app uses the unique technology of their previous product and transfers media from YouTube directly to an iPhone.

Softorino YouTube Converter is a Mac application, that requires OS X 10.9 and later. It Supports all iOS 5 & above devices. Yes, the name is a bit ugly (it's only for SEO purposes) but we don't judge book by its cover, do we?

And the inside of this book is the following: This is the only app that can put YouTube videos directly into your iPhone. Morever, directly into the default iOS Video player.

The Best Way to Download YouTube Videos:

The guide below consists of 3 crucial steps:

Step1. Before execution of this tutorial, you need to have the recommended application installed. Get YouTube Video Downloader here.

You can save the installation file directly from our website. There is a big bright ‘Free Download‘ button in the top right corner of this webpage. After you've done so, simply go through the installation wizard.

Step 2. Plug in your iOS device with the help of USB.

All you have to do is to connect your iPhone using the standard USB cable. If you want to download videos to your Mac & PC, pay attention to our guide here: Download YouTube Videos on Mac with Softorino YouTube Converter.

Step 3. Go on YouTube & copy the link of the video you'd like to save.

You can just right click (CMD + right click) on the video and then select ‘Copy link’.

Then the icon of the video will immediately appear in the app's window. The next task is to choose the quality of the video and select where you want to save it (it can be your Mac or your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch).

YouTube download software

Aaand then...just sit back and hit ‘Convert and Transfer to iPhone’. The transferring process will begin immediately.

So that you know: if you ever wanted to strip audio from YouTube videos, now you're able to tackle this in no time. You just need to switch to ‘Audio’ mode while using our YouTube download software. Detailed guide on this is here: YouTube Audio Downloader to Convert YT to MP3 and M4R QUICK & EASY!

That is all, my friend! With this YouTube Download software you get your files saved inside the pre-installed Apple iOS apps.

By the way, by using native Video/Music players and not third-party ones, you actually avoid extra battery drain.

Although Softorino YouTube Converter is a really small application, it is very multifunctional. It copes with many tasks that usually are catch-22 for other kinds of software.

For instance, have you ever dreamed of getting rid of all the annoying ads while wathcing YouTube videos? Then your dream come true and now you can enjoy imported videos absolutely ad-free. Wohoo:)

Another cool feature is the ability to save the whole playlists within one click. Copy the URL, hit ‘Convert and Transfer to iPhone’ and dozens of video are in your native We described this simple formula even more here: Download YouTube URL & Get the Video Saved on the Computer. 

By far, Softorino YouTube Converter is the only alternative to YouTube Red. Moreover, it has features, that YouTube Red still can't offer (e.g. coverting files to MP3s). And on the contrary to YouTube Red this tool is free and available in every place on our mother Earth (if there's Internet of course).

Before conclusion let's make a quick overview of the app's abilities. If you use Softorino YouTube Converter, you get:

  • Super fast way to save ANY video from Youtube
  • Suuper easy way to convert videos to MP3s
  • Super reliable way to get rid of ads & glitiching once and for all
  • Just a super awesome app :)


So, with this one free app you literally get the remedy for several burning problems you might experience. You finally get the chance to watch your favorite videos offline, listen to your favorite songs offline, and all this with the help of your new favorite app :P

Guys, we aren't trying to show off. Well, maybe just a little bit. But the fact is, that all said above is truth. And you can easily check it by testing the app.

P.S. We know that probably many of you are concerned that downloading & copying YouTube videos is a violation of Google copywriting policy. But, as long as you're doing it for your personal use (not distributing) it is considered to be okay. Furthermore, there are some rare songs & videos that aren't available for purchase and can be found only on YouTube. So saving videos in this case isn't a ‘crime’ at all.