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How to Download 360° videos from YouTube for PlayStation VR

VR revolution is about to start. In 2016 we witnessed the first steps towards the VR future: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and finally PlayStation VR are all here. It’s obvious now that Virtual Reality is an absolute game changer.

Knowing that many of you are struggling to upload videos to PlayStation VR, we put together a detailed tutorial on how you can download 360° videos from YouTube and watch them in VR mode.

The technology like Virtual Reality exists since 90s, but it’s 2016 when you finally can feel it. And yet all the VR technologies we have now are still in their early, pre-historic stage. 5 years from now we will look at this as something from the stone age, a pure relic from a sci-fi museum.

Your PlayStation VR still has a number of restrictions. It can trick your mind that you are somewhere exploring Mars, but the room for improvement is huge. Yet it’s nothing like everything that we experienced before.

Therefore, don’t miss out. You now can try YouTube VR videos in their full force. Just below you will find our guide on how to download  360° Videos from YouTube. With a little effort a couple of minutes – it’s quite easy to do. 

How to Download 360° Videos from YouTube:

360 videos isn’t something new for YouTube. As a matter of fact, there’s even the official channel dedicated solely to 360° videos and VR. The good news is – our Softorino YouTube Converter 2 supports VR videos. You can download 360º videos from YouTube to your iPhone, Mac and later on we’ll even demonstrate how you can upload it to your PlayStation 4.

NOTE: PlayStation VR doesn’t support 3D videos yet.

The workaround is the following:

  1. Launch Softorino YouTube Converter
  2. Copy link of the YouTube video
  3. Hit ‘Download to computer’ (select 1080p HD)


Now you have it on your Mac. However, Neither Quick Time Player nor VLC are able to play it back. If you wish to play it on your Mac, free GoPro VR player 2.0 will do the trick.

How to Upload 360° Degrees movies to PlayStation VR

Perhaps, you know – there are some restrictions on the video you can upload to PlayStation 4. It should be an MP4 file with high profile level 4,2 ,1080p picture resolution encoded in h.264 codec. PlayStation 4 won’t play 4K videos in VR mode just yet.

Use Handbrake to convert YouTube VR movie to PlayStation VR

In Handbrake you can adapt the video you’ve just downloaded so that it meets all the tech requirements (see screenshot). In case, you have 4K video, go to Picture Settings and adapt image resolution to 1080p.

Once you have it all ready proceed with the exact instructions below:

  1. Put your movie on USB flash drive
  2. Plug the drive into your PS4
  3. Make sure the Media Player is version 2.50
  4. Open files using the PS4 Media Player Application
  5. Turn on the PS VR headset.
  6. Select ‘VR Mode’ from the Options menu


The Takeaway

VR revolution is just about to begin. It’s not even there yet. There are no doubts, that 2016 is ground-breaking in terms of virtual reality. Introduction of Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and the last stroke – the first PlayStation based VR headset is finally here.

To top all this, YouTube has a whole variety of VR videos on board that are just amazing for your VR experience. You already can download 360º videos from YouTube using Softorino YouTube Converter and fully enjoy on your PlayStation VR.

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