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Josh Brown Mar 28, 2024

How Can I See my Text Messages on iCloud in 2024

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Josh Brown Mar 28, 2024

Before we start: Quick question

Have you ever wanted to view your iMessages on a PC? If you've struggled with how to get messages from iCloud, here's a convenient solution: AltTunes. Keep your texts, pics, iMessages, and more on any computer with one tool.

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Apple's iCloud is an amazing cloud storage service that helps when your iOS devices encounter issues like lost data. It uploads your photos, files, contacts, notes, calendars, and reminders. Besides, it creates a cloud backup and syncs them across your iOS devices. So, you don't need to transfer data to each device separately. But iCloud storage space comes with major limitations in the free plan and a hefty price for additional storage space.

So, is it simple to view your iMessages?

No, sadly, you cannot view text messages on iCloud.  iCloud allows you to view photos, contacts, notes, and other viewable content by logging into the platform, except for the content of iMessages. To access iCloud messages, you'll have to jump through a few hoops.

The reason is simple: the messages stored in iCloud are in an unreadable format.

How to Get Messages from iCloud on an iPhone without Additional Tools?

Here is how to get back messages on iPhone using your iCloud backup. These steps will help you if your device was syncing data to iCloud backup. If, for some reason, the option was never enabled, you won't be able to restore deleted messages with this solution.

  1. On your Apple device, go to Settings > [your name] with Apple ID > iCloud;
  2. Tap the Messages icon and turn it on.
  • For iOS 16, iPadOS 16, or later: Tap Show All, tap Messages, then turn on Sync this iPhone;
  • For iOS 15, iPadOS 15, or earlier: Turn on Messages.

How to Sync Messages to iCloud on Mac?

To retrieve messages from iCloud on your Mac/Computer, sync them first on your iPhone.

To do that:

  1. Go to "Settings" on your iPhone/iPad;
  2. On top of the Settings menu, tap your name (Apple ID) to go to iCloud;
  3. Next, tap on "iCloud";
  4. Scroll down and find "Apps Using iCloud";
  5. Open iCloud Drive and confirm you are signed in to the same iCloud account and check the box – enable messages in iCloud.

Now you have synced all of your iMessages and text messages on iCloud. 

How to View iCloud Messages on a Computer (4 steps)

You have synced all your information from messages app on iCloud. Now, learn how to view iCloud messages on a computer.

Just follow the step-by-step guide below to learn how to view messages on iCloud.

Step 1: Download and install AltTunes to view iCloud messages

Download AltTunes for free:

  • Works on Windows 10 & 11 (64-bit/32-bit);
  • Full compatibility with iOS 17;
  • Trusted by millions of iPhone users that enjoy our WALTR app since 2014.

Except transferring of iCloud messages, you'll be able to: 

  • Copy music, books, and photos from your iOS device;
  • Back up locally, browse and restore your iPhone & iPad;
  • Transfer content to a new device without iTunes or iCloud.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB

Once your iPhone has been connected to your PC, AltTunes will instantly recognize your device and show it in the main window. 

Alttunes Device 1

The next time you want to manage your iPhone using AltTunes, it will automatically connect your device via Wi-Fi. There is no need to connect it with a cord. Cool, right?

Step 3: Click on “Messages”

Click this button to view and transfer iCloud messages from iPhone to PC.

AltTunes will show you iCloud messages from the last time you created a backup of your iPhone on AltTunes. Press the refresh button to view newly synced  messages previously stored in your iCloud.

Choose the ones you want to see on your PC.

You can search for messages by:

  • typing the sender's name
  • the message content
  • the messages sent/received the dates. 

AltTunes lets you select iCloud messages, threads, and conversations from your texts messages and iMessages. You can choose one or more at a time! To view iMessage on iCloud, click one, scroll, press 'Shift', and select others.  

If the iCloud messages or chats you want to choose are not next to each other, start by selecting one message or chat. Hold down the 'CTRL' key (on Windows) and choose as many messages or chats as you like.

Step 4: Export as TXT 

On the bottom toolbar, AltTunes allows you to export iCloud messages as TXT.

Review your selections before going ahead with the transfer of messages across devices. AltTunes allows you to configure your messages/chats before exporting them. Adjust the paper size, margins, orientation, and scale.

Why Use AltTunes?

AltTunes is one of the best Apple device manager apps online. From transferring text messages to creating a backup, it does it all!

We advise you to backup text messages locally to ensure safety. With this solution, you will be able to view the messages without the phone if the need ever arises.

Configure your exports

AltTunes lets you customize your iCloud messages before exporting them to your PC. You can control how you transfer and see messages on iCloud. Then, you'll be able to convert and transfer iMessages and text messages from iCloud. It supports many formats and allows configuration on your PC. You will be able to store iPhone messages on your PC safely and securely.

Drag and drop

This is one of my favorite features of AltTunes! You can transfer chats/messages from iPhone to PC easily. Instead of holding ctrl or command keys, just drag and drop them. Place them in a pre-opened folder on your PC to view. 

The 'Drag and Drop' feature is perfect for exporting a limited number of messages/chats. Transfer and view your iMessages and text messages from iCloud in just one click!

Export multiple chats

AltTunes lets you choose and save many chats/messages at once, saving time. So why choose one chat at a time when you can select unlimited chats and iCloud messages? 

To select multiple iCloud messages/chats, click on one. Then scroll and press the 'Shift' key. Finally, click on the different messages/chats you want to select.  

To select non-adjacent messages/chats, do the following: choose one message/chat. Press the 'CTRL' key (on Windows). Then select as many messages/chats as you want.

Export attachments

Do you want to view the attachments in your iCloud text messages? You can transfer and view multiple attachments on your PC. Simply select them from any chat and export to your PC. With AltTunes, you can create entire collections of all your chat files. 

Softorino has many apps which help you get around file format issues, change the color of folders, download copyright-free images and much more! Now you can add all of them in one simple subscription – Universal License.

Bottom Line

So now you know how you can see text messages on iCloud texts on your PC. Download the free trial version below, and AltTunes will amaze you with what it can do for your Apple devices.


Can I view my iCloud text messages directly on the iCloud website?

No, iCloud only allows you to view certain content like photos, contacts, and notes on its website. Unfortunately, you cannot view or read your iCloud text messages or iMessages directly through the iCloud website as the messages are stored in an unreadable format.

How can I retrieve and view iCloud text messages on my computer?

You can retrieve and view iCloud text messages on your computer using a two-part process. First, sync your messages to iCloud on your iPhone by going to "Settings," selecting your iCloud account, and enabling the "Messages" option. 

Second, download and install AltTunes, a free tool that allows you to backup text messages and transfer iCloud messages to your computer. Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB, open AltTunes, and select the messages you want to view and export. With these steps you will be able to view your text messages on PC.

Why use AltTunes to view iCloud text messages?

AltTunes offers several features that make it a preferred choice for managing iCloud text messages. It allows you to customize your exports, supports drag-and-drop functionality for easy transfers, enables the export of multiple chats at once, and lets you export attachments from your iCloud text messages. No need to rely on possible recover from iCloud!

Additionally, AltTunes offers a free trial with limited transfers and configurations, and some features may require a license purchase.

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