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Josh Brown Mar 28, 2022

Top 8 iPhone Backup Extractor Apps

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Josh Brown Mar 28, 2022

Looking for a backup extractor? You probably noticed that there are TONS of software on the market. How can you choose the best option? What is the best way to select the most reliable, affordable, safe, and easy-to-use solution? 

Worry no more: this ultimate guide will walk you through the best backup tools available today. We will describe each tool in detail, review prices, and compatible platforms. Let’s start! 

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iMazing makes backups easy. It’s a stylish backup tool, iPhone manager, ringtone creator and so much more. Inside iMazing holds the functionality of 21 apps. 

Basically – it’s everything you will ever need to manage your Apple device. 

With iMazing, you can backup all your device via Wi-Fi or cable, you can manage all of your data, including photos, music, TV shows, contacts, text messages and so much more. The best of all – it’s ridiculously easy to use! 

Let’s say, you want to extract images from your iTunes backup. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1. Download iMazing & Launch it. 

iMazing Backup Extractor

The download is free of charge (so it the trial period). The app works fine on Mac & Windows computers. 

You can download iMazing for free from the developer’s official website.

Step 2. Go to the ‘Backups’ section. 

In the menu, you will immediately see the ‘Backups’ section (the green icon with the round arrow). iMazing will give you an overview of all the backups present on your computer. 

Step 3. Click on the backup you want to view. 

iPhone Backup Extractors

iMazing will show you the contents of the present backup in a beautiful graph. Find the files you want to export and click ‘Extract’. That’s it! The files will soon be available in your desired location. Sweet!

Here’s a quick rundown of iMazing superpowers:

  • back up your Apple devices to computer or external drive; 

  • export books, contacts, messages, photos, videos, calendars, app data from your device, and back!

  • add music to your iPhone from YouTube or from your computer; 

  • iMazing supports all iPhones, iPads, and iPods ever created!

  • thanks to the the intuitive & straightforward UI, it’s extremely easy to use; 

iBackup Viewer from iMacTools

iBackup Viewer

The name says it all. iBackUp viewer lets you browse through your backup and extract important data. It works with contacts, calls history, text messages, calendar events, voice memos & more. It even extracts Internet visit history and bookmarks. It reads your iTunes backups with no issues. However, you should make sure that you know the password for encrypted ones.

As for the downsides – iBackup Viewer doesn’t let you back up your device. It’s a browser, it also does not work with movies or music. Besides that, it doesn’t let you export text messages to PDF files. 

The UI looks pretty outdated for 2019. But compared to other solutions on the marker it stays on the level. 

Price: $39,95 (there’s also a free version, but it has many restrictions)

Platforms: Mac & Windows

Wondershare Dr. Fone for iOS

Wondershare Dr. Fone

This software is 2-in-1. It helps you view your backup files –  in addition, it works as a data recovery app. It’s able to recover deleted messages, contacts, photos, notes, voice memos, messages. It also works with iTunes and iCloud backups. It lets you scan your backups and recover data, that was lost even before you backed up your device. 

It has a responsive interface & a free trial period which lets you test everything for yourself! 

Price: $99.95 for the entire iPhone manager (there’s also $39.95 version only for recovering your files) 

Copytrans Backup Extractor


Copytrans Backup Extractor is your typical backup tool, that helps you extract files from your iPhone backup. It supports photos, videos, messages, contacts, notes, calendars. The app says it can export 5GB of photos in under 5 minutes. It’s a 1-job app, it knows only how to extract files from iOS backups. However, you can do the same thing with iTunes for free (and the UI is just as confusing). It supports iTunes backups only (meaning iCloud is not supported). 

What’s more, if you need more functionality, you can get the app from the same company called CopyTrans (which is basically the enhanced version of the app we just described). The development company has also many other apps connected to iPhone management. For instance, you can purchase a separate backup tool or file manager. 

Price: $9.99

Platforms: Windows

iPhone Backup Extractor from Reincubate

iPhone Backup Extractor from Reincubate

I have to admit every second app name is keyword-heavy. All these apps are obviously named for SEO purposes. This is understandable, but confusing for the user. The name like ‘iPhone Backup Extractor’ might be a little hard to remember. 

iPhone Backup Extractor from Reincubate is a pretty simple app that lets you recover lost iPhone calendar events, photos, videos, notes, location info, app data, contacts, messages from iPhone backups. They also offer you expert support for 1 year. The free version lets you recover 4 iTunes files, 4 files from encrypted backups, and preview the iCloud devices list. 

Platforms: Windows or Mac

Price: $59.95 (you can use the app on 3 computers)

Anytrans for iOS from iMobie

Anytrans from iMobie

Anytrans works as a backup extractor, but not only. It helps to transfer songs, videos, photos to your iPhone and back. You can also clone your data from one iPhone to another. 

Anytans lets you extract iTunes & iCloud backups. Besides that, it does backups on its own. There are three options: full backup, incremental backup (only latest changes), and air backup (backups via Wi-Fi). With free Anytrans version, you can only scan your backup files and preview them. If you want to extract specific data, you will need to purchase a full license. 

Price: $79,99 (1 lifetime license for 1 computer) 

Platforms: Mac & Windows

PhoneRescue from iMobie

PhoneRescue from iMobie

PhoneRescue is more of a recovery tool. But it also helps with extracting files you previously backed up. What’s more, PhoneRescue can export 31 various files from the backup without the need to connect your iPhone. For instance, you can recover contacts, text messages, camera roll insides, voicemail, call history, your Safari browsing history, voice memos, and more! You can preview all of your data, meaning you can extract all of them or only select objects. 

There are three recovery modes: you can recover from your Apple device, your iTunes backup, or your iCloud backup. You can even directly extract data from your backups and import them onto your brand-new iPhone on-the-fly. 

Price: $99,99 for a lifetime license

Platform: Windows & Mac

iBackup Extractor from Wide Angle Software


Despite the generic name, iBackup Extractor is doing what it says on the bottle. It helps you export your files from iTunes backups. For instance, you can extract iMessages, call history, calendars, messages & more. The downside is that this software does not work with iCloud backups. During the free trial, you can export up to 20 items. 

Platform: Mac & Windows

Price: $25

Bottom line

These are the best iBackup extractors on the market. Technically, this is very powerful software (as a result there aren’t any free options). But all of them will be able to extract the files from your iTunes backups (iCloud backups are not supported in every option). Make sure to test each app before you buy it. They all come with free trial periods to help you decide.

Anyways, let us know in the comments which solution you like best. If you have any questions, ask them right in the comments.


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