Updated: October 30th, 2017

How to Add PDF & ePub on iPad in iTunes 12.7 or later

12.7 iTunes update brings many surprises. Now you can’t add PDF to iPad or iPhone, sync ringtones or iOS apps.

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What’s new in iTunes 12.7?

Every year Apple introduces new iTunes update. Usually they don’t really make the weather (at all). But surprisingly – the last 12.7 update is huuuge! No joke. There’s no App Store, you also can’t browse or purchase ringtones or iOS apps. And – you  can’t add ebooks to iPhone on Windows.

Looks like Apple is finally slowly, step by step is trying to make iTunes easier to use. This is a big step forward. BUT. If you used iTunes to add ebooks, ringtones and iOS apps – you probably need an alternative, faster and better way. And you will find it in the video below.

Getting Started

Before update or after – WALTR 2 is the coolest way to transfer any files on iPhone or iPad. This is a MacOS & Windows app that helps to transfer any files on any Apple device.  

It’s not rocket science. Adding eBooks to iPad or iPhone takes just 3 steps and a little to no effort.

Download WALTR 2 for Free
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Before you begin, make sure to download WALTR 2. You will be prompt with a 1-day trial without any restrictions. FYI, WALTR 2 got 4,5 stars from Macworld, confirming that it’s legit and easy to use.

How to Add PDF to iPad on Windows without iTunes

After you installed WALTR on your computer, it will ask you to connect your Apple device. Rest assured – it works smoothly with just ANY Apple device ever created. 

Step 1. Launch WALTR 2 & plug in your iPhone

Once you connect your iPhone to your computer, simply tap on “Trust this device”. Right afterwards WALTR 2 will see your device.

WALTR 2 helps to add PDF to iPad or iPhone

WALTR 2 designed as simple as possible: it has zero buttons and features just a drop zone. Drag anything into it and it will immediately appear on your iPhone. If it’s an mkv. or a .flac file (not supported by iTunes in default) it will convert it on-the-fly to the compatible format without any quality loss – wirelessly.

Click on a little settings wheel in the bottom right corner of WALTR 2, you make sure to check “Enable Wi-Fi Connectivity”. And when you do so, WALTR 2 will recognize your device even if it’s not plugged in.  

Step 2. Drop PDF file into WALTR 2

Drag any PDF to iPad

Step 3. Boom! Find your PDF into iBooks.app

There you go! WALTR 2 gets the gob done simply by putting your PDFs into the drop-zone. This is literally the fastest way there is to add PDFs and ePubs onto iPad or iPhone. 

PDF on iPhone and iPad

Besides ebooks, WALTR 2 flawlessly handles movies, music and ringtones. In fact, the app accepts just anything you throw at it. It’s the go-to app when you are in a hurry and need this PDF file on your Apple device as soon as possible.

Ebooks are the kind of files you always want to have at hand. They are small and easy to use. Of course –  you are probably looking for the easiest/fastest/cheapest solution to add PDF on iPad. And if so – good news! WALTR is exactly that kind of a tool. 

The all-new WALTR 2 is compatible with every Apple device, including the entire lineup of Apple iPods. Even if you have a retro iPod Classic or the latest iPod touch – WALTR 2 will still work nicely. 

Can I add ebooks to iPad using iTunes?

 Of course, you still can use iTunes to add PDF to iPad. But now it’s a little more tricky.

Don’t worry –  all your ebooks are safe and sound. In case you had some in iTunes library, now they are in iTunes Media Folder that magically appeared on your computer overnight.

New iTunes also makes you purchase ebooks directly from your iOS device or re-download them on your iPhone if you already purchased some. 

Follow these quick instructions to add ebooks to iTunes. 

  1. Open iTunes & plug in your iOS device.
  2. Then check “Manually sync files to iPhone” in your iPhone’s tab.
  3. Locate ePUB or PDF file that you want to transfer to your device.
  4. Drag the ebook from your computer to iPhone in the left sidebar of iTunes
  5. Go into iBooks.app and select your ebook. 

Bottom Line

There’s been a lot of fuss about the latest 12.7 iTunes update. Nevertheless, new iTunes looks better and is easier to navigate. It’s less bulky and cluttered. But, now it’s harder to add PDF to iPad or iPhone. 

After testing many alternateives out there and even iTunes, we came to the conclusion that WALTR 2 does the job faster an easier than any other solution. It’s just a drop-zone window without any settings or buttons. 

If you are searching for an alternative way – WALTR is your perfect solution. It’s blazingly fast, ABC easy and works fine with any files whatsoever. Be it an ebook, a ringtone or an MKV movie – WALTR 2 swimmingly handles any of these files. 

New 12.7 iTunes update makes it even more confusing to transfer ringtones and ebooks. In fact, WALTR 2 supports both without any issues. You only need to drag and drop any files into WALTR 2 to have them on your iPad. 

In conclusion, if you are sure that WALTR 2 is incredibly helpful and easy to use – share this with your friends, they might need this too!






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