Updated: 15 March 2017

Best iTunes Alternative for Windows and Mac in 2017

Best iTunes alternative for Windows or Mac is a something many people would grab with both hands. Here we'll suggest perfect iTunes replacement for those who wants to manage files between computer and iPhone.

Josh Brown

Initially, iTunes started out as a mere music player. And as a music player it met its golden times. But with the time flowing, many new features and services were added to iTunes one by one. Right now – music playback isn’t even its priority. Given too many functions, the program became the source of constant people’s irritation:

And since you landed on this article, there’s something going wrong with your iTunes adventure too.
The newest iTunes version for the time writing of this post is 12.4.3. It brought some minor improvements and improved navigation, but nothing what was really expected.

For the time being, these are the biggest pains iTunes has:

  • Bloated interface. It’s not easy to navigate. (despite recent improvements)
  • Speed. No arguments – this depends on your system. But generally, it works slower than average. Especially on Windows.
  • Lots of unnecessary services like iTunes Connect or iTunes U. I don’t use them, do you?
  • Format impediments. Try syncing your iPhone and put some MKV movie onto it. That’d be fun.
  • ‘Erase & Sync” feature. One iPhone for one iTunes Library. Perfect loyalty in the software world. 

Nevertheless, I really agree with the factiTunes was made by great designers, and they did the best they could out of the software, that's supposed to be stuffed with jillion different functions & services.

The iTunes alternative I'm about to suggest here is focused on transferring files to your device. Because its area of expertise is much narrower than the one iTunes has, user experience improves dramatically. So we'll focus here on how to transfer files to iOS devices with WALTR 2. 

Taking into account all the iTunes' pains – WALTR developers come up with very simple way to manage the files. The application got an extensive press coverage, and was named as the best iTunes alternative for Windows by many respected sources out there.

WALTR 2 – the best iTunes Alternative for Windows in Action:

How to Sync your iPhone without iTunes:

Once you watched the video, go ahead and follow these quick steps below to move your files between computer and iPhone.

Step 1. Download the best iTunes Alternative for Windows and Mac – WALTR 2

The download is free and safe. 

Download WALTR 2 FREE
Opens in a new tab

Then install the application. 

WALTR 2 Best iTunes Alternative for Windows and Mac

Step 2. Plug in your iPhone or iPad. 

Step 3. Drag the movie into the drop-zone. 

And the best thing – all music & video formats are supported. 

WALTR 2 is transferring movie to iPod touch, best iTunes replacement

Two minutes – and Voila :)

The movie on iPhone's videos application

You’d be able to access it from your default iOS players. So no third party apps on your device. This works the same for music, videos, ringtones. And:

  • There's no format impediments (AVI, MKV, FLAC – simply drop anything you've got)
  • The workaround is same good for both – Mac and Windows. 
  • All files are getting converted on-the-fly
  • Cool name WALTR takes its roots from legendary 'Breaking Bad' TV series, most specifically the app was named after the main character – Walter White. 
  • Softorino team is actively present on Facebook. Join them there: Softorino on Facebook.

Bottom Line 

Refreshed and perfected WALTR 2, is now working over the air, and even has support for entire iPod lineup. Take a scoop at all its features here: WALTR 2 Direct Converter. 

File sharing with WALTR get irrresistably simple. Drag your file and drop it in this iTunes replacement. Two secs – and here you go. The file is now stored inside your Music or Videos native app. That's probably the main reason why WALTR 2 got so popular and hot among the users. After just couple of months it hit 100K downloads. Lately we analyzed all the data concerning how people use WALTR. Turns out every 6 seconds someone transfers an audio file with this application

In the end, What do you think of WALTR as the best iTunes alternative for Windows and Mac? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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