How to Transfer Movies to iPad without iTunes [Beginner's Guide]

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Julia Nash Aug 4, 2020

This in-depth article shows how to transfer movies to iPad in 3 different methods - to 3 different players! Apple TV app, Camera roll and VLC are all included in the list.

Quite frequently many of us would like to copy movies to iPads to watch them while being offline. Not only it’s just convenient since you can watch it while hitting the road or when the Wi-Fi signal is wonky but is also a great experience since the modern iPads have absolutely amazing displays and good battery life.

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How to Copy Movies to Apple TV app on iPad

While Apple suggests iTunes as an ultimate way to transfer movies to iPads or iPhones, we all know that iTunes is not the best way to move things around. This post will show you the alternative way to copy movies to iPads without any quality loss and wirelessly – WALTR 2.

WALTR 2 is a simple program to transfer movies to iPad

Before we start, download the recommended application – WALTR. We have to legally disclose that this app is irresistibly simple! It scored more than 100K downloads in months, enchanting users around the globe.

Step 1. Download and install WALTR 2.

In this instance, we will operate using the Mac version of WALTR 2. But be certain – it’s running fine on PC. To get the setup file, just hit the button we have below (it’s safe & free):

Requirements: macOS 10.9 and higher
Latest Version: 2.6.25, 13 December 2019
Requirements: Windows 8 and higher
Latest Version: 2.7.19, 14 November 2019
Free Download
Download Waltr

To install the app – drag it to the ‘Applications’ folder or go through the installation wizard if you are on Windows. The app comes with a free 1-day trial.

Step 2. Launch the app and connect your iPhone to your computer.

Once the gadget is connected, WALTR’s gonna recognize it from start. Make sure to tap ‘Trust’ on your iPhone. It also shows the available storage on your device.

WALTR 2 on a MacOS, step 1, how to copy movies to iPad without iTunes

Step 3. Drop the movie into WALTR’s window.

Take your movie file, drag and drop it into the program.

You can add more than one file at once. If you want to copy movies to an iPad + subtitles, read how to watch movies with subtitles on iPhone. Make sure it has the same name as the video you’re transferring.

Once you’ve done so, the blue progress bar will show up & keep you updated on the transfer duration. Allowing you to instantly transfer video to iPhone without iTunes.

BTW, on the screenshot you see WALTR 2 copying AVI movie to an iPad, which isn’t compatible with Apple devices by default. The magic of WALTR 2 is that it adapts any file type (including music) for the native playback on your iOS devices.

Later on, it’s available from your default movie folder, so you don’t need to install any third-party app on your device simply to playback your file.

WALTR is copying movies to iPad

Step 4. Watch your movie 🙂

Your newly converted video is already waiting for you in Apple’s standard program. Once more, You can see how smart WALTR 2 is – it automatically recognizes your content and adds artworks there from the Internet and the info like the genre, episode description, etc.

Movie collections on iPad

That was really fast. Faster and easier than if you, for instance, converted movies with a video converter and then used iTunes to transfer them to your iOS device.

But of course, time gain is not the only win you get if you copy movies to iPad with WALTR.

Here’s a quick round up of the things WALTR 2 can help you with:

  • Listen to the songs you love on your iPod! WALTR 2 adds the support for entire iPod lineup including Nano, Shuffle, Classic, Mini series. Here's how to transfer music from computer to iPod touch, Classic or Nano.

  • Good Riddance to iTunes. There is no need to use iTunes to transfer files anymore. With WALTR, it’s all much easier & faster.

  • You now can use default Apple apps with no restrictions. The movies or music you get on your device with WALTR are going to be saved in the pre-installed Apple players.

  • WALTR is simple. It’s nothing more than just a drop-zone. No converting settings or codecs. Push your files to iPhone and have them ready to be played back ASAP.

  • 24/7 Email and Phone support. We have the whole team of professionals dedicated solely to customer support. So you can chime in anytime if you have any problems, or just to say hi.

  • WALTR 2 works wirelessly. That is – no need to attach cords anymore!

Add Videos to iPad Camera Roll

WALTR 2 does not support Camera Roll just yet. But the good news is – you can swing this using a tiny Dcouments app.

I usually save videos to my camera roll when I want to post them on Instagram, you might have your reasons (btw, follow us on IG!). You can use AirDrop if you are on a Mac, but as I mentioned, there’s another alternative – Documents by Readdle. It’s pretty convenient so head over to the AppStore and download it. The best part – this works for Windows users too.

Step 1. Download Documents from the App Store.

Step 2. Open it up, you will see ‘Services’ in the bottom of the screen (the little cloud icon). Click on it.

Step 3. Select ‘Connect to computer’.

Use Documents to sync movies to iPad's camera roll

By this time – make sure that your computer is nearby. Your iPad & computer should use the same Wi-Fi network.

So after you click ‘Connect to computer’ on your iPhone, you will see a new tab open up on your computer.

Step 4. Enter the 4-digit number from the Documents app.

Before you connect, enter a 4-digit number

Step 5. Click on ‘Upload files’ choose the file you want to add. When it’s uploaded to your Files app – boom! It’s automatically synced to the files app on your iPhone.

Upload the needed file to your camera roll

How to Move your video from Documents to Camera roll? Simply go to the Documents app, find your file, and click ‘Copy to Photos’. Done.

How to Add Movies to VLC on iPad

iPad comes with awesome pre-installed Apple players. At Softorino we already explained why Apple stock apps are better (most importantly they save battery life). But if you are an avid VLC user and consume your content there, this workaround might be handy!

VLC is a pretty popular app that we used to play back unsupported media formats before WALTR stepped in. It works just fine with media files like AVI or MKV.

First thing first, download VLC on your computer and iPhone if you haven’t yet.

On your iPhone, open VLC player and select ‘Network’ from the bottom menu bar.

Enable ‘Sharing via Wi-Fi’

Click on 'Sharing via Wi-Fi' to add movies to VLC app


You will see the URL show up below ‘Sharing via Wi-Fi’ option. Type it in your browser’s address bar.

Clcik on the ‘+’ sign to transfer any video into your VLC player on iPhone.

Drop any movie inside


Wait until the upload is finished. It’s done.

Go to the VLC player on your iPad and play it back. Done!

Play your movie inside the VLC app

Wrapping up


All of these methods are as simple as possible. In comparison with other complicated and bulky apps, these programs don’t scare the living daylights out of you. They all work like a clock – try them out and see for yourself!

With WALTR, you can copy any movie to your iOS device without actually converting it beforehand.

This is actually a new technology we discovered not so long ago, but the whiz-bang workaround is already catching on. And you can very easily transfer video to iPhone without iTunes.

You basically put a movie in any format on iPhone and it gets converted on-the-fly. What concerns Camera roll or VLC app – you can get this done using Documents or VLC Wi-Fi sharing.

Julia Nash
Julia Nash

Apple junkie at Softorino

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