How to Copy Movies to iPad without iTunes [Beginner's Guide]

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Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Good news: as of June 2019, you can copy movies to iPad without iTunes. No matter if you have Windows or Mac.

Quite frequently many of us would like to copy movies to iPads to watch them while being offline. Not only it’s just convenient since you can watch it while hitting the road or when the Wi-Fi signal is wonky but is also a great experience since the modern iPads have absolutely amazing displays and good battery life.

While Apple suggests iTunes as an ultimate way to transfer movies to iPads or iPhones, we all know that iTunes is not the best way to move things around. This post will show you the alternative way to copy movies to iPads without any quality loss and wirelessly – WALTR 2.

WALTR 2 app is your best way to copy movies to iPad, because:

  1. It covers the vast majority of video formats. MKV, AVI, MP4, WMA, M4V, MOV are all supported.

  2. WALTR 2 lets you transfer movies to iPad or any other iOS device over the air.

  3. The app also supports .srt & .ass subtitles.

With WALTR, you can copy any movie to your iOS device without actually converting it beforehand.

This is actually a new technology we discovered not so long ago, but the whiz-bang workaround is already catching on. And you can very easily transfer video to iPhone without iTunes.

You basically put a movie in any format on iPhone and it gets converted on-the-fly. Without further ado, let's see how it works.

How to Copy Movies to iPad with WALTR & without iTunes:

First off, you need to download the recommended application – WALTR. It’s pretty popular, it hit more than 100K downloads after just a couple of months. Btw, the name ‘WALTR’ was taken from ‘Breaking Bad’ TV series after Walter White.

Step 1. Download and install WALTR 2.

In this tutorial, we’ll be using WALTR 2 on a Mac but it’s running well on PC just as well. To get the setup file, just hit the button we have below (it’s safe & free):

To install the app – drag it to the ‘Applications’ folder or go through the installation wizard if you are on Windows.

Step 2. Launch the app and connect your iPhone to your computer.

Once the gadget is connected, WALTR’s gonna recognize it at once. It also shows the available storage on your device.

WALTR 2 on a MacOS, step 1, how to copy movies to iPad without iTunes

Step 3. Drop the movie into WALTR’s window.

Take your movie file, drag it and drop into the program.

You can add more than one file at once. If you want to copy movie to an iPad + subtitles, just drop the .srt file into WALTR 2 with your movie. Make sure it has the same name as the video you’re transferring.

Once you’ve done so, the blue progress bar will show up & keep you updated on the transfer duration. Allowing you to instantly transfer video to iPhone without iTunes.

BTW, on the screenshot you see WALTR 2 copying AVI movie to an iPad, which isn’t compatible with Apple devices by default. The magic of WALTR 2 is that it adapts any file type (including music) for the native playback on your iOS devices.

Later on, it’s available from your default movie folder, so you don’t need to install any third-party app on your device simply to play back your file.

WALTR is copying movies to iPad

Step 4. Watch your movie 🙂

Your newly converted video is already waiting for you in Apple’s standard program. Once more, You can see how smart WALTR 2 is – it automatically recognizes your content and adds artworks there from the Internet and the info like the genre, episode description, etc.

Movie collections on iPad

That was really fast. Faster and easier than if you, for instance, converted movies with a video converter and then used iTunes to transfer them to your iOS device.

But of course, time gain is not the only win you get if you copy movies to iPad with WALTR.

Here’s a quick round up of the things WALTR 2 can help you with:

  • Listen to the songs you love on your iPod! WALTR 2 adds the support for entire iPod lineup including Nano, Shuffle, Classic, Mini series.

  • Good Riddance to iTunes. There is no need to use iTunes to transfer files anymore. With WALTR, it’s all much easier & faster.

  • You now can use default Apple apps with no restrictions. The movies or music you get on your device with WALTR are going to be saved in the pre-installed Apple players.

  • WALTR is simple. It’s nothing more than just a drop-zone. No converting settings or codecs. Push your files to iPhone and have them ready to be played back ASAP.

  • 24/7 Email and Phone support. We have the whole team of professionals dedicated solely to customer support. So you can chime in anytime if you have any problems, or just to say hi.

  • WALTR 2 works wirelessly. That is – no need to attach cords anymore!

Wrapping up

Thanks to the built-in smart technology of WALTR 2, you can copy movies to iPad without iTunes and regardless of its file format. Usually, if the video format is not compatible you have two possible ways to go.

The first one is to install video converters. These converters allow you to re-format the video file.

Often, this is a long & complicated process. You have to worry about different settings and codecs all the time. Moreover, the quality of the converted movie is often much worse than the quality of the original one.

Anyway, after converting you still have to sync your device with iTunes. And only then you can play back your video. Plus, not every converter can work on Windows 10 OS properly.

Installing video players. This way to solve the problem seems to be easier. Just install the new video player, which can playback AVI for you, and use it when required.

Sounds good, yet doesn’t seem like this in practice. Any third-party video player uses your iPhone’s resources less effectively than the native software. As a result – battery charge reduces faster, battery life becomes a lot shorter.

The display and the hardware of your gadget are not used on the peak of its abilities. Yes, your native apps are much more optimized to run on the device.

But there is also WALTR, that doesn’t belong to any of the 2 types of software suggested. Yet, this application remains the easiest way to copy movies to iPad without iTunes.

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