Updated: 14 March 2017

How to Download 4K Videos from YouTube (Ultra HD)

Download 4K videos from YouTube is real. With the help of a few quick tips, you'll watch crispy clear, brilliant 2160p videos offline. Watch them on your iPhone, anywhere.

Josh Brown

Ultra HD Experience

YouTube is quick to adopt new trends and we can't be more excited. YouTube VR support has been introduced, 4K videos isn't at all new to YouTube fans. 

And it gets even better with the help of some third party apps letting you download 4k videos from YouTube to your iPhone's Tv.app. Not all downloading software is capable of handling YouTube videos with the picture resolution this high, but it takes the right tool. 

Here at Softorino's lab we created, tested and sent into the wild – the first application that can actually get any YouTube videos to your iPhone without iTunes or jailbreak. The app, Softorino YouTube Converter, works with any quality rate, including downloading 4K Ultra Hd videos from YouTube.

YouTube is the storage of cool & fascinating videos. Whatever your preferences are – you will always find something of interest on this video sharing website. But you won't always have the chance to watch 'em. When there is no Internet connection, or if your WIFI signal is a wonky one, it gets pretty complicated. Especially if you belong to that high 'casta' of people, who prefer watching videos in brilliant quality.

If so, below we will describe the way to download YouTube videos in 1080/2160p with our just released YouTube 4K downloader. And if you want to get a better idea of the tool, watch the video below:

Softorino YouTube Converter is a PC & Mac video downloader that saves videos/music losslessly.

Before we proceed – here's a quick overview of its features:

  • Download videos to iPhone/iPad/iPod touch (or even to your iTunes library)
  • Download 60fps/4K videos
  • Support of Daily Motion, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram
  •  Convert YouTube to MP3/M4A

***The last feature is one of the most popular ones. Be Sure to find out How to Convert YouTube to MP3 in a Flash.

Of course, there are loads of different applications and browser extensions in this niche. They all can help you download YouTube content. And many people use this software on a regular basis. The main reason – these programs are free to use. But except being free, they lag and are filled with all kinds of ads you can imagine.

Additionally, if we mention 4K video download or even saving videos in 1080p to your iPhone, there are no apps that could cope with this. If you`d like to get video to your iOS device, initially, you'd have to download the file to your computer. Then you are to sync your device with iTunes. Sounds like it`s a long and time-consuming process. And it truly is.

I bet you don’t want to install tons of suspicious software, and then spend hours near the keyboard dealing with iTunes.

If yes – you came to the place where all these troubles can be solved right away. The solution is called Softorino YouTube Converter. It is “all-in-one” 4K YouTube downloader, designed and developed to make the YouTube video download easy, simple and fast.

This is not only YouTube 4K downloader for Mac – it works for Windows just as seamlessly. And sure thing, the support of Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and Daily Motion is also included.

YouTube Download 1080p with Softorino YouTube Converter PC

The guide below will show you how to download YouTube videos in 2160/1080p step by step:

We'll be using SYC for Mac, iPhone 6. In case, you want to have the video downloaded to your Mac, read this tutorial: The Easiest YouTube Video Downloader for Mac (definitive guide).

4K YouTube download is executed only in 3 steps.

Step 1. Be sure to download the application here: 4K YouTube Downloader.

Download 4K YouTube Downloader
Opens in a new tab

To see all the might of this 4K YouTube video downloader you need to get its installation file at first. Simply click on the “FREE DOWNLOAD” button on this website. The package will be saved to your hard-drive a few moments later.

After you got it, launch the set-up. The installation wizard will get you through the set-up process and will help you install the app properly. It is easy and common procedure, so you’ll deal with it really fast. Proceed to the next step when it’s done.

Step 2. Launch the converter and connect your Apple device.

Before starting the download, you need to launch the app and connect your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to the computer via standard USB cable.

(Skip this step if you want to save videos to your computer)

The application will sync itself with the gadget as soon as the device is connected. Everything is done automatically.

4K video downloader to quickly save HD videos from YouTube, YouTube downloader 4K

After that – proceed to the next step with our YouTube downloader 4K.

Step 3. Open the desired video & copy its URL.

Find YouTube video you want to have downloaded to your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. Then copy its link to the clipboard.

how to download 4K videos from YouTube

The video you've chosen will be added to the download list. Actually more than one video can be downloaded simultaneously with our 4K video downloader. There's no limit.

Here's our latest guide on the topic: How to Save Video from YouTube Using just One Application

As you see on the screenshot – you can choose the quality of the file as well. The size of the file you are to download will be shown. Don't forget to select the device you want to download the file to.

Download videos in 1080p

When all the videos are added to the list – start the downloading process by clicking "Convert and Transfer to iPhone" button.

how to save 4K videos to iPhone

Do you see the progress bar? Yep, it shows you how the download is going. Once this bar disappears – your videos are on your device. Find them in the playlist of Apple native video player. Now these movies are available for watching any time you want!

Even if it sounds like showing off – Softorino YouTube Converter is the fastest tool to download YouTube videos in 1080p quality. This all video downloader will get any video in any quality from any website. No wasting of time. No quality loss. No mind-blowing settings and options, just a pure comfort.

By the way, if you go to Preferences, you may enable subtitle support there. This way, you can download & watch videos with subtitles. Here's more on the topic: Download YouTube with Subtitles on your iPhone & iPad.

To Sum Up:

Softorino YouTube Converter is the exact product for you if you need to quickly save the video on your iPhone and keep going. It does everything on its own. That means you won`t need to install & use any of the other apps.

Moreover, it can fully substitute YouTube Red – paid subscription launched by YouTube. With this 4K video downloader, you can get rid of all ads, glitching once and for all. 

Did you notice that iTunes wasn't used? Yes, this is now real. I bet this overloaded app often irritated you (because it doesn`t accept all media formats), and drove you mad since it works very slowly. Softorino YouTube Converter is completely different.

You might find this guide useful: YouTube to Mp4 (HD Quality Support)
Additionally, this 4K video downloader is totally universal. It works with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad equally well. Right now it is only available for Mac & Windows. And if we talk about Mac version it is capable to download videos from Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and Daily Motion.

And one cool thing again - Our application can extract sound from YouTube videos. The applicationis able to get the audio from any YouTube movie, and save it as a separate audio file. Furthermore, you will be able to listen to it from your native Music.app. Take all your favorite music with you!

And again – Softorino YouTube Converter is absolutely free to test for 14 days. Leave you feedback in the comments to help us make this tool better.

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