YouTube Movie Downloader to get ANY YouTube Video to your iPhone or Computer

YouTube Movie Downloader by Softorino is the only software able to send to your iPad, iPhone, PC or Mac for offline playback. The full 3-step guide on how to download movies from YouTube is here.

Josh Brown

How much time do you usually spend on YouTube a day?

Or even better: How many Hours* do you spend on YouTube a day?

Hours, because it's so easy to sink in it. Right now – YouTube is a popular place to hang out, to watch some quality videos, to check out some new friend's video or to argue with some stranger in the comment section.

And sometimes you'd like to go on YouTube, but there's no Internet connection. Or the WiFi signal is wonky.

This is the exact moment when our Softorino YouTube Movie Downloader becomes super handy.

And this is the exact time for you to watch the video below. It'll explain you how to download movies from YouTube.

Softorino YouTube Converter – is a desktop app that saves videos/music to iPhone & iPad in a matter of seconds. This is a small YouTube Downloader compatible with Mac & Windows.

On the contrary to other software in this field – it is NOT packed with different browser search bars or any other kind of malware & spyware. Be sure – after downloading it you won't find Yahoo search bar on your browser or Mac Keeper installed.

So don't worry. We've got your back.

This YouTube Movie Downloader is completely and totally trustworthy.

Be Sure to Read: Get Music from YouTube With Softorino YT Music Downloader.

And it works also very easily. if you watched the video – you know the scheme. To download a YouTube film – you basically need to make just 2 clicks.
Here's how it works:

Here's how to download movies from YouTube:

Step 1. Start Download once you have the application installed. Download it here: YouTube Converter.

Click that big 'Download Free' button and get the installation file downloaded. Simply go through installation process, that means – open your 'dmg' file if on Mac or launch the 'exe' file if on PC.

Step 2. Launch Sofotrino YouTube Converter.

YouTube Movie Downloader to download YouTube movies in just 3 steps

Done? Next  task is to go on YouTube and copy the link of the video you want to download. Our YouTube Movie Downloader will recognize it right away.

The major topic of this guide is YouTube download on Mac. But this works the almost the same for iOS devices and for PC. In case, you wonder, here's How to Download from YouTube to PC with Softorino YouTube Converter.

How to download YouTube movies - the easy way

Step 3. Download the video to your Mac

The beauty of the process is, that you don't even have to paste this link anywhere – everything is done automatically. You will see the icon of the video in the app's window.
As you can see from the screenshot – you can choose the quality rate. It can be 2160p or 360p – up to you.

Download YouTube film without iTunes, how to download movie from YouTube

Then click on "Download" button and...

…and that's all. The speed is truly compelling. In this post we even compared speed of other apps with this YT converter: Download YouTube Movies using Fast YouTube Converter.

Get YouTube movies on your Mac, iPhone or iPad

No suspicious websites. No annoying ads. No hassle. Just copying and clicking the button. As you may noticed – YouTube movies free download takes no more than a couple of minutes (or less).

Softorino YouTube Converter can be your ‘right hand’ if you love to spend time on YouTube. Well, not only on YouTube. Mac version of the application also supports Daily Motion, Vimeo, Facebook and Instagram. This is why Softorino YouTube Converter can surpass YouTube Red. We even came up with the definitive guide on the topic here: How to Get YouTube Red Free.

Features of Softorino YouTube Converter:

  • Softorino YouTube Converter is a paid app. It's price is 19.95. But it comes with 14-days free trial. So you can fully test it out before purchasing.
  • iTunes sync is NOT required.
  • Convert YouTube video to MP3 and listen to it as a regular MP3/M4A file.
  • All the downloaded music/videos are available from the pre-installed Apple Music/
  • HD video support
  • Subtitle support included.
  • This is also the way to get rid of annoying commercials: Block YouTube Ads & Watch Videos Offline


So now you know the easy way how to download movie from YouTube,.

Consider it as showing off – But there isn't a better software if you want to download movies from YouTube. As a person who knows all the ins and outs of this niche, I can state this without any tint of a doubt.

So if you spend a lot of time on video-sharing websites, and if you feel the need to download YouTube film from time to time – this tool was designed for you. It really takes extra hassle away if you wish to free download YouTube movies.

We'll be happy to hear back from you. Tell us what you think of the app simply by commenting below. Or you can get in touch with us or stay tuned on social media. We're actively present on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ , Twitter & Pinterest.