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Josh Brown Jun 15, 2023

2 Best Ways to Download Music on iPod Without iTunes

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Josh Brown Jun 15, 2023

If you're a music lover & an iPod owner, this article is a match! Today, I'll show you how to download music on iPod in 2 quick ways.

Old but gold. This how I call my iPod Nano.

And there’s no surprise — it’s still trendy and grabs people’s attention. This small colorful device can keep tons of music, photos, and videos.

What’s more, you can put an iPod even in the smallest bag or pocket. Very comfortable, huh?

Now you have a chance to bring your small iGadget back to life! We’ll learn how to download music on iPod in 2 ways.

The best part is — we won’t need iTunes for that. Magic? Perhaps, but I’d say modern technology. 🤓

So let’s see how to download music on iPod!


Pre-download music on your HDD, transfer it to iPod

First of all, create a folder for the songs you want to download on your iPod. Let it rest on your desktop.

And now, let me introduce to you a Softorino app — WALTR 2. This is a Mac- & Windows-friendly software for quick file transfers. It costs $39.99 but you can download and try it for free for 24 hours.

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macbook with waltr pro on it

WALTR has a minimalistic design and intuitive interface so it won’t be any difficult to work with it.

So, how can you download music on iPod using WALTR? Here are the 3 quick steps! Make sure to download the app first!

Step 1. Launch the app and connect your iPod

How to download music on iPod without syncing

Say hi to WALTR. 🙂 Then, connect your iPod to a computer with a USB cord to recognize your device.

[Tip: if you have an iPod Touch you can connect it via Wi-Fi after you used a USB for the first time. Remember that both your iPod and a computer have to be connected to the same network]

Step 2. Drag a file & drop it into WALTR

The best way to download music on iPod without syncing

WALTR supports Drag & Drop technology which facilitates your user experience. Simply move a folder from a desktop to WALTR and the transfer will automatically start.

Step 3. Wait for a couple of seconds…

WALTR will help you quickly download music on iPod without iTunes

That’s it! When you see “Transfer Complete”, go to the default Music app in your iPod. See? All the music is right there! The thing is WALTR automatically recognizes the file type and transfers it where it has to be. This way, all the movies will land in the home Videos/TV app and the PDFs or EPUBs will appear in iBooks.

Listen to music on iPod without iTunes syncing

By the way, you don’t need to worry about the format too. WALTR converts all the files into Apple-friendly ones on-the-fly so your music will play anyway. This means you can even play FLAC on iPod. The secret is WALTR converts it into ALAC. Sounds good, right?

I think we’re done here. Let’s move on!


Download Music from YouTube Straight to iPod

No problem if you don’t want to fill your computer storage with loads of music or videos. Instead, you can download music directly from YouTube, SoundCloud, and way more sources.

This is how Softorino YouTube Converter (our second solution) works. Really — the app supports 66 websites with media content.

SYC costs $19.99 but it also offers free download and 24-hour trial. Like WALTR, it also supports Mac & Windows computers.

After you download the app, follow these 3 steps:

Step 1. Launch the app and connect your iPod

SYC is another best way to download music on iPod without syncing

Once again, you’ll need to use a USB cord so that a computer can recognize your iPod.

(Like with WALTR, you can connect your iPod Touch via Wi-Fi after you used a USB first. Be sure both your devices are connected to the same network. 😉)

Step 2. Search for a song and add it to the Queue

How to download music on iPod in seconds without iTunes

Here, you can either use an in-app search or go copy a link to any YouTube video, for example. Why video? Because we’ll convert it into an MP3/AAC then!

A small tip: you don’t even need to paste a link in the app! SYC will automatically insert the link and add a video to a queue.

By the way, you can even transfer the whole playlists! Works the same way — copy a link to the playlist and SYC will add it to a queue.

Step 3. Choose the format and the destination path

You can choose the file type — it can be a video, an audio or a ringtone. But in this scenario, we go with the audio. You can keep it original or convert into MP3 or AAC.

Afterward, choose where you want to transfer a song. In our case, we click on an iPod icon. You can also transfer it to your computer or directly to an iTunes Library.

When you are ready, hit “Convert & Transfer to iPod”. Wait for it… SYC will download music on iPod in few secs.

Ta-da! A short ringing sound will let you know that the music files have been successfully downloaded.

Where exactly? Well, in the Music app … 🤔

Download music on iPod without iTunes in seconds

So this is how you can download music on iPod with not so much effort or a waste of time. Ah yeah, and in this case, you don’t need to use iTunes as well. I think it’s a good worth for money.

Both these apps help you transfer music to an iPod of any generation. Even your Classic or Shuffle will manage it.

Hope my instructions were comprehensive enough. Now it’s your time to share your top ways to download music on iPod! Let me know in the comments below. ✌🏻


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