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Josh Brown Jul 27, 2023

How to Quickly Set Custom Ringtones on FaceTime using iRingg

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Josh Brown Jul 27, 2023

Nowadays, many people don’t like to make standard phone calls. Instead, they prefer FaceTime. Here’s an exclusive tutorial on how to set a personalized ringtone for your FaceTime calls!

Every time you change your iPhone ringtone – your FaceTime tone alters too.

This means that basically, all you need to do is to set a new custom ringtone on your iPhone. But there’s also a caveat.

The FaceTime ringtone you have on your Mac will stay intact. That’s why in this guide we will show you how to change your ringtone both on Mac and iPhone using iRingg.

As you landed on this page – I assume you have finally decided to change your dull FaceTime ringtone. Good Timing! Now you can make a catchy iPhone tune & have lots of fun with it.

Table of Contents

Why change a FaceTime ringtone?

People try to customize every little thingy in their life. This is also true when it comes to smartphones. We want them to be exclusive and stand out.

You can buy various phone cases, set bright wallpapers, even get a light bumper as Kim K (for example – I have a lot of iPhone cases: with fake fur and VR-glasses and even an original LEGO case!).

Or… you may set a cool ringtone (both for mobile calls & FaceTime) that no one else can have. With various sound effects or even your voice!

So let’s jump right into this. 😏

You will need a teeny tiny app iRingg for Mac and Windows. This is a handy app that helps you change your iPhone ringtones in a fun & easy way. If you haven’t installed it already – now is the perfect timing.

Let’s recall the main features of iRingg:

  • 6-Sense technology: the app automatically recommends songs for you (based on your music library)

  • SndMoji: choose a cool sound effect and add it to your ringtone!

  • Trim your song and add fade-in/out effects

  • Record your voiceover and put it in a ringtone (or your dog’s bark, whatever)

You can play with the app — it’s fun and you can modify your ringtone any way you want, create thousands of them and change your FaceTime sounds literally every day.

To start customizing your iPhone, follow these 4 quick steps:

Step 1. Launch iRingg & connect your iPhone to a computer

If you launch iRingg for the first time, you’ll have to use a USB cord for the app to recognize your device. Later on, you can transfer ringtones to your gadget via WI-FI if both your computer and an iPhone are connected to the same network.

Set custom Facetime ringtone using a simple app iRingg is

Step 2. Search for a song…

Or let 6-Sense do that instead! There are tons of music on YouTube & SoundCloud so you can choose ANY of them. Let’s have some fun and make your own version of Britney Spears’s ‘Toxic’. 😈

Step 3. Make it WOW!

Now give freedom to your imagination and create a super-cool-hot-stuff ringtone! 💥

First-off, trim your sound to any length you want. By moving on-screen controls, you can change your ringtone’s volume. By the way, you can even add a fade-in (the sound goes down in the beginning) and a fade-out effect (the sound goes down in the end).

Next, choose a Sound Emoji. This can be a bomb burst or a cat meow. The latter is very similar to the beginning of Britney’s song. 😀

Furthermore, you can add your voice intro. This will definitely make your ringtone impossible to copy. Go ahead & sing together with Britney Spears. Let’s see who’s better!

make your future Facetime ringtone unique and exclusive!

Step 4. Export your ringtone & put it on FaceTime

You can drop a ringtone to your iPhone or save it to your computer.

export the Facetime ringtone you just created

In your iPhone settings, go to Sounds > Ringtones. You’ll see all the new tones above the default ones. Choose the one you need and voila!

your ringtone is on your device. Finally

How to set a FaceTime ringtone on your Mac?

Even if you set a new FaceTime ringtone on your iPhone, your Mac Facetime tone will stay the same. As a result, you will need to change it on your desktop. Luckily, iRingg will help you with this. After you created your tone in iRingg (see the section above for the instructions) make sure to export it to your hard drive.

It gets very simple right after. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Launch FaceTime on your Mac

  2. Go to Preferences on the Menu bar

  3. Select a Ringtones box

  4. Choose whatever sound you like 🙂

That’s it!

Now you know how to set a custom ringtone for FaceTime calls! What’s more, you now know how to make it personal. Everyone will get jealous, I promise!

In the end – what ringtone do you have right now? As always, let us know in the comments✌🏻

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