Updated: August 29th, 2018

How to Convert APE to MP3 for iPhone (No iTunes Required!)

Convert APE to Mp3 without all the converting headache. Apple decided to make you decode your rare APE songs into WAV, and after that convert it into ALAC (Apple lossless) via iTunes. But there’s much more friendly way.

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  • by Josh Brown

What is an .APE music format?

This article will show you how to convert ape to mp3 for iPhone on Mac / Windows for playing it natively on iPhone.

For those who don’t know, APE (Monkey) audio format is used by Windows users mainly. It is a free lossless audio compression format with an extremely competitive compression algorithm. Although software is accessible for Linux, Monkey’s Audio is as unpopular among the users of this operating system. Decompression speeds of Monkey’s Audio is not too fast in comparison to other lossless audio codecs.

 Monkey’s Audio a.k.a APE successfully unites lossless compression approaches that are traditional (linear prediction and route coupling) and a straightforward Neural network. To save the output values of its prediction measure Range coding, which is altered to function very well with constant values that are more or less is used by it.

Monkey’s Audio’s chief opponent is FLAC, which has more features than Monkey’s Audio (streaming support, for example) and hardware support to its edge, though its efficiency in compression isn’t as great. We also show you how to play Flac files on iPhone (without converting).

Here’s how to convert APE to MP3 for iPhone:

Follow three-step guide below to get all your Monkey music to iPhone in an absolutley painless way:

Step 1: You will need to download & install WALTR.

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The download is free and safe – no worries 🙂

Since APE music is not supported nor played by all modern audio players that iPhone/iPad has, you’re bound to use various tools to get it done.

WALTR is a  shockingly powerful tool that automatically converts your APE files to MP3 and syncs them for proper playback in iOS native Music apps. Providing the highest quality possible.

Step #2: Launch WALTR & plug in your iPhone via USB

After you plugged it in, a window will pop up asking you drop files that you want on your iPhone – in ANY format. WALTR 2 won’t bother with choosing any kind of codec settings nor worry about figuring out what is the best format it can be converted to for highest quality playback on iPhone. WALTR 2 does it for you!

More essential features that WALTR holds:

  • Native iOS playback for APE, FLAC, AVI, MKV & other Apple’s unsupported files.
  • No need to convert files.
  • Sync files directly using drag & drop without that old extra hassle a.k.a. iTunes.
  • Live 24/7 Phone + E-mail Support
  • Supports any iPhone, iPad, iPod ever created
  • ePUb +PDF files support

Step #3: Drop .APE files into WALTR, sit back & relax.

After you drop the songs in APE audio format that you want your iPhone to play in super high quality, WALTR 2 will automatically sync your device using it’s own technology and put the finalised files right into your iPhone’s native Music app.

:and you’re done! Freackin’ easy, right?

Indeed it is. And there’s no strings attached. WALTR allows us to break that format barrier, which Apple decided to create when they introduced iTunes.

In Conclusion,

You no longer have to worry about the right way to convert APE to MP3 for iPhone/iPad on Windows and MacOS. WALTR  2 is a one of a kind software to this date. It eliminates the extra step that was always in the way of a seamless transfer for .APE converters on Mac & PC.

It not only automatically converts your Apple’s unsupported files into the best format for native iPhone playback but also syncs it into your iPhone – this means that you don’t have to launch an extra app (iTunes). If you were stunned with this superior method of converting APE files on Mac / Windows for iPhone – be sure to share this post on Facebook or simply tweet about this. 🙂

More info about APE lossless format:

APE is the file format for lossless audio data compression, that is to say, a digital recording encoded to the APE format may be decompressed into an identical duplicate of the first sound data. But APE adopts a symmetric algorithm, which implies comparable resources are taken by the decoding to encoding, so that it has limited support on software platforms. APE can not be imported by you to iTunes and it is not a compatible audio format.

Nevertheless, AAC is the standard format for iTunes audio, and it is the format for lossy sound compression. When CD-quality audio files are compressed into smaller files, some info that not impact the listening experience of the file is removed, that is, AAC format can not be decompressed into an indistinguishable duplicate of the initial data.

If you have anything to add or disagree with the info above, be sure to let us know in comments for us to stop being so smart!










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