Updated: August 1st, 2017

How to Convert Flac to MP3 on Mac & PC in 2 Minutes

Convert Flac to MP3 on Mac and Windows computers with the new and spectacular MacOS Sierra & Windows 10 installed. You’ll find a quick step-by-step instructions in this article.

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FLAC Music on iPhone

Flac is a famous music format, that every audiophile is so psyched about. However, its huge minus is that it’s not compatible with an iPhone. If you want to play it on your hi-tech sexy iOS device, you have to convert .flac to mp3 or aac first. We’ll show how to get this done on Mac & Windows computers.

Flac is so much better choice for high quality music, but MP3 is the format that almost any player can tackle. Anyhoo, it’s time we learned how to convert flac to mp3 on Mac or PC and play it back on iPhone. If music quality is crucial for you, this post will also shed some light on how to convert Flac to ALAC (Apple Lossless) so stay focused. You will need a Mac or Windows computers and one simple flac to mp3 converter to get the job done!

Video Tutorial: How to Convert .flac to .mp3 on Mac or PC for iPhone

Now, we have recorded a video tutorial for you guys. It covers all the info & guidelines you can find below. That would be just enough for you to convert your FLAC music to MP3, put it on your iPhone and get going.

To fully enjoy the brand-new technology from Apple, your audiophile side should also enjoy quality music. But:Apple didn’t want to implement any improvements on supporting new formats such as FLAC, MKV or AVI.

Therefore, I will point out a tool that takes care of this. It makes it even more easier than iTunes for syncing your media with devices. It’s a critically acclaimed application WALTR 2, whose superpower is to put any type of media files (videos, music, ringtones) onto your iPhone no iTunes required. The following 3 steps will guide you though the converting Flac to MP3 music format on Mac or Windows.

How to Convert FLAC to MP3 on a Mac & Windows

*FYI – What the hell is FLAC music?

.FLAC a.k.a High-res digital music is a file format for those, who want more quality from their music. I can’t blame them, it really does make a difference with the right equipment. They use a lot more space when storing but provide better quality than .mp3.

FLAC is a king among lossless formats. It’s a superb music container and it holds HD music quality inside. Needless to say, many people stick to it. Its downside, however, is that it’s a non-starter for Apple devices. iTunes simply won’t recognize your music unless you convert FLAC file to MP3 or other Apple supported format. (no worries, we’ll help you out with this )

Step 1. Download WALTR 2  (it’s free btw) and install it.

The amazing thing about this whole WALTR 2 workaround is that if you prefer to stick to a HD quality, you may also convert FLAC to ALAC (it has same awesome quality level, btw). Ten points to Gryffindor!

Open the downloaded .dmg file and drag Waltr.app file into the Applications folder as prompt. If you’re on Windows, simply download the .exe file and finish the installation of this flac converter.

WALTR 2 – is a gem-kind piece of software that is classified “like no other app before”. It’s a tool that everyone always thought about, but was sure it was impossible to actually happen. Well..Softorino’s devs made it possible. In short, WALTR allows you to transfer FLAC files into your iPhone without worrying about converting and the uploaded files are available for playing back at highest quality possible directly from the iPhone’s native Music app. It actually takes the suck out of converting FLAC to Mp3.

More essential features that WALTR 2 includes:

  • No more format barrier. Put FLAC, APE, M4R, MP3 Music files on iPhone without converting.
  • iTunes sync is not needed. The process is simple, you plug the devices and drop the desired files.
  • Various Movie file format support. WALTR doesn’t just support audio files! You can also put MKV, AVI, MOV into your iPhone and iPad without any 3rd party converting software. They also appear in the iOS native Video app.
  • MacOS Sierra compatible. iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus ready.
  • WIFI connectivity – Nailed it.

Step 2. Launch WALTR 2 & plug-in your iPhone.

You will see a drop zone that will ask you to put any files that you want your Mac / Windows machine to transfer to your iPhone 7. Get your music ready, we’ll now convert FLAC files to MP3 using some ninja tricks!

WALTR 2 - flac converter to iPhone

Now, if your goal is to convert FLAC to MP3 on Mac or PC, then Click on the little setting wheel in the bottom, and select ‘Convert to AAC’. That’s how you will ensure that your FLAC music will be converted to lossless music format AAC (aka ‘mp3’ in Apple’s ecosystem). If you wanna keep the original quality, just drop the files into WALTR 2, and they will be converted to MP3 on-the-go.

Step 3 Grab .Flac files and drop them into the requested window.

After you drop the flac music files into WALTR’s drop-zone, the transferring process will begin.

WALTR 2 is one of the best free FLAC to MP3 converters on the marker

The magic will be finished and you’ll see that everything has finished successfully. Why this workaround is better than any other FLAC to MP3 converter? It’s faster, it’s more reliable, it makes your iPhone play FLAC music natively! And honestly, there are simply too many reasons to enumerate them all here!

:And you’re done! That’s how easy it is 🙂

There’s really nothing else to it. And you had nothing to worry about, right? Now just make sure to check your native Music app on your sexy iPhone 7 for the newly added Flac songs.

using one best free flac to mp3 converter you can put flac music on iPhone

In Conclusion

MacOS Sierra has a completely new design and tons of new features that will not leave people from a desire to upgrade. It sure looks more like the breakthrough design of iOS 10 that was introduced by Jonathan Ive. It looks more futuristic and simply better (strictly an opinion from Softorino). MacOS Sierra is now a better add-on to your new iPhone 7 with incredibly smooth interplay.

And Windows 10, if installed on the proper machine with nice specs, it will be super-accurate, quick and exciting to use. It includes a ton of big upgrades when it comes to security, boot time and battery life efficiency. But, it’s probably still works the best if you have a touch screen.

Before reading this article, to play FLAC files, you had no other choice but to put them into a 3rd party app on your iPhone or iPod using a 3rd party app. This wasn’t so convenient, right? Waltr brings a way to put FLAC music to iPhone’s native music app without any complicated 3rd party converters or sync processes. It’s so much easier than if you would use some regular software to convert FLAC to MP3 and then sync it to iPhone with iTunes.

According to Softorino’s founder Sergei Kudryashov, WALTR is the only app that allows users to transfer Apple’s unsupported formats directly into iPads & iPhones without iTunes and access them straight from native Videos and Music apps. Let’s drop all the advertising and marketing BS: I can guarantee that there is no legit app that is even close to WALTR. The users of the app are all stating  it’s the best flac to mp3 converter.

Apart from FLAC, you can use the same super-quick way to sync popular formats like APE, ALAC, MP3, M4A directly to your iPhone for playback in native iOS music app. In the end, make sure to let your friends know the easiest way to convert FLAC to MP3 for iPhone/iPod playback!


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