Updated: 7 April 2017

How to Add M4R Ringtones to iPhone without iTunes

Add ringtones to iPhone without iTunes in a drag-and-drop manner! It takes 3 clicks to send a ringtone to iPhone. Read below and try it yourself!

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There is no better way to stand out from the crowd than having a cool track as your ringtone. But if on Android it’s done within just 2 taps, iPhone owners have no choice but to suffer through the ridiculously long and counter-intuitive procedure to add a ringtone to an iPhone.

Who knows, maybe this is the reason why you hear the default iPhone ringtone playing in every public place you go? In this case, how can you even tell, if it’s your iPhone ringing or someone else’s? ;)

Either way, here we’ll show you a quick (and most importantly – easy) way to add a ringtone to an iPhone without iTunes. Now, it may sound sketchy, but it’s no joke. The way that we’ll describe here is completely iTunes-free. And you know – iTunes is the most cumbersome part of setting up a ringtone.

You will need:

  • M4A track you want to add as a ringtone to your iPhone
  • Mac or PC
  • WALTR 2 app (download WALTR by clicking on the big green button below):
Download WALTR 2 for FREE
Opens in a new tab

Video Guide: How to Transfer a ringtone on an iPhone

Now, grab your popcorn and hit ‘Play’ on the video below. Since it's better to have a visual picture of the process, we recommend watching this screencast video:

FYI, for those who are wondering what WALTR 2 is:

WALTR 2 – is a new application, but it's already essential in the toolkit of every iPhone lover. Besides adding ringtones to your iThingy, it’s the smoothest way ever to put songs, videos absolutely in any format on your iPad & iPhone – MKV, AVI, FLAC, APE, AIFF, etc. Moreover, there is NO iTunes involved.

How to Add a Ringtone to an iPhone without iTunes

What's good about this whole workaround is that you are not required to trim your ringtone in any way. You can set up any full song you have as the official tune on your iPhone! Now I assume, you already have your desired track ready in MP3 or M4A. What you need to do – is to take the file and change its file extension.

Step 1. Change the file extension of your file to M4R.

Simply rename it from 'm4a' to 'm4r'. It's as easy as this. Surprisingly, there’s no converting required.

Then you’ll get the pop-up window like this one:

Change file extension to m4r

Go ahead and confirm it by hitting ‘Use .m4r’

Step 2: Open up WALTR.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet – here’s your link:

Opens in a new tab

The download doesn’t cost a dime. Install the app and make sure to watch a short on-boarding video right there :) It will fully inform you about all the WALTR's superpowers!

Step 3: Plug-in your iPhone

The UI is very intuitive. You won't meet t@ns of tabs and settings as you can encounter in iTunes or any other utilities. WALTR will ask you to connect your device using a regular USB cable. You  can also try out WiFi transfer by clicking on the settings wheel and selecting 'Enable Wifi Connectivity'.

Step 4: Throw your ‘M4R’ file into WALTR

It will take you approximately 3 seconds to transfer it to an iPhone. WALTR works with the speed of a racing car. It’s so much faster than any competitor. BTW, in case you’re interested in more exact speed data, you can check out our blog post, where we published speed test results: Who does it faster? iTunes vs WALTR

WALTR 2 also adds up a cool feature of transferring music to ANY iPod ever released. Remember that 'old school' iPod Classic unveiled in 2001? Now you can load it with music without a hitch! The same goes for iPod Shuffle, Nano, Mini, etc. 

Step 5: Go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone and select your beloved track :)

Head to the Settings on your iPhone, in the Ringtone section you’ll already be able to select the tune you just transferred.

change ringtones on IPhone

Voila! That was unbelievably easy, right? You might search everywhere on the web – but you won’t meet anything closely reminding WALTR. There is no better way to add a ringtone to your iPhone.

On the other hand, with iTunes involved in the game it gets 10x harder. To compare, you are supposed to edit its starting and ending times, convert the track to an AAC file format, change the extension to .m4r  and add it to Tones tab in iTunes. And only then you can go to Settings and select a new ringtone.

Meet Essential WALTR 2 Features:

  • It’s an iTunes-free way. iTunes was inevitable whenever you wanted to push a track or two to your iPhone. Now it’s finally can be left behind.
  • WALTR does exactly what it says on the can. It’s your easiest way of putting a whole array of unsupported formats onto iPhone. (MKV, AVI, FLAC, APE, MP3, MP4 and many more are supported with no issues)
  • Drag-and-drop easy. You push your file into WALTR – and here it is, ready for playback in the default Video/Music app.
  • Get a good read! WALTR 2 makes it a child's play to import ePubs & PDFs to iPhone ;)

This means WALTR is able to push movies, music, ringtones, eBooks to your iPhone sidestepping iTunes. All of the files are transferred in the exact folder where they belong. For instance, movies go to the default videos app and ePubs or audiobooks are stored into iBooks application. Thanks to inserted Universal Bridge feature, it also supports any iPod ever created. Here's how to you can transfer music from computer to iPod & put some major music boost to your device!

To sum up:

There might be plenty of ‘helpful’ apps on App Store letting you change your ringtone. But all of them need iTunes sync one way or another. That’s because they just can’t get access to all the folders you have on your iPhone.
Meanwhile, WALTR handles everything on its own.  So if you're wondering what’s the easiest way to add ringtone to iPhone – it's this one.

You can change your ringtone to the hottest track absolutely with no effort. But it's not only about ringtones, you can watch any movie (even with subtitles) or listen to any music on your iOS devices with WALTR. So give it a try right now and share this easy solution with friends!

P.S. Turns out there's quite a big number of people who would love to add ringtone on iPhone. We at Softorino made our research and published the results here: Do People Still Use Custom Ringtones? Check it out!

Make your iPhone Sing! 🎶
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