Updated: December 3rd, 2018

The Fastest YouTube to iPad Converter of 2018 [Speed Test Results]

YouTube to iPad converter by Softorino is the shortest way to enjoy YouTube offline on iPad. It supports any Apple device ever created.

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YouTube to iPad 

Times when you had to miss your fave vlog episode because of the wonky signal are finally gone. It’s now easier than ever to watch content offline. This article will pull the curtain on the best YouTube to iPad converter on the market.

This is a desktop application, that is free to download and completely safe to use. So if you wish to convert YouTube to MP4, this YouTube downloader for iPad by Softorino is here to help. The solution works the best for owners of iOS devices, since to download YouTube videos to iPad or iPhone, they don’t need to use iTunes sync.

A Closer Look at the YouTube to iPad Converter by Softorino

Softorino YouTube Converter 2 – the first desktop application to send videos from YouTube to Apple portable devices. You might think it takes tons of time, but actually the app can download YouTube videos to iPad pretty quickly, depending on the video’s size. There are even speed tests that demonstrate how fast this YouTube to iPad converter can actually be.

 Anyhoo, let’s just dive right in and see how to download YouTube videos to iPad, iPhone or iPod touch on your Mac or Windows computer. Spoiler: it will take no more than 30 secs 😉

How to Download YouTube Videos on iPad in 3 Steps:

Below we came up with some very obvious steps. Needless to say – anybody will cope with them, no matter how ‘techie’ you are.

Step 1. Download the recommended YouTube to iPad converter. Install it.

Click on the button below and instantly will you get the installation file to your computer. The download is free of charge, the trial lasts 24 hours. Keep in mind, it’s absolutely safe & ad-free.

Download YouTube Converter for FREE
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Step 2. Plug-in your iPad.

It might as well be the very first, original iPad. The application will download YouTube video to any iPad as long as it runs on iOS 5 and higher.

Launch YouTube Converter and  then you will need a standard USB Lightning cable to connect your iPad to your computer.
Instantly your device’s icon will appear inside the app.

Tip: Head to the Preferences in SYC 2. There you can enable Wi-Fi Connectivity for any of your iOS devices in “Wi-Fi” section. Next time SYC 2 will recognize your device without connecting it via cords. Much less hassle! 

Step 3. Download YouTube videos to an iPad.

Locate the video you want to download. Copy video link to a clipboard. (CMD + right click)  

Softorino YouTube Converter 2 grabs the link from the clipboard (you don’t need to paste it). Then you are to select the device, so hit on ‘Pad’ icon. Pick your preferred quality rate, it ranges from 360p to 2160p. 

YouTube to iPad Converter

Finally: Click on 'Convert and Transfer to iPad' button

In this instance I’m using iPod touch, but rest assured it will also download YouTube videos to iPad without an issue.

Awesome! You’ve done your part, now count to 3. Softorino YouTube to iPad Converter will push that video to your default Videos app  (or TV.app) even faster. That’s some Formula One speed built-in this little application!

Lately Apple introduced new & slick TV.app, it’s now the single place for all your videos. So if you are on iOS 10.2 or later, go to your TV.app and find your movie there, in the ‘Home Videos’ section. Otherwise, you will have it in the default Videos application. And this is pretty rare, since other apps can only save YouTube video to your iPad’s Camera roll, if they aren’t cracked down from YouTube at all.

Those of you who own iOS devices – know better than nobody else, that Apple devices are excellent tools for work, entertainment and media playback. Furthermore, it’s a pretty nice advantage to watch all of YouTube’s content on your Apple device.

UPD. With the latest update – Mac version of this YouTube to iPad converter has sweepingly new features. For instance, it now can download videos not only from YouTube, but from Daily Motion, Vimeo and even social networks like Facebook and Instagram. In addition, you may also convert YouTube to iTunes library by selecting this option inside the app. Downloading YouTube videos to iPad is no hard task too.

The Takeaway

A direct way to download YouTube videos to iPad, iPhone or computer is no longer a mystery. Here, in this article we pulled the curtain on a new slick app – the world’s first tool that can save YouTube content to your Apple device without you dealing with iTunes and downloading it to your computer first. This all is possible with the new YouTube to iPad converter released by Softorino.

In conclusion, YouTube is a hub full with quality content, educational videos, music and movies. In case you need to download a video to an iPad and watch it while hitting the road, there’s a quick way to do just that. It requires just 2 clicks, one app and a USB cable. Rest assured, there’s no need for iTunes while saving YouTube video to your iPad.

You might notice a whole range of other third-party apps/online services on the web, but all of them will just save a video to your Mac or PC and require you to use iTunes afterwards (and who wants that?). On the other hand, the featured application here is the first direct YouTube to iPad converter. Sure, there must be some iOS apps for that, but because the whole deal is somewhat shady they are being taken down from the App Store. So it’s doubtful you will find any of them.

Except YouTube, SYC 2 adds support for more than 50 popular websites – Vimeo, SoundCloud, Animal Planet are all on the list! Do not hesitate, go and try this solution yourself by installing the app – the first way ever to download videos from YouTube to iPad and iPhone.














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