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A Better, Simpler Way to Manage Your iPhone

The release of AltTunes brings an entirely new solution for your iPhone management routine. With its sleek interface, straightforward functionality, and top-of-the-line performance speed AltTunes breaks the barrier between iPhone to Windows file management.

What’s AltTunes?

AltTunes is a perfect tool for iOS users seeking easy and efficient device management. Its core features allow you to locally back up your iOS device and seamlessly export music, photos, contacts, and other files from your iPhone to your Windows computer. Take full control over your iOS data without iTunes! Organize and back up your data, ensuring a stress-free iPhone management experience.

Launch Cheat Sheet

March, 2024
Universal license
39.96$ per year
BONUS: In addition to AltTunes, this license gives you access to all Softorino apps.
Windows Version Supported
Windows 10 & 11
Devices Supported
All iPhones & iPads
Use Limitations
Single PC with an unlimited iOS device count

Why use AltTunes?

AltTunes brings you back a simple local device control that many users strived for but weren’t able to achieve… until today!

Local Backups

Create secure backups with optional encryption to protect sensitive data like passwords, Safari bookmarks, and health app info.

Photos & Video Transfer

Store your most precious moments within your PC! Export photos and videos in Windows-compatible formats to free up device storage and access them anytime.

Media Transfer

Safely export your favorite music and movies to your PC for playback or later transfer back to your phone. Your media, your choice!


Export and store messages externally for easy access and deletion from your iPhone while retaining them on your PC or external drive.

What Pain Does AltTunes Solve?

Forget spending hours reading user manuals or looking up guides on the internet to solve basic iPhone to Windows file management problems. AltTunes provides it here and now. With an intuitive user interface and straightforward feature set, anyone will glide through the whole use process effortlessly

Secured backup

Create and manage a secure local backup of your iPhone data—no need to rely on iCloud with the limitations it brings on.

Control over your data

Export your photos, videos, and multimedia for safekeeping on your PC and free up precious storage space on your iPhone.

Storage management

Access storage of the apps installed on your iPhone, browse through and export their contents.

Export anything

Transfer calendar, notes, phonebook, and every bit of casual data you may need to your PC.

What’s The Story Behind AltTunes?

The Softorino team has always been a fan of Apple tech and software. AltTunes is the result of our 10+ years-long software development journey fueled by a passion for creating top-rated apps. As true Apple enthusiasts, we observed concerns among users regarding their control over iOS devices, and many iPhone owners did not appreciate the solutions that Apple provides.

Our goal? To introduce an alternative to iTunes, addressing its lack of user-friendliness in managing iPhone data locally.

AltTunes, in turn, is a simple and feature-rich app that makes life easier for everyone struggling with iPhone storage management!


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Universal License

How does AltTunes work?

AltTunes is proud to be a very user-friendly app. We designed it to be as convenient as possible for any iPhone owner.

1. Download & install AltTunes. Launch the app.

2. Connect your iPhone to your computer via a USB cable.

3. Unlock your device, press ‘trust this device’, and create a first backup.

4. Browse through backup files and export additional data to external devices if needed.

We support all iPhones and iPads!

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About Softorino

Softorino — is a small & young team of outstanding individuals, who are passionate about bringing simplistic & powerful solutions to Windows and MacOS. Famous for developing WALTR, iBetterCharge, iRingg, Folder Colorizer and Softorino YouTube Converter app.

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