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On October 27, 2022 — Softorino Inc. — released PicFindr. A Mac app that allows users to search for and download copyright-free high-res images from all over the Internet & set them as a desktop picture — all in 1 app.

What is PicFindr?

PicFindr is an app for finding stunning, royalty-free images & photos that can be used on websites, in projects, on wallpapers, and anywhere else for that matter.

PicFindr for Mac Image 1

What Problem Does PicFindr Solve?

There are tons of reasons why someone might find themselves in need of a good image or photo. Whether they’re a journalist who needs a great hero image for a new piece, or a marketer who needs the perfect artwork to go with a new campaign. Whoever it is, they already know that finding great-quality images & photos is more difficult than it ought to be. Even if they find something, it’s often not as free as it claimed to be, or has complicated restrictions.

Not anymore.

PicFindr takes all of the hard work and fusses out of finding the perfect image or photo. It scouts the libraries of Pixabay and Pexels to find the perfect results based on the search parameters presented to it. Alternatively, pre-built categories can be browsed with ease, filled with works just waiting to be discovered. A delightful ‘Surprise Me’ option acts as a lucky dip, displaying some of the best images & photos available as a jumping-off point.

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Every image or photo surfaced by PicFindr is royalty-free, meaning they can be used at will. There are millions of them to be found, all high resolution and just waiting to be integrated into almost any type of work or project.

Everyone likes to customize their Mac, but sometimes finding the perfect wallpaper isn’t as easy as it should be and then there’s the hassle of downloading it and setting it up. But with PicFindr, people can set images & photos as their desktop wallpaper right from within the app. Those who like to get organized can also create collections and add works to their favorites for safekeeping, making it easier to switch wallpapers out for something new whenever the feeling takes them.

PicFindr for Mac Image 1 PicFindr for Mac Image 1

PicFindr Features

PicFindr for Mac Image 1

15 premium Softorino apps included for $35 per year.

PicFindr for Mac Image 1

PicFindr searches Pixabay and Pexels — millions of free, high-resolution images & photos just waiting to be downloaded and used in projects.

PicFindr for Mac Image 1

Images & pictures can be set as wallpapers directly from within PicFindr.

PicFindr for Mac Image 1

Favorites and collections make organizing images & photos quick and easy.

PicFindr for Mac Image 1

macOS Ventura-first, with a modern design that’s also compatible with older versions of Apple’s operating system.

How Does PicFindr Work?

Using PicFindr is extremely simple. Here's how:

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Additional Details

macOS 11 (Big Sur) or above.

PicFindr can be downloaded from the official website at https://softorino.com/picfindr/. A free trial is available providing 24 hours of use with zero feature restrictions.

PicFindr is available alongside many other great Softorino apps as part of a $39.96 annual subscription that includes 15 premium apps. Those buying before November 15, 2022 will benefit from a 60% launch discount, too.

PicFindr Icons

PicFindr Screenshots

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Download a collection of short “animated” screenshots to showcase PicFindr.

About Softorino

Softorino — is a small & young team of outstanding individuals, who are passionate about bringing simplistic & powerful solutions to Windows and MacOS. Famous for developing WALTR, iBetterCharge, iRingg and Softorino YouTube Converter app.

Press Contact:

Josh Brown
Josh Brown - CEO
Email - josh@softorino.com

If you're a member of the press & would like a free licence for PicFindr – please email josh@softorino.com

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