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2 in 1: Create a Unique Ringtone
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‘More than a ringtone..’ – Watch the film:

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Josh Brown

Josh Brown Marketing Director at Softorino

While being extremely popular in 2000s, personalized ringtones became completely overlooked on the iPhone in 2017. Reason was – complexity of creating & applying a custom ringtone to an iPhone. We believe ringtones can be more than just a sound. The idea of making such a product has been with us for almost 3 years. But only now has our technology reached the mark for a product so complex. It all started with "Let’s make a simple ringtone maker" and evolved into a tiny platform for creating personalized 'ringgs' that delight and amuse. iRingg is more than a utility software. The all-new ‘6-Sense’ technology learns your music tastes and suggests music tracks for you. As a result, every launch of an app becomes totally unique. Our '2-in-1' approach makes iRingg the first and only of its kind. There has never been an app that can do both: create a ringtone and push it into an iPhone. We’re proud to invite you to become the first users of iRingg.

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Music Taste + Machine Learning

6-Sense is a brand-new technology which is paving the way for a completely new experience. Built on machine learning, 6-Sense surveys your local iTunes on computer & device music library on iPhones to collect listening data and habits. Data-learning algorithm analyzes all elements and predicts which tracks you might like as ringtones. Result:

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Every time you launch iRingg – 6-Sense will have something new for you. Every. Time.

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SndMoji + Voice

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It could be funny. It could be silly. It could be smart. Either way – it would be personal. With SndMoji™ you can add a personal touch to the ringtone using cool sound effects and completely change its mood and feel.

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Add ’You’ to your ringtone. Record some funny, or serious voice intro. Apply effects. And voilà – you’re a ringtone producer. It doesn’t get any personal than this.

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100.000.000 Sounds

Any video or music track on SoundCloud or YouTube can become a ringtone now. Search, click, done. Just remember – it's for your personal use only (and no copyrights violated).

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10.000 years of evolution brought us to this moment, when we can make a ringtone out of anything on the Internet.

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Push to iPhone

Ability to push freshly created ringtones directly to an iPhone makes iRingg absolutely unique. Without this – it wouldn't make sense. With the integrated UCB & αWiFi technologies, simply connect your iPhone via Wi-Fi (or cable) and seamlessly transfer your new ringtone into iPhone’s default ringtones section.

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Experience that enchants.

Each part of iRingg has been designed for clarity.
If something does not need to be there – it's not there.

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Not only is iRingg the best of its kind.
It's the ONLY of its kind.

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