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Josh Brown Aug 31, 2023

9 Slamming Ways to Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer

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Josh Brown Aug 31, 2023

If you need to transfer music tracks from an iPhone to your computer, here’s an ultimate list of the most convenient & easy ways to do so. 👩🏽‍💻

Since you landed on this page, I assume that you’re an ardent music lover. You probably have 100s of songs on an iPhone, 1000s of them on your iPod (hello, it’s me!) and a bunch of music folders on your computer.

And of course, sometimes you need to move media between your devices. Our WALTR helps to drag & drop media to your iPhone…but what if you need to go the other way and transfer music from iPhone to computer? Here’s the list of top solutions to help you!


 iTunes is the good old solution to transfer music from iPhone to computer

We all know how tricky iTunes is, but it’d be unfair not to mention it. iTunes is the most well-known way to transfer music from an iPhone to a computer. Even in 2020, people still use iTunes for such operations.

To refresh your memory, here’s a short iTunes tutorial:

  • Launch iTunes if the latest version is installed.

  • In Account Authorization, choose “Authorize This Computer”. This way you will be able to register your computer.

  • To finish authorization, log in with your Apple ID & click “Authorize”.

  • Connect your iPhone with a USB cord, go to File – Devices and click “Transfer Purchases”

To see if you transferred all the music you wanted, go to Recently Added. Click Download and you’ll save it on your computer.


iMazing is an iTunes alternative to sync music from computer to iPhone

The big guy out there. iMazing is one of the most popular and well-groomed data management software. Like almost all the solutions mentioned above, it’s free to try and has a paid version.

You can share one license with your bro or buy a full pack for the entire family.

With iMazing, you can transfer ringtones, messages, contacts and other data.

What’s more, if you bought a new iPhone, you can easily move all the media from an old one to your new gadget.

If you need to transfer music (or anything else), you should connect your iPhone to a computer via a USB cord first. Then, choose music files from the list and wait until the app copies it to your computer.

Nothing complicated, the app works as easy as possible. In a paid version, by the way, you can choose a “Quick transfer” option so that all that you need will land on your computer super fast.

And, of course, the best thing is that you can transfer data between your iPhone and a computer or even between 2 iPhones without iTunes or iCloud.


iExplorer Music transfer

iExplorer is lightweight and fast, it has a comprehensive interface and provides backup to any Mac or PC computer. With this app you can transfer voice messages, reminders, contacts, notes from your iPhone to your computer and back.

What about music? When you transfer any song, iExplorer keeps its metadata, artwork & rating. Double-Click for instant preview to make sure you chose the right song. Make playlists & recover iTunes Library. These are the perks of iExplorer.

The app helps you transfer music from your iPhone to a computer in the same way as most of the apps here do. Anyway, I’ll remind you:

  • Connect your iPhone with a USB cord and tap “Trust the device”

  • Launch iExplorer, go to Media Library > Music

  • Choose the desired songs or just select all of them

  • Click “Transfer from Device” & wait for few seconds. Voila!

Now you have your music kept on your computer. For your convenience, you can also transfer it directly to your iTunes Library so that you’ll keep all the music in one place.


AnyTransBesides iMazing, you can go for AnyTrans. To my liking, AnyTrans is pretty generic, but it’s worth trying.

AnyTrans works both on Mac & Windows computers. It offers a free trial and a paid version. The paid one provides lifetime support and automatic updates.

The free trial will allow you to use the app for 3 days after installation and transfer up to 30 items per day. To use the paid version, you’ll also need to register your license code online.

After you register your account, launch the app and:

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer. Right after, you will see the blue button to transfer iPhone data by category.

  • Choose the files and click “Transfer”. That’s it!

You can also buy a family pack. This will let you share 1 license with 5 computers. Plus, you can use AnyTrans for Android devices as well.

Fun fact: you can change the app interface into the Dark Mode.



Dr.Fone is an another no-iTunes solution to transfer music (& contacts, SMS, photos, videos) from an iPhone to your Mac or PC. The app is available for a free trial and has a paid version.

Before you start moving your files, connect an iPhone to the computer. The app will recognize your device and show it on the main screen. You will need to choose Transfer Device Media to iTunes from the menu. Click Start to analyze the media files on your iPhone.

Since we need only music, don’t forget to unselect all other types of media. Then, click Transfer. Wait for a couple of moments and enjoy music on your computer!

What’s more, dr.fone offers you a bunch of additional tools to manage data both on your computer and an iPhone:

  • Recover data from your computer

  • Switch data between different phones

  • Erase data from your phone

  • Backup & Restore your phone (including contacts & photos)

  • Restore Social Apps like WhatsApp, Kik, Viber & WeChat.

You can download either all or only some of the tools — it’s up to you. 🙂

iMyFone TunesMate

With iMyFone you can copy music from iPhone to computer

iMyFone is a free-to-try app, that you can test for 24 hours during the free trial. It helps you move your files between your computer and iPhone and even share media between various Apple ID’s

Apart from music, iMyFone lets you transfer ringtones, playlists, videos, podcasts, TV shows, and audiobooks. Additionally, you can transfer photo streams and Camera Roll files.

How to transfer music from your iPhone to a computer using iMyFone?

  • Connect your iPhone to a computer and click “Trust the device.”

  • Choose “Transfer iDevice Media to iTunes”.

  • Scan your iPhone media. The app will show you files that are not on iTunes. Choose the ones you want to export.

  • Transfer and wait till the end. You’ll see a new pop-up window with all the files you’ve just transferred.

Syncios Data Transfer

Syncios can help you move files from iPhone to computer

This app is pretty similar to all the other solutions, but I’d say it’s little simpler to use. Furthermore, it supports multiple OS: Windows, iOS, and Android. This way you can transfer content from your Android devices, too. This app costs $39.95 but you can try it for free.

What media files does Syncios support?

Contacts, messages, call logs, WhatsApp, music, photos, videos, apps, app data, safari history, bookmark, Notes, ebooks, etc.

So if you want to transfer music from iPhone to the computer, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1. Register your account.

You’ll find this option in the top right menu. Enter your username & code that you received when you purchased the app.

Step 2. Select Backup mode in the main menu.

This way, you’ll be able to copy data to your computer.

Step 3. Connect an iPhone to the computer via USB. Wait until your device is recognized.

Step 4. Select the files you want to transfer.

You can either transfer all your files or just some of them. When it’s loaded, click “Start To Copy”. The files will be backed up to your computer.

There are some drawbacks in Syncios. For example, the fact that you need to register your profile, as in the previous apps. Like, why?

Some users write that Syncios freezes time after time. This happens when you try to transfer contacts from your phone — the app doesn’t always recognize some of them.

However, this doesn’t happen when you transfer music and other multimedia, it works well.

EaseUS Mobi Mover

Transfer music from iPhone to computer using MobiMover

MobiMover is a free tool for your Mac or PC. It helps to transfer media files between your Apple devices. You also can share files from your iPhone to your computer and vice versa.

What’s more, MobiMover can download content from YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Metacafe, Dailymotion, BBC News, etc.

Apart from music, the app also transfers ringtones, voicemails, videos, photos, contacts, and messages.

It will take you 4 steps to transfer music from your iPhone to a computer via MobiMover.

  • Connect your iPhone to a computer with a USB cord and make sure to click “Trust a device.” Click on “iDevice to PC”.

  • Wait until MobiMover checks all the media accessible for transfer. Choose what type of data you’d like to transfer. In our case, we’ll need only music. By the way, you can transfer either all music or select the files you need.

  • Choose where to export the files. You may transfer them to any folder or desktop.

  • Click “Transfer” and wait until it’s over. Keep your iPhone connected to the computer all the time. When the transfer is finished, click “View” and you’ll see which files are now on your computer.

There’s also a Pro version of MobiMover. It provides a 24/7 tech support & a free lifetime upgrade. EaseUS MobiMover will help you transfer music from an iPhone to your computer. It’s pretty quick and you don’t need to use iTunes.



The last, but not the least. 🤓

MobiKin is a software which helps you transfer 14 types of files from your iDevice to a computer. Although it’s a free solution, it doesn’t decrease sound quality. This is an important point as we want all the music sound perfect, right?

Just like any other app on the list, MobiKin supports the latest iPhone versions including Xs, Xs Max & XR.

What’s more, MobiKin provides a 1-year free license code. You will need to use it for registration. Enter your code on the official website. After this period, the app will ask you to buy a Pro version.

If you want to transfer music from iPhone to a computer, you will need to connect your iPhone to a computer with a USB cord, choose what files you’d like to transfer & click “Export” and they’ll land on your computer!

Bottom line

Most of all the above-mentioned apps look alike, work alike and have almost similar functionality.

Now it’s up to you to choose which solution to use. I bet, that will be difficult, I should say.

Muahahahahah 😈

There are many solutions on the Web. Truth talk, you can’t be 100% sure if they include malware. But we tested all the solutions above and they’re safe.

If you know other cool solutions (or maybe you already of the tools on the list) — let me know then by leaving a comment. Stay tuned! 🎶 


How to transfer music from iPhone to computer?

One of the conventional ways to Transfer music from the iPhone to the computer is via iTunes. Here is a short tutorial to help you:


  • Step 1: Launch the latest version of iTunes.
  • Step 2: Choose the "Authorize This Computer" option in the account authorization to register your computer with iTunes.
  • Step 3: To finish the authorization process, you need to log in with your Apple ID and click Authorize
  • Step 4: Now, connect your iPhone with a USB cord > go to File > Devices > and click on Transfer Purchases.


How do I transfer music from my iPhone to my computer without iTunes?

As iTunes sometimes can be slow, you need a platform that can help you transfer music to your iPhone without this application. The best alternative to iTunes is iMazing, and it can help you transfer music from your iPhone to your computer within just a few seconds. All you have to do is choose the "Quick Transfer" option, connect the devices, select the files from the list and wait until the app copies them to your computer.

How to transfer music from iPhone to PC Windows 10?

iExplorer can help you transfer music from iPhone to PC Windows 10 very quickly.
All you have to do is install iExplorer > connect the devices with the USB cable > Go to Media Library > choose the desired song > and then click on the “Transfer from Device” button. Besides music, you can also transfer contacts, messages, reminders, notes, and other stuff via this application.

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