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How to Convert Vob files to MP4 on Mac and Windows

Convert Vob to Mp4 becomes absolutely painless in 2016! Vob are visual objects that hold videos, audio, subtitles. With all-new WALTR 2 you can easily convert them to mp4 and put on iPad or iPhone for offline playback!

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DVDs is now a history. But apparently lots of people would still love to convert their Vob files to MP4 and watch them on devices like iPhone or iPad. Even though DVDs aren’t a big deal now, many users have massive DVD collections with various games, music, movies. What’s really good about them is that they often have just amazing quality. (which is, naturally, a huge huge plus).

You don’t have to be a Mac maven or expert to convert Vob to MP4 for your iPad or iPhone. With newest software you can turn this uphill battle into quite a fun thing. Now, in case you’ve burned a DVD and have your VOB files, that you want to put on an iPad – the guidelines below will show you how to do just that. And you don’t have to convert .vob to .mp4 beforehand and then sync to iPhone. There’s even better alternative – you can now do both things simultaneously.

The Core of the Matter

VOB stands for video objects, that consist of audio, video,  subtitles and menus. It’s a container in DVD video-media. They are usually located in the Video_TS directory at the root of a DVD.

You can copy unprotected .vob files to your HDD or play them back using VLC. But to get them playing on your iOS device, you need to convert VOB to mp4 or other compatible iPhone formats.

How to Convert VOB to MP4

You will need a top-notch application called WALTR 2. This application is an ultimate solution for transferring content from computer to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It eats everything – starting from an Mp3 music file and ending with MKVs, AVIs, Vob files, ebooks or ringtones. Because it works as simple as it can get, it caught on and it’s popular among users worldwide.

We filmed the whole procedure right here, so hit ‘Play’ and watch it. It’s about AVIs right now, but it converts Vob to Mp4 for iPad or iPhone just the same.

1. Get the installation file of the application by clicking on the very button below: 

It’s a legit software, so go ahead and install it on your machine. You’ll be prompt with a 1-min video telling you how the app works.

Download WALTR 2 for free
Opens in a new tab

Launch the installation file you recently downloaded to your hard-drive from the official WALTR webpage. After that go through the installation guide. As soon as this process is finished, WALTR is totally set up for work.

convert VOB to mp4 using WALTR 2, step 1

2. Plug-in your iOS device to your computer

Step by step guide on how you can convert VOB files to mp4 for iPad or iPhone

You will need to tap ‘Trust’ on your device and then you can even enable WiFI sync feature. You have to switch it on for every device you connect. At first ,make sure it’s on the same wireless network, then click on the gear in the bottom of the application – and voila! You can convert Vob to mp4 for your iPhone wirelessly!

3. Drop your Vob file into WALTR 2.

You’re almost done! Everything is set up in order to convert Vob files to iPhone compatible formats in a snap. Do you see the blue progress line displayed? Great! This means, that your vob file is being converted to the supported format & copied to the iPhone’s memory at the same time.

WALTR 2 is converting VOB to MP4 for iPad

And then you can open it inside your native application on iPad.

How can I convert VOB to iPad

WALTR 2 is like a Swiss knife keeping dozens of skills in one thing. Not only it converts Vob files to mp4, but also transfers any movie or music regardless of its file extension to your iPad or iPhone. For 2 years of its existence, the application evolved into a universal drop area that accepts any file type and adapts it for your iPhone. You no longer have to worry whether your iPhone will play the file you are about to transfer, WALTR 2 will do the magic and make it playable on your device. The best part – all of your files will be stored inside of your default Apple apps, that are much more battery-efficient than any other third-party apps you can use.

WALTR 2 Features

Additionally, WALTR can help you not only convert and upload videos. To say sincerely, this cool app absolutely doesn’t care, what media needs to be converted and copied. The format or size don’t matter, because this app supports everything. WALTR can copy movies, clips, concerts, songs or audio-books. And sure it will convert them to the formats compatible with iPhones, iPads, iPods and other Apple devices.

The Takeaway

Vob files are those relics from the past, that can make you feel a little bit nostalgic. They are reminders of the those times when everybody was so psyched about DVDs and CDs. Now, when you would love to bring back some memories from the past and convert Vob to Mp4, you know what is the most trouble-free way to do just this.



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