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Josh Brown Oct 20, 2020

Convert & Play FLV on iPhone [in MP4]

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Josh Brown Oct 20, 2020

You can convert FLV to MP4 using a bunch of different software available online. But what is the point? There's a better solution if you need to play FLV to iPhone.

I bet you’ve been searching all over the Internet for a decent piece of software to play FLV on iPhone. If so – you are probably at the dead end, since there are not many reliable applications on the web.

Of course, there is VLC and you are absolutely free to convert FLV files to MP4 with this player. But in case, you want to put the video on your iPhone, there’s a better way! A better means faster, simpler and much more straightforward.

DISCLAIMER: the method presented below works only for those who want to convert FLV to MP4 for iPhone, iPad or iPod.

What's FLV?

FLV is a flash file format, most commonly used to play in a browser plug-in or flash player. A range of video-sharing websites uses it for online playback.

Watch this video on how to play FLV on iPhone (without actually converting it).

***Well, the video is about MKV files but there’s no difference when it gets to FLV files.

How to Play FLV on iPhone

It’s a no secret, that iPads, iPods and iPhones are equipped with the last-generation displays. No arguments, this makes watching movies on these devices an incredible experience.

But when it gets to movie playback on iOS devices you always stumble on a format barrier. For example, the quite common MKV format is NOT supported by Apple’s native software.

To play it back, you need to install any third-party player onto your device and go through a hassle of converting.

The alternative way is to use WALTR 2. This is a critically-acclaimed application for Mac and Windows that gets any file format (including FLV) to your iPhone or iPad with 0 issues.

WALTR 2 converts FLV to MP4 on a Mac or Windows bullet fast, and everything you should do is just to drop your file into WALTR 2.

Step 1. Download WALTR & install this app

Requirements: macOS 10.9 and higher
Latest Version: 2.6.25, 13 December 2019
Requirements: Windows 8 and higher
Latest Version: 2.7.19, 14 November 2019
Free Download
Download Waltr

Find the bright and big blue button, signed as ‘FREE DOWNLOAD’. Click it without hesitation. The download of the installation file will start automatically.

Now, when WALTR installation file is copied to your hard-drive, you need to unpack it. So open it and simply confirm the installation.

WALTR supports FLV (aka flash file format) with no issues

Step 2. Connect your iPad to your computer

Plug-in your device to the computer by using a standard Lightning cable.

WALTR 2 makes it easy to convert your FLV files wirelessly!

WI-FI support is one of the features users love the most. Click on the settings wheel in the bottom and check ‘Enable WI-FI Connectivity’ to push your files to your device absolutely cable-free 🙂

Convert FLV to MP4 by dropping into WALTR

Step 3. Push your FLV file into WALTR

With the speed of lightning, your file will get converted to your device. WALTR 2 also looks for the artworks & metadata on the Internet and automatically adds this all to your videos/music app.

WALTR 2 has many more superpowers:

  • WALTR 2 supports all the music & video formats you can imagine. AVI, MKV, FLV, CUE, WMA, WMV, FLAC, MP4, MP3, FLAC and more!

  • WIFI Connectivity. WALTR 2 transfers files to your iPod, iPad or iPhone no cords needed

  • Universal Connectivity Bridge. Every iPod released by Apple is supported.

  • 24/7 Customer support

Converting FLV to MP4 on a Mac

The blue progress line will show you how the converting from FLV to MP4 is going. Believe me, there is no other program, which can do the same thing with equal speed and comfort.

FLV on your iPhone


WALTR is the fastest and the easiest video converter for iPad or iPhone on the market. It’s easy to interact and it’s just outrageously simple! It takes the extra hassle away, by doing all the “dirty” converting work for you.

Besides converting FLV to MP4, it covers a ton of other files extensions and formats, so you don’t need to worry about converting settings anymore.

Additionally, this direct transcoder can become the great file management tool – it can work with video and audio. WALTR can help you to copy your media files to iPad, as well as to iPhone and iPod touch.

The application is multifunctional, it converts FLV to MP4 for any Apple device you have.

If you need some professional tips concerning the app – contact our customer support team. They are always ready to help you out whenever you need it.


Josh Brown
Josh Brown

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