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Josh Brown Oct 20, 2020

How to Convert Movies for iPad in 2 Clicks (No iTunes needed!)

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Josh Brown Oct 20, 2020

Convert movies to iPad following the workaround we showcased below! This advanced but simple way will let you watch the newest films wherever you are - at home, on the train ride or during the plane flight.

Whenever you need to convert movies to your iPad or iPhone, the first go-to application is iTunes. That’s the rule of thumb. Sync your device with this app – play the desired video back on your iPad.

However, we all know this way may not always be the best one. iTunes can collapse from time to time, and to top this, it has certain format restrictions. Say, you have AVI or MKV file – iTunes won’t sync it.

You have no choice but convert those movies to iPad using some converting software. In this case, WALTR 2 might be your best choice. Watch this quick video to see how it works:

Here’s how this happens: there is a new movie released. You’ve been waiting for it for a few months, and now it is here, literally expecting you to download and watch it. You save the file to your Mac computer, planning to transfer it to your iPad. But then, when you want to watch a cool movie as fast as possible: oops! iTunes simply doesn’t sync the file format of that movie.

All things considered, you need to convert it first. And here we’ll show how to convert MKV to iPad, iPhone in the fastest way possible.

How to Convert Movies to iPad without iTunes

Our development team went to great lengths trying to come up with the way to bypass iTunes and convert movies to iPad in a much simpler way. The outcome is the application WALTR – simplest thing ever to put media on iOS devices.

Convert movies for iPad in 2 clicks

Instead of tons of converting setting or tabs, you just get one window that serves as a drop-zone. Push AVI or MKV or any other media files into the app – and voila!

If you wondered how to play MKV files on iPhone or iPad right in the default – this is the easiest way to get this done. WALTR is a legit Mac & Windows application able to convert the downloaded film to Apple accepted format swimmingly and fleetly.

How to Convert Movie to iPad with WALTR 2

Step #1. Download & Install the app.

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macbook with waltr pro on it

Click on the button below to download WALTR 2 for free to your Mac & Windows computer. Then install it.

Step #2. Launch WALTR 2 and connect your iPad to your computer.

The new window will appear on your desktop. Use a USB cable to connect your device to Mac & Windows.

iPad connected to WALTR 2, how to convert movies for iPad - step 1

From now on, just a couple of mouse clicks – and your video is on your iPad 🙂

Step #3. Push the video into WALTR.

Drag the movie file with your mouse and drop it to the app’s drop-zone by releasing the mouse button.

The file converting will start automatically, as soon as you see the blue progress line on your screen.

 WALTR 2 is converting movies to iPad on-the-fly

Once it disappears – the movie is converted to the format readable by the standard iPad player, and copied to the device, too. Find it in the playlist right now!

WALTR’s Key Features:

  • No iTunes needed! Convert MKV to iPad without using any additional software or iTunes sync.

  • WALTR supports ANY types of files: music, video, ringtones, ePUB & PDF.

  • Put FLAC, MP3, APE, CUE on any iPod ever created. All of them are covered.

Step #4. Watch your movie on your beloved iPad.

find your video inside the TV app

The video wil be available for native playback. This means you can find it on your Home Videos folder and play it back without any third-party software involved.

Say what you want, but currently, this is the most troubless way to put AVI, WMA, CUE, MP4, MKV to iPad or iPhone. It even has Wi-Fi support, so no cords needed. You just drag and drop the file – and then you play it.

To Sum Up:

iPad is the device, you fall in love with from the first sight. Even though it has a little ‘issues’ like it can’t play the MKV or AVI video, it’s still an awesome tool for work and education, or entertainment.

And WALTR is powerful as it can help eliminate the hurdles you get with format barrier.

As you see, our video converter really does everything on its own, not asking you to control every single step. There is no other program which can convert MKV to iPad or any other video files with the same speed and simplicity.

Video converting has never been so easy and fast before! Yes, the average uploading speed of this converter equals approximately 2GB under 1 minute.

Drag. Drop. Done. Nothing more. The app is extremely easy to use for anyone. Even a kid could use it to convert movies for iPad without any troubles!

If you think you need some professional help – feel free to contact our customer support service team! Those friendly guys are always ready to consult you and answer all the questions concerning the app!


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