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Josh Brown Oct 18, 2020

How to Transfer Data from Old iPhone to New iPhone

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Josh Brown Oct 18, 2020

You just got a new iPhone, sweet! Getting a new device is cool, except for the part where you need to set it up. How can you possibly transfer loads of data from your old iPhone to the new one?

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Typically, you store tons of photos, videos, music, apps on your older device. And naturally, you wish o  transfer all these files to your device with no time loss and pain-free.

Well, good news! You just landed on the ultimate guide that will uncover 2 simple solutions on how to transfer data from one iPhone to another. 

QuickTransfer vs iMazing

Apple introduced a new awesome feature in iOS 13. Now you can transfer all your data from old iPhone to your new device without having to use iTunes. This is much easier than restoring your iCloud or iTunes backups. However, it’s still not as easy, simple, and seamless as using iMazing. 

iMazing is a brand-new, seamless solution for transferring your old data from your iPhone to the new one. 

You can download iMazing for free from the developer’s official website.

transfer data with iMazing

It’s very simple to use too. Simply connect both your old iPhone and the new device to your computer. You will need to choose ‘Set up new iPhone’ mode.

Wipe your new device clean before you start

What can be better than unboxing a brand-new iPhone? It has a lovely, minimalistic packaging, amazing design, great display. Setting it up is sheer excitement! 

But hold on. In case you already signed in with your Apple ID and/or transferred some data inside, we suggest to wipe it clean. This will prevent any conflicts if you transfer the same info twice on your device. Also, if you go with Apple’s QuickTransfer – it simply won’t work if you have something on your device already.

How do you wipe your device clean? Go into ‘Settings’ > ‘General’. Scroll down and select ‘Reset’. Then choose ‘Erase all content and settings’. Done. You can now proceed with transferring new content on your device. 

What data can you transfer to your new device?

It pretty much depends on what method you are using. For instance, with iMazing, you can copy pretty much all data from your old iPhone, including passwords, accounts info, apps, music, videos, photos, text messages, and contacts. 

With QuickStart by Apple, it’s a different story. You can transfer all of your files, except music & movies that you own or purchased in the iTunes Store. 

Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone

iMazing also has certain limits, in terms that it won’t transfer your App Store purchases or Apple Music library. Simply because these materials can be easily recovered by going into the Settings > iTunes & App Store on your new device. 

Safely Set up your iPhone using iMazing

Setting up a new iPhone is a breeze with iMazing. It’s secure, streamlined, and easy to use. It’s very personalized: you get to choose what stays on your device. 

iMazing is a Mac and Windows app that helps to manage your iPhone completely, no iTunes or Finder required. Make sure to download this software by clicking on the button below. Don’t worry, the download is completely safe. 

At the moment iMazing not available on the App Store. Why? Because this software is a complete iTunes replacement. Thus it directly competes with Apple. But you can easily download the app on our website. Afterward – simply install it. Follow the installation wizard on a Windows computer. If you are on a Mac, you will need to move the .dmg file into the Applications folder. 

How do I transfer everything to my new iPhone? 

Step 1. Connect both devices to your computer 

In case you don't have 2 USB ports, you can do the same procedure via Wi-Fi. 

Step 2. Choose ‘Transfer data’ and select the target device

transfer data from iPhone to iPhone

In the launch menu choose an option from the sidebar that says ‘Transfer to iPhone’. Select your target device. 

Step 3. Choose what files you wish to transfer

You can make a complete copy of your older device. Or you can transfer select apps, contacts, messages, essentials without any unnecessary clutter. It’s your call. 

All in all, it’s a 2-step process. The app will make your older iPhone’s backup first. Then it will be automatically transferred to your new iPhone. It might take some time depending on the size of your files. 

In comparison with Apple’s Quick Start, iMazing gives you more freedom. It lets you transfer any apps, messages, photos, videos, and music in a secure way, just the way you want it. You can specifically choose what files, apps, photos you wish to transfer. 

It’s very straightforward too. Connect your iPhones, choose the desired files you wish to keep. Wait till the info is copied to your device and done! That’s all it takes to set up your brand-new iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. 

How to Use Quick Start for transferring your data from old iPhone to the new one

transfer data from iPhone to iPhone

As we mentioned before, Quick Start is a brand new feature in iOS 13. Thanks to this new improvement, you can transfer data to your new phone without even using a computer. Follow the instructions below to transfer data from your old device to the new one. 

Step 1. Turn on your new device. Place both gadgets close to each other

You will see the Quick Start screen appear on your current device. It will ask you to use your Apple ID for setting up your new device. 

Step 2. Select your Apple ID and tap ‘Continue’ 

Psst. If you don’t see the option to continue on your device, then make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your device. 

The Apple Quick Start wizard will guide you through the entire thing. You will need to wait until you will see animation appear on your new device. It’s an animated blue circle, that you will see on your device. 

Step 3. Place your older device over the new iPhone

You will see the "Data & Privacy’ agreement appear. Tap ‘Continue".

Step 4. Keep both iPhones nearby. Wait till the data will be transferred 

If you have any iCloud or iTunes backups of Apps & Data, Apple will offer you to restore them. 

Step 5. You will see ‘Terms and Conditions’. Tap ‘Agree’ 

Later, set up Location services, decide if you want to share iPod analytics with Apple - the wizard will guide you through everything. 

The transferring speed is pretty fast. When the iPhone is set up you will see a “Welcome’ message. The new iPhone will keep your Apple ID, photos, notes. However, your music collection, Messages, and more won’t be transferred. 

After the ‘Welcome’ message iPhone will still load some of your data onto the new device. Make sure to give it some time. You will see that photos, videos, and other data will keep uploading. Therefore, keep both devices nearby until you are convinced that all the data have been transferred. 

Quick Start is amazingly convenient if you don’t want to use a computer. However, it has some cons on its own. 

Quick Transfer Downsides

  • Quick Transfer works especially great on newer devices. Therefore, if you have an older model, it might not work as advertized.

  • With Quick Transfer, you can’t copy your download music & movies

  • It doesn’t let you choose what files, photos, contacts to transfer. 

Bottom Line

Setting up your new iPhone doesn’t have to be difficult! It’s pretty easy to transfer your data with a new supreme software iMazing or Quick Transfer that Apple recently introduced.

You can quickly copy all your files and data from an old iPhone to your new device without any complicated steps and hassle. While iMazing gives you more freedom and is very straightforward, there’s no need to use a computer if you use QuickTransfer. 

In the end, go ahead and try these two different methods. Which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comments. 


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