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Copy, Click, Download: SYC PRO Lets Users Download Online Videos to Their Mac, iPhone, or iPod

Softorino has released the 3rd iteration of its best-selling YouTube downloader for macOS: SYC PRO, the industry's safest web video downloader. SYC PRO introduces new pro features, metadata editing, macOS native design & direct-to-Android download support. With the same magical experience that lets you download YouTube videos as MP3 or MP4 to your Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod & Apple Music/

What's SYC PRO?

SYC PRO makes it super easy to download YouTube videos as MP4 or MP3 to your Mac, iPhone , iPad or Apple Music/TV library.

The new SYC PRO is a best-in-class online video downloader with “no clutter” design. Download YouTube as MP3 or MP4 directly to iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac or even your Android device with 6x faster download speed. Edit metadata & build a beautiful music library. Download playlists, or videos with subtitles & more.

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What's New in SYC PRO?

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Built-in Metadata Editor

Online videos usually lack the proper cover art and descriptions. With SYC PRO, you can edit metadata details, set custom artwork or have SYC download it for you to make it look beautiful in your Apple Music or TV library.

Download Directly into Apple Music/

Siri on HomePod is great—but there are times when Siri cannot access or play music that's only available on YouTube or SoundCloud. Using SYC PRO, you can download audio as MP3 or AAC direclty into Apple Music. With iCloud enabled, your music will be backed up & ready to play from HomePod.

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Android Support

Apart from direct-to-iOS transfer, with SYC PRO, you can now have a custom Favorite folder destination for specific downloads. This means you can download youtube directly to your Android device by selecting the SD card location!

SYC PRO Features

SYCPRO for Mac Feature 01

Download YouTube as MP3 or AAC

There are billions of videos on YouTube with music that's not available anywhere else. Effortleslly download YouTube audio only as MP3 or AAC files.

SYCPRO for Mac Feature 02

Automatic Wi-Fi Connectivity

"Look ma! No wires!" If enabled, SYC PRO will automatically detect your iOS device connected to the same Wi-Fi. Simply select the preferred iPhone or iPad and start the download.

SYCPRO for Mac Feature 03

SoundCloud Support

Enjoy & play offline any track from 265 million music songs available on SoundCloud. Seamlessly download SoundCloud music to your Mac, iPhone or iPad.

SYCPRO for Mac Feature 04

Edit metadata for audio & video downloads

Edit metadata & set custom artwork before downloading it to your device.

SYCPRO for Mac Feature 05

600% Faster Download Speed

Completely rebuilt with a 600% download speed increase (compared to SYC 2).

SYCPRO for Mac Feature 06

Set Favorite Folder as Destination

Set a specific folder for Music or select Android SD card to download directly to your phone.

SYCPRO for Mac Feature 07

Redefined Design & Experience

Delivers a "fresh" new look that feels that looks like it's natively built into macOS.

SYCPRO for Mac Feature 08

Convert Online Video to MP4

Built to be the most safe & user-friendly YT to MP4 video downloader on the planet.

SYCPRO for Mac Feature 09

YouTube Shorts Support

SYC PRO now supports YouTube Shorts video downloads. Simply copy the link & let the app do the rest.

SYCPRO for Mac Feature 10

4K 60FPS Support

Download videos in 4K quality (2160p) for the crispiest picture on your retina displays! SYC PRO also features full support for 60fps videos.

SYCPRO for Mac Feature 11

Direct-to-iOS transfers

SYC PRO is still World's first & only app that can download YouTube directly to your iOS devices in a single click. No "Finder" hassle involved.

SYCPRO for Mac Feature 12

Improved Subtitles Support

SYC PRO automatically grabs the subtitles from any video. All you need to do is to enable subtitle support in the Preferences.

SYCPRO for Mac Feature 13

Vimeo Support

Vimeo Video downloader is built into SYC PRO, allowing you to convert any content hosted on Vimeo to your Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android device.

SYCPRO for Mac Feature 14

Full Playlist Support

SYC PRO comes with full playlist support. For example, if a playlist has up to 100 videos, they all can be downloaded in a single click!

SYCPRO for Mac Feature 15

Universal Connection Bridge

Apart from downloading to your Mac, SYC PRO also supports all the iOS devices and even old iPods.

How Does It Work?

Using SYC PRO is extremely simple (despite the PRO name). Here's how:

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SYC has long been the app of choice for users wanting to download YouTube audio and videos to their iPhone, iPad, or iPod. The difference between SYC 2 and SYC PRO is dramatic. At its core, SYC PRO still has SYC’s simple "just copy dat' link" experience that lets you quickly form a list of content & download it as MP3 or MP4 straight to Mac, iPhone or iPad. In addition, SYC PRO brings new pro features, a metadata editor, a beautiful design & Android SD card support.

In a short breakdown:

★︎ You can now manually edit cover art and metadata before downloading.
★︎ You can now download YouTube direclty into Android devices (use "Favorites" folder destination).
★︎ You can download YouTube or SoundCloud directly into the Apple Music cloud for HomePod playability (or all iCloud connected Apple devices).
★︎ Improved Subtitle download support (even auto-generated ones).
★︎ And best of all — it has 600% faster download speed than its predecessor.

SYCPRO for Mac Image 5 SYC 2
SYCPRO for Mac Image 5 SYC PRO
SYCPRO for Mac Image 5

New Design

SYCPRO for Mac Image 5

Edit metadata

SYCPRO for Mac Image 5

Faster Download Speed

SYCPRO for Mac Image 5

Set Favorite Folder as Destination

SYCPRO for Mac Image 5

YouTube Shorts Support

SYCPRO for Mac Image 5

Download YouTube as MP3 or AAC


SYCPRO for Mac Image 5

Direct-to-iOS transfers


SYCPRO for Mac Image 5

YouTube Playlists support


SYCPRO for Mac Image 5

Download Subtitles with Videos


SYCPRO for Mac Image 5

4K UHD 60FPS Support


SYCPRO for Mac Image 5

SoundCloud Support


SYCPRO for Mac Image 5

Vimeo Support


SYCPRO for Mac Image 5

Facebook Support

Coming soon

SYCPRO for Mac Image 5

Convert Online Video to MP4


We support all iPhones, iPads and legacy iPods!

Starting from 2001 Apple released 28 devices. Each of them is unique. It took us 3 years to figure out how each device works. Our hand-crafted UCB technology (a.k.a. Universal Connection Bridge) makes all iPods, iPads and iPhones compatible with SYC PRO. Starting from original iPod to the latest iPhone 13 Pro – SYC PRO supports all Apple devices ever created

SYCPRO for Mac Device 1

iPod Shuffle 1-4 gen

SYCPRO for Mac Device 2

iPod Classic 1-6 gen

SYCPRO for Mac Device 3

iPod Touch (iOS 5+)

SYCPRO for Mac Device 4

iPod Mini 1-2 gen

SYCPRO for Mac Device 5

iPod Nano 1-7 gen

SYCPRO for Mac Device 6

iPhone (iOS 5+)

SYCPRO for Mac Device 7

iPad (iOS 5+)

Additional Details

macOS 10.15 or above.

SYC PRO can be downloaded from the official website at A free trial is available providing 24 hours of use with zero feature restrictions.

SYC PRO is available as a yearly subscription for USD 39.96, as part of Universal License subscription. When buying SYC PRO, you also unlock 15 premium apps built by Softorino at no extra cost. We think the newly added subscription options are beneficial for all sides. This gives users more freedom and flexibility around pricing; and for us, the developers, it's a way to regularly provide new features and products you will love.

We're offering a special 60% launch discount, which runs through September 30th.


SYC PRO Screenshots


Download a collection of short “animated” screenshots to showcase SYC PRO.

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