Softorino is nothing without the team behind it.

Our Story

Our mission is to make sure the entire world gets a chance to use their devices without a fuss that they don't deserve.

And with this mission in mind – Softorino was birthed in 2014, when a group of four young + crazy individuals from Softorino first launched WALTR and disrupted the tech industry. We sacrificed what most people consider as some of the best years of their life. We've put in passion and energy into creating something magical with a totally new approach.

As a result, we had the entire World's leading tech media impressed by the magic and simplicity of our WALTR. It was a solution previously not found anywhere else.

We then started getting our first users who immediately supported us and followed us as if it's some cult. If you knew about WALTR, then that's the only option you'd recommend when someone finds it difficult adding music or video to their phone.

So what has changed?


We never lost focus on what made us standout. In everything we did, we made it different and we made it simple.

That's what our core, loyal customers love us for. We must deliver this in anything else we create. And we do.

We dedicate our products to those who value time & hate frustration. We dedicate our apps to You.

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Our Team

Josh Brown

Josh Brown

Chief Marketing Officer
Alex R

Oleksandr Romanyshyn

Chief Technology Officer

Bogdan Bebeshko

Software Engineer
Dima M

Dmytro Makukha

Software Engineer
Alex K

Oleksandr Kuznetsov

Software Engineer
Julia Nash

Julia Nash

Marketing Specialist

Ivanna Vozniuk

Graphic Designer

Life Behind The Scenes

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Softorino Facts

Fact 1

Our WALTR app name was inspired by Walter White from the critically-acclaimed TV series Breaking Bad.

Softorino apps are not on the Mac App Store because they are too useful in terms of sidestepping frustrating limitations imposed by iTunes.

Fact 2
Fact 3

Every Tuesday we order pizza from Dominos.

People love our products because they are simple. There's no fuss.

Fact 4

Get in touch

For business inquiries: 1-805-253-2610

E-mail address: josh@softorino.com

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