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Josh Brown Jun 15, 2023

How to Download YouTube Videos in MP3 Format

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Josh Brown Jun 15, 2023

Looking for the YouTube Video MP3 Downloader that can give you your money's worth? Read on and find out!

Back then, MP3 was the magic word to let everyone know that music was going digital. As music came to embrace the CD era, it was getting known that the MP3 format would become a file that can be transferred from device to device without having to do much work.

Now, MP3 can be the way to let you experience videos like never before especially when they're from YouTube. These days, YouTube videos are all around us and it's unusual to think of them as the potential for MP3.

You might think, 'But aren’t YouTube vids supposed to be visual?' In reality, they aren't just limited to the visuals you see everyday. A closer look shows YouTube hosts a lot of music that you can't even get in popular streaming services such as Spotify. There are even those lyric videos that only host a song without showing much.

Fancy a song that just hasn't been licensed in your country yet? Admire a song that isn't going to be part of the streaming services soon? YouTube videos can help you get it.

But now it makes you wonder: Is there a way on how to download YouTube videos as MP3? Yes there is – use the Softorino YouTube Converter!

Download Videos From YouTube to MP3 in 4 Easy Steps!

When it comes to downloading YouTube videos to MP3, there's nothing quite like the Softorino YouTube Converter or the SYC. Made for computers that run Windows and Mac operating systems, this video downloader will show the competitors out there what it means to make a video into MP3 without losing the quality.

If you're skeptical on just how this program works, you can take a look at the promo video down below so you'll have a better grasp on just what the SYC can bring to you. Also, read on further and follow the 4 easy steps that'll get you the YouTube videos you want and turn them into MP3 for your enjoyment!

Pro Tip

The SYC is the #1 tool to go for when downloading videos to your Apple Devices as well as computers that run Windows and Mac. So if the MP3 itch isn't enough, SYC will gladly satisfy your video cravings with this program that is sure to delight all users everywhere.

Step 1: Download the SYC & install it

YT Downloader MP3

To get started with your MP3 download journey, download the installer. Depending on what computer you're getting this on, you can either open the file right away (Windows) or drag and drop it to your Applications folder before installing it (Mac).

Softorino YouTube Converter Logo Softorino YouTube Converter 2
Requirements: macOS 10.10 and higher
Latest Version: 2.1.14, 24 January 2020
Requirements: Windows 8 and higher
Latest Version: 2.2.37, 26 February 2020
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From there, follow the steps to install it successfully. Then, open the app and you'll enter your details and email address to activate the free trial, so you'll try out the SYC for free for a limited time. If you’re this eager to get it, you can pay $19.95 after the trial's done.

Step 2: Launch the app & plug in your device

Simply put, the Softorino YouTube Convert 2 is the best downloader to get for your desktop. Now, before you get very ecstatic, you’ll need to do a few things first before you can enjoy the wonders of MP3 videos.

First, make sure to launch the app so that it's open. Once that's done, you can plug in your device. You can either do it wired using a USB cable or do it wirelessly via a Wi-Fi connection. If you're keen on the latter, you can head to Preferences > Wi-Fi and turn on wireless connectivity for any device you are using.

Step 3: Copy the URL/links of the videos

YouTube Downloader MP3

With everything set-up, you can get it on with the videos. When searching for videos you'd like to download as MP3 files, you can search using the built-in browser with the app for easier reference. But if you like, you can also open a separate web browser and search for the video right there.

What makes this even cool is that when you copy the link of the video you like, SYC will detect this and instantly paste the link for you. Awesome right?

Oh and another cool thing to remember is that this downloader can let you add multiple videos to the queue at once. Yes, that’s right. So why stick with just one video when you can have an MP3 party waiting for you?

Once you’ve got your chosen video, click the "Add To Queue" button. From there, click "Music" > pick "MP3" > select your desired device (for this example, we'll pick iPhone) > click the "Convert & Transfer iPhone" button and done! You’ve now downloaded a YouTube video to MP3.

Step 4: Play the MP3 files

YT Downloader MP3

So where will the YouTube videos you've downloaded to MP3 land after doing the 3 steps? Your device's Music app of course! You can open it right away and see that it’s arranged just like any MP3 file.

But if iPhone's not the place, you can also check it out on your iPad's app and even iTunes depending on the options you chose.

See why this is the best downloader to get for your all your MP3 file playing needs? SYC is the way to go!

Download YouTube Videos To MP3 In The Best Way Possible

In the end, you'll find the Softorino YouTube Converter is the best way possible for getting YouTube videos downloaded to the best high-quality MP3 files you can ever listen to.

What’s not to love about an app that can also get sources from other video sites and let you transfer and convert your MP3 files to a variety of supported devices that will let you enjoy your songs both on-the-go and at home? SYC is the way to go!

If you thought YouTube video songs were meant to be stuck in their websites, the Softorino YouTube Converter will prove to you there are no limits at all. Why settle for less when you can have the downloader that won’t require you to use iTunes or other third-party apps at all? With SYC, you just click a few things and BAM! The songs you’ve downloaded and converted are ready and playable in your device's applications. You don't even break a sweat.

So give yourself a few minutes of precious time, follow the steps, and build the music library that you deserve with the Softorino YouTube Converter!

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Softorino YouTube Converter 2

Softorino YouTube Converter

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System Requirements:

macOS 10.10 and higher

Windows 8 and higher

Latest Version:

2.1.14, 24 January 2020

2.2.36, 31 January 2020


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