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Josh Brown Oct 14, 2021

6 Best Video Converters for Windows 10 in 2021 – In-Depth Comparison

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Josh Brown Oct 14, 2021

Best Video Converter for Windows should be simple, powerful and advanced. Following the strictest requirements, we came up with the list of 6 hand-picked video converters.

I bet you have faced the situation when, for example, your favorite iPhone or iPad doesn’t play the movie you want to watch. The reason is, that the video format is not supported by the standard Apple’s program.

That’s why we need video converters. These programs can transcode your videos from one format to another, so you could watch them on your beloved device.

Still, not every converter performs equally well. So which one is better to convert videos?

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Below you can find the list of the 6 best video conversion apps for Windows. We think they’re the most robust and the easiest ones out of the massive bulk of similar applications on the web.

This rating will help you choose the best video conversion apps that suits your needs the most.

Number 6. Miro Video Converter

miro video converter

This is a simple and easy drag & drop video conversion program. It supports a certain number of video formats. The performance of the transcoding process is above average, and the program interface is of a good comfort.

Still, the quantity of formats which can be transcoded is not too numerous, and this is not compensated by any converting options and settings at all.

That is why Miro Video Converter is on the 6th place of our Top 6 best video converters for Windows. If you need just a simple converting tool – this app will be OK.

But there are better ones.

Number 5. Xilisoft Video Converter

xilisoft video converter for Windows

The app on the 5th position of our Top 6 free video converters for Windows supports 160 file formats. It is more than enough for a regular user.

The video resolution can be even of the 4K format.

Moreover, there is an integrated player, aimed to help you check if the quality is good enough. Why 5th place? There is a limit on the video duration when you use the free version of Xilisoft Video Converter.

Number 4. Total Video Converter

total video converter for PC

This app is characterized by a whole range of useful functions. The program supports all the common file formats, including ones for PS, Xbox and our favorite iPhone, too. Cool stuff, huh? Still, the application reached only the 4th position of this rating.

The reason is, that it puts a watermark on the video files, which it has just converted. That’s certainly not good for users’ viewing experience.

Number 3. Any Video Converter

any video converter for your Windows machine

Video converters’ menus don’t always look complicated and scary. This video converter software demonstrates it perfectly. All you need to do is to bring the file into the program’s window and set a few options up. This converter supports all the common formats and gives an opportunity to burn the file to a CD after converting is over.

So, Any Video Converter is a tough guy that reached the top-3 position, thanks to a good balance between functionality and simplicity.

Number 2. Handbrake

handbrake is free and simple converter to use on PC

It’s a famous video converter, which supports a vast number of video formats and can transcode any of them. It has numerous options, that need to be set up. And this can be counted as an advantage and as a drawback at the same time.

The variety of options brought Handbrake to the 2nd rate of our top. Why not number one? Because it requires a lot of clicks where they are not necessary at all.

The interface could be a bit more comfortable. Solid 2nd place.

Number 1. WALTR Direct Video And Music Converter

WALTR – the best video converter for iPad and iPhone

This is the winner – the best video converter for Windows and Mac. This app provides you with both functionality and comfort while requiring 0 actions and efforts from you.

All you need to do is to open the program, connect it with your iOS device, and drop your desired media in WALTR’s window.

Requirements: macOS 10.9 and higher
Latest Version: 2.6.25, 13 December 2019
Requirements: Windows 8 and higher
Latest Version: 2.7.19, 14 November 2019
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The app will automatically convert your video to the proper format without any quality loss. Furthermore, it will copy it into your Apple device’s memory simultaneously.

This all takes literally seconds. The variety of supported formats is big – WALTR doesn’t really care what type of the file you’d like to transcode.

You can watch the video on your gadget’s screen just after the transcoding process.

This program offers convenience, it is simple in use, easy to understand and time-efficient. That’s why WALTR is at the top of this list of 6 free video converter for Windows rating.

This software totally deserved 1st place! The best video converter for Windows and Mac, simply because it’s legit and received a ton of reviews from the world’s most respected media.


You’ve seen our top 6 best video converters for Windows, that are created to transcode the video files for you. Which one is the best? Well, you’ve seen our opinion, yours might differ. Every program can find its user, and the user can choose the app which fits him.

The top 6 video converter list above is here to help you make the right decision.


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