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Files by WALTR Free

Effortless Files Manager for iPhone

Store, manage any file type as if it’s a USB drive & easily send files to your contacts via messages with the built-in iMessage app.


Hub for Every Thing.

Files by WALTR is probably the simplest file manager you can find for your iPhone and iPad. It's a hub for all of your files, even the weird, unsupported ones. Transfer virtually any file into your iPhone and easily access it when you need to share it. iMessage quick-access integration lets you send any file type to your contacts— as attachments.

You will fall in love with Files by WALTR thanks to the freedom that it brings to your files. And for WALTR PRO users, this is a game-changer companion app that lets you do more, like transfer Photos from computer to iPhone.

Transfer any file into your iPhone

Send any file to your contacts in iMessage

More Than a File Manager

Simple but stunningly pretty design in Files by WALTR makes file management on iOS a joy. But it’s more than that. Here’s a quick overview of what Files by WALTR is capable of:

Import files from your computer or any nearby devices

Manage your files

Save files to apps that fit them more

Preview & listen to music (online or offline)

Effortlessly move images transferred from your computer to Photos

Share files with friends

Transfer Any File Type from Mac & PC

Files by WALTR enables your iPhone to be used as an effective files storage device. It will handle any type of file that you import.

Even though Files by WALTR can be used as a standalone file manager — we recommend our desktop companion app WALTR PRO to quickly drag & drop files from your computer to iPhone.

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“Automagically” Categorized by File Type

For those who see technology as a path to getting something done, trying to locate files is a “chore”. Distinguishing between file types is a breeze thanks to coloured categories in Files by WALTR.

And thanks to this simple design, this is the “go-to” app to search for, manage and send files to other devices.

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Send Any File Quickly and Easily from iMessage

Files by WALTR add-on messages app lets you send files as iMessage attachments. You can send any file type directly through iMessage.

It's handy when you just need to quickly send a file, like a PDF, Pages document, word docs, or even app specific files.

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All you need in one simple app


Files by WALTR