Updated: 30 April 2017

How to Sync Videos to iPad without Converting AVI to MP4 (new)

Sync videos to iPad without Converting AVI to MP4 is possible with a few quick steps. This post will explain how to convert AVI for iPad to watch them on the move. Without iTunes.

Josh Brown


You’re probably asking yourself “How do I import my high-res AVI videos into the iPad using a Mac or PC but without having to install and use external converting apps or iTunes itself?”

Before we continue, let’s make sure you’re aware – it's possible to convert AVI for iPad on both MacOS & Windows computers. 

If you’re on a Windows machine…this is even more perfect for you. This is a shockingly easy way, especially if you’re using tired of the overloaded and unsatisfiying iTunes on Windows. You can now put music/movies/ringtones onto your device without having to use iTunes sync.

Without further ado – here's how it works in this short video:

Apple made iTunes and iPad’s video app only include support of a single video format – MP4 – so honestly, uploading movies into the iPad is a pain in the butt! Seriously. You can of course get movies and television shows from iTunes and sync to your device, but for majority of the planet – it’s impossible.

We are ought to look for a replacement source to get the movies. Then convert these files that are in AVI or MKV format – into .MP4 (that Apple can read). This usually takes a very long time that could be a disaster. Sometimes it can even slow you computer so much that you will start pulling your hair. In the end, you won’t even get the best results because the file will be in lower quality compared to the original AVI.

How to Convert AVI for iPad in 3 Steps:

What if there were a method to almost instantly convert these movies, without any reduction in quality and put it right into the iPad? With just one click. No external apps. No converters. No need to install any additional 3rd-party iOS apps? Yep. Now this is possible. With WALTR 2. 

Step 1. Download WALTR & Install it on your Mac or PC.

No worries – the download is FREE. 

Download WALTR 2 for FREE
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You will simply have to launch the .dmg file and drag the app into your ‘Applications’ folder. If you're on a Windows PC, simply download the .exe file and proceed though the installation process.

Launch WALTR 2

Step 2.  Launch WALTR 2 and plug your iPad via USB.

You will be prompt about connecting your device to your Mac or PC. After your device is detected, simply locate your desired AVI movie. 

I'll use an iPod touch in this instance, but it works for iPads, iPhones and even any iPod ever released.

Connect your iPad to your computer

Before the magic beings, here’s the essential feature list that WALTR holds:

  • Sync ANY video file to iPad without converting AVI to MP4. 
  • Transferred media is immediately available directly in iPad’s native Video player.
  • Support of any format such as: MKV, FLAC, MP3, M4R, DivX, APE & More!
  • No need to launch iTunes or worry about syncing, convert AVI to iPad without it
  • Doesn’t require any additional apps to be installed
  • WiFi Support

Step 3. Drag AVI video into WALTR & sit back.

The app doesn’t require any ‘advanced’ knowledge. All you do is drag and drop the desired AVI (or any other format) into WALTR’s drop-zone and the transferring process will begin. 

WALTR 2 converts AVI video to iPad, Star Wars

…That’s it! 

Congratulations. Now you know how to put AVI video files into your iPad without having to worry about knowing the correct codec or formatting information. WALTR does the dirty work for you! It automatically syncs the file into the native Video iPad app for smooth & natural playback. Providing you with the best video quality that iDevices can play. 

iPod touch Star Wars

In conclusion:

Don’t let the process of converting AVI to MP4 scare you. The AVI video format or a number of other formats are no more than wrappers for the specific video content. Think of these as a book cover with a table of contents to assist you in getting the desired experience. The ‘book covers’ could differ, but the content of pages doesn’t change. What WALTR 2 does, simply, makes sure that the new table-of-contents points to the proper pages on your iPad. The content it self – stays untouched.

You will definitely find tons of apps inside the iOS App Store, which are able to play videos of various formats that Apple itself doesn’t support. There are some that don’t even require you to first convert the video into a format that your iPad would be able to play natively after syncing via iTunes (MP4). But, this is simply too much hassle, don’t you think? WALTR is the only Mac OS X app (now available for Windows) to upload ANY format into iPad’s native video player without converting or syncing. It supports almost any format ever created including MKV, AVI, DIVX & tons of others.

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