YouTube to M4A Converter for iPhone playback (SImple Way)

YouTube to M4A converter by Softorino will gladly give you a helping hand and let you listen to YouTube music in MP3 & M4A format. The three-step guide is right below. 

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To set the ball rolling: M4A (AAC) is the main file format played by iTunes & your default Music app on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

Being Apple's default format in iTunes and iOS it has the following features:

1. Support of a bigger variety of signals. This results in a better sound quality.

2. Lossy compression. That's why It takes up just HALF the size of the original audio.

Since there are many people who prefer to listen their music in M4A format, we came up with a brief guide on how to download M4A audio files from YouTube and put them directly to your iPhone.

The video below gives a pretty good idea of the YouTube music converter and its features:

Sure, once you look for the tool to download music from YouTube in the search engines, you will find the billions of results. Majority of them are online services. But If you really care about the quality of your music, you should not use ‘em.

The tool from the video – Softorino YouTube Converter – is the only utensil that's able to get songs to your iPhone at once. Without any quality loss.

(This saves your time and nerves)

By the way, in this article we will concentrate on music download, to learn how to save videos – read our post on How to Watch YouTube Offline on iPhone or iPad..

Originally – this YouTube Music Converter was a Mac application only, but now it's also available for Windows.

If you're on PC, you are very welcome to give it a try this very minute and send us your feedback. 

How to use YouTube to M4A Converter by Softorino:

There are only three steps for you to do to download YouTube M4A files to your iPhone.

For this tutorial, we'll be using Mac OS X and iPhone 6.

Step.1. Download Softorino YouTube Converter.

You can do this simply by clicking 'Download for free' button on our website.

If you’re on Mac, then drag the ‘dmg’ file to the Application folder. After this you can launch the YouTube music converter.

If you’re on PC, open the ‘exe’ file and install it by going through the setup wizard.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to your Mac via USB cord.

Our YouTube to M4A converter will recognize your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch immediately.

Step 3. Go on YouTube and copy the link of your desired video.

Once you copied it – it is going to be included in the downloading list automatically. Choose ‘Audio only’ mode as shown in the screenshot below.

Then hit ‘Convert and transfer to iPhone’.

You'll see a progress bar show up if everything is launched correctly.

Once the file is downloaded – you'll hear a cool sound – ‘Ziiiiing'

Ziiiiiing. (kinda like a microwave)

Here you go, the M4A audio file has been successfully downloaded to your iPhone. You can now listen to that M4A audio file converted from YouTube straight from your iPhone's default (see screenshot below).

If there’s a need to convert M4a to Mp3 Softorino music converter can also help with this.

If you wish to download videos from YouTube as MP3 files – go into Preferences > Audio and tick ‘MP3’ there. 

Why Softorino YouTube Converter?

Beside being the sole application to download & push YouTube Videos and Music to your default media players on the iPhone, our YouTube to M4A Converter has many features worth of your attention:

Feature #1: It can download and convert an unlimited amount of YouTube songs/videos directly to your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

Oh and it's not just a single video at a time – Softorino YouTube Converter can handle whole playlists. No iTunes or any other additional software is required.

***Bonus: Learn how you can download YouTube 60fps Videos Quick & Easy. 

Feature #2: It can push colossal amount of songs/videos to your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch enormously fast.

(You can actually download more than 100 files at once very quickly. It's ideal before you leave the house for a plane/subway/train trip).

Feature #3: It supports downloading videos & music to your iPhone from all the major video-sharing websites.

This includes Facebook, Instagram, DailyMotion, Vimeo etc.

Be Sure to Find Out: How to Download Video from Facebook to iPhone in 2 clicks.

If you want to get the file to your desktop – you may skip the Step two and in Preferences choose the exact folder where you’d like to download the file. Then select ‘Save to Computer’ in app’s window.

The principle always stays the same – all you do is copy the link and then this YouTube music converter will do the rest.

M4A vs MP3

MP3 is supported by almost all the players & apps & converters. Since 1990, MP3 was considered to be the standard format for music files.

But there are no standards, when it comes to Apple Inc, right? So, since some time ago it started to popularize AAC (M4A).

FYI, AAC – Advanced Audio Coding.

Right now, it's a major file format used in iTunes.

Because it is able to transmit bigger variety of signals – the quality improves greatly. If you compare MP3 and M4A files with the same bitrate – the difference is quite noticeable.

M4A files take usually half the size of the original audio. That’s 50 % less space that it will take on your device.

If you have limited space on your iPod – that’s quite convenient, isn’t it?

The probem is: M4A is not that spread as MP3. Still many players & apps don’t support it. But, If you own iPhone/iPad/iPod touch M4a appears to be better.

To sum up:

Whatever file you choose – MP3 or M4A – you can easily download it from YouTube with Softorino YouTube Converter .

(but if you save it to your iPhone, M4A seems to more appropriate)

Either way, our YouTube to M4A converter is always there for you. Whatever format & website you choose – you can count on Softorino YouTube Converter.

Because it supports all the common video sharing website (like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, DailyMotion, Vimeo), you can get any video/music you like simply by copying its link. 

And you can get it in any quality you like, starting from 360p and ending it with 4K and 60fps videos.

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