How to Download YouTube Videos to iPhone in 3 steps (No Jailbreak Required!)

How to download YouTube videos to iPhone is a quite a popular question among Internet users. Still, it remains open. In this article we'll try to make it clear and provide step-by-step tutorial. You'll need just one YouTube Downloader for iPhone. 

Josh Brown

According to statistics, YouTube is one of the most visited websites in the world. All the latest news, music videos, TV episodes, podcasts are available there. This turns it into really valuable source for every Internet user. Unfortunately, you can only watch them online. Wouldn't it be great if you could access YouTube content anywhere you want from your portable device? Seems a bit unreal, but in fact there is a really easy way to download a video from YouTube on iPhone.

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Undoubtedly, if you look on the Internet for different ways to get videos to your Mac/PC, you will find quite a big number of options. But really…when you open those websites that look so sluggish and sleazy, you are getting a bit worried for the safety of your own computer.

What is more, it doesn't matter how hard & long you search for the way to download YouTube videos directly to iPhone iOS 9, you will be left out in the darkness – because there is nothing. Yes, nothing, until we at Softorino came up with the newest and the fastest solution to do this.

You can learn more details on how to download video from YouTube on iPhone in the short video below:

In fact, you just need a small desktop app with absolutely incredible features called – Softorino YouTube Converter. The name says for itself – this app lets you convert YouTube to iPhone. Moreover, this is a perfect YouTube downloader for iPhone, as it is able to transfer all the saved video/music to your iOS device straightforwardly. (no iTunes needed)

But of course, it also will get you any video to PC or Mac – just as easy. Here in this article we mainly concentrate your attention on iPhone video download, so to learn how it's done on a Mac, go here: YouTube Video Ripper to Save Videos to Mac & PC. 

In any case, below you can see the guide that will show you how to download YouTube videos to iPhone.

So, to download YouTube Videos to iPhone iOS 9, you just need to follow these 3 simple steps:

Step One. Download Softorino Video Converter to your Mac/PC & install it.

You can download it from our website. And as we stated above, the app is completely free to try for 14 days.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer via USB.

Simply plug-in your device with the help of a cable.

Step 3. Go to YouTube & copy the link of the desired video.

In this case we'll download one of the Carppool Karaoke episodes :)

Once you copied it – take my sincere congratulations! That's almost all. You just need to choose the quality and specify where you want to save the video (computer or iOS device)
Here we'll be using iPod touch, but it is just the same with iPhone. 

The next task is simply to click 'Convert and Transfer' button.

Then just go into Home Videos folder. The video is there. 

So, now you see why we think that using Softorino YouTube Converter is the easiest way to download YouTube videos to iPhone iOS 9. The easiest, the fastest, and the most pleasant one :)

This is the most seamless way to get YouTube to iPhone so far. (Prove us wrong if it's not true).

UPDATE: Softorino YouTube Converter for Mac has been refreshed & improved lately. One of the newest features – subtitle support. The process of downloading YouTube videos with subtitles is same clear and comprehensible. More here: Watch Videos with Captions using YouTube Subtitle Downloader by Softorino. 

Apart from that, our app can boast of many features that make it stand out among all the others options:

  • I bet you are tired of the necessity to launch iTunes sync, everytime you want to transfer any media file to your computer. Sure, this makes the whole process twice as long. And twice as stressful. But you can forget about this completely, because with Softorino YouTube Converter there is no need for iTunes sync.
  • You can easily play back all the videos you downloaded – from your native Not from some third-party apps, but from your usual player. Convenient, isn't it? Btw, because of this fact your battery life improves.
  • Furthermore, if you wanted to convert YouTube video to MP3, you can easily do this with this app. With this feature you can listen to your favorite tracks anytime & anywhere you want. Here's an in-depth tutorial describing the feature: Use YouTube to MP3 Converter to Listen to YouTube Music.
  • Do you want to upload files to your Mac/PC? No problem. Softorino YouTube Converter can download files not only to iPhone/iPad but to your computer as well.
  • Who prefers to watch video in the best quality possible?) Well, pretty much everybody. Including us. That is why if you use our YouTube to iPhone downloader, you don't need to worry about quality loss. Moreover, you can choose the quality rate you want.

Summing up:

I hope this article helped you understand how to download YouTube videos to iPhone.

It's obvious to me (I guess to you as well) that Softorino YouTube Converter is certainly the best way to download YouTube videos on iPhone. It is an extremely powerful and handy tool able to cope with many important tasks simultaneously.

We're sure, that the best things in the world are always the easiest ones. This is the golden rule that works everywhere, even when developing software. So, if you use our app you will see how flawlessly and simply it works. You copy and then you click on the button. Copy and click. What on earth can be easier than this?

***Be Sure to Check Out the Latest Tutorial: Download from YouTube in Mp4 & MP3 format in 2 Clicks.

Sure, there were other good solutions as iTube iPhone for instance, but lately majority of them stopped working and can't download videos on iPhone any longer.

So now, when you understand how the application works, we welcome you to try it. And we hope you will enjoy it and get only positive impressions afterwards.

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