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How To Save YouTube Videos To iPhone For Free

How to save YouTube videos to iPhone. Transfer any YouTube movie in minutes onto your iPhone without any hassle!

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With the appearance of YouTube, our way of video content consumption has drastically changed. The whole industry quickly switched from offline to online distribution. Pretty much everything is available on the internet now.

Any kind of Hollywood movie, amateur comedy or simply a cartoon. But what if you are offline or even taking a plane flight? Should you be cut-off from your favorite movies? Keep reading to learn how to save YouTube videos to iPhone!

Almost everyone during his or her lifetime has felt that awful feeling of not having “The Lion King” movie (or any other favorite movie) during some tough times. At the moment, when they needed it the most. It can be very frustrating and get lonely on a subway, an airplane or even in the jungle surrounded by miles of forests with no coverage.

Before we get any further, here’s how you can quickly resolve the matter:

Here is a quick 3-step instruction for you on how to save YouTube Videos to iPhone:

At Softorino, we believe that you should always have your movies with you. No matter whether you are in a wi-fi free zone or in some desert in the middle of nowhere. In the 21st century, it is not a luxury but a necessity. You deserve it. Your freedom should not depend on the cellular connection. Period.

Step 1. Download and install Softorino YouTube Converter for free.

Download YouTube Converter for FREE
Opens in a new tab

Our solution is extremely simple. It does not require any special skills and can be done in no time. It works for both, Windows and Mac. – We got you covered! Moreover, the setup is really easy.

Step 2. Find any full movie you would like to download from YouTube. Copy its URL.

Firstly, Open Softorino YouTube Converter 2 and simply copy the link. In fact, Softorino YouTube Converter will recognize a movie you copied in no time:

SYC 2 helps to save YouTube videos to iPhone, iPad or iPod

Copy a link to the video and SYC 2 will recognize it automatically. The video will appear in the upper window

Step 3. Hit the download button.

You can choose your computer or an iOS device (it should be already plugged in).

Choose the quality for a video and where you want to transfer it and click “Download & Transfer”

And it won’t take much time, even though in this case the file is a large one. As proof, we made research comparing the downloading speed of different converters out there: What is the Fastest YouTube Downloader of 2016?

That is it! Then simply check your iDevice’s Videos.app or the Downloads folder on your computer.

That’s it! Now you have a movie in the default Videos/TV app

Moreover, you can choose any quality you like for the movie. It can go up to 4K if the original YouTube video has it available.

Additionally, you may download audio-only. In fact, this is a great way to fall asleep with the eyes closed and memory saved (our lifehack). More here: How to Download Music from YouTube to Phone in MP3/M4A format.

Download Movies From YouTube

Now, we thought that you would like to know from where you can start during your YouTube movies adventure. There is no doubt that YouTube possesses many different movies, but here are the ones that we definitely recommend for watching:

  • “Gotti”
    This movie pictures John Gotti, the leader of a New York City mafia crew and his rise to riches. It is a good crime drama film, which will keep you curious about the whole movie.
  • “Kung Fu Hustle”
    Are you into Kung Fu or any other martial arts? Dive into the world of fights and action.  – You gotta watch it!
  • “I am the legend”
    Virus, zombies, and apocalypse. One man against an army of half-dead people in one of the biggest cities in the entire world. This drama movie is filled with action and thriller. What can beat this combination?
  • “Unstoppable”
    A fight for survival can open up some serious possibilities. The internal instincts start dominating and there is nothing that can stop a man from accomplishing his mission and get to the final destination point no matter what the circumstances are.

Why Softorino YouTube Converter 2?

The beautiful thing about our innovative app is its simplicity. There’s also no need for any other playback 3rd party iOS app or complex solutions. It just works! In fact, Softorino Youtube Converter 2 is the most convenient app for YouTube movies and videos straight iOS download.

Obviously, there is iTunes (file management tool) and other apps, which download videos from YouTube. The main issue is that most of them are subscriptions, not user-friendly, lack a good user interface and do not provide any pleasant experience overall.

Besides, you will have to use iTunes to transfer those downloaded files from other developers’ apps that add-up more unnecessary steps, which are simply omitted with Softorino YouTube Converter. There is just no solution better than this one. Finally, we believe that our customers deserve to have the best app available and we gladly provide it for them.

What Do You Get?

  • Time gain due to the high speed of the transfer;
  • Free high-quality movies by your hand;
  • Longer battery life of your iOS device;
  • Offline playback anywhere;

There Is Even More:
It does not end here. No way. YouTube is considered to be the biggest video-host in the world but it is not the only one. You can also download any movies from 50 popular websites! Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, SoundCloud are all included. This broadens your horizon of possibilities even further! With the amount of content available on all of these platforms, you will never ever get bored or find yourself without anything to watch.


Now you know how to save YouTube videos to iPhone. In fact, YouTube is not only a great place for amateur videos but also a Hollywood movies hub. It also offers a great variety of genres. It is incredible how many entire movies you can find on YouTube and get those onto your computer or an iPhone, iPad or even iPod. The entire blue ocean of content is waiting for you to grab it. Why not take advantage of it and enjoy full movies no matter where you are free of charge? Oh, and those cartoons, they can be always with you! – All you need is Softorino YouTube Converter 2 to save YouTube videos to iPhone. Try it out and check it for yourself!

Softorino tip:
Don’t forget about some coke and popcorn for the ultimate movies experience!

In conclusion – thanks for reading and do not forget to test Softorino Youtube Converter out! It is definitely worth it.






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