YTD Video Downloader vs Softorino YouTube Converter (in-depth comparison)

YTD Video Downloader – is one of the first solutions you stumble upon, when you`re looking for a way to download YT videos. But is it good enough? Here below we provide an in-depth comparison of Softorino YouTube Converter and YTD downloader. Which one is better and why?

Josh Brown

So, how does the ideal video downloader look like? Users expect to get the downloading tool with a simple and friendly interface. At the same time, the download process shouldn’t be time-consuming. The ideal app supports any operating system. To be perfect, the program has to work with portable devices easily, letting the user copy video onto any of them without additional actions and conversions.

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In this article we are going to compare two of the downloaders to help you decide which one is the best personally for you. Let’s start!

So, the first program is YTD Video Downloader. This app is:

  1. fast;
  2. functional;
  3. simple.

But before you download YTD downloader, make sure it does not contain built-in browser search bars.

YTD Video Downloader can offer you:

  • Easy Download of YouTube videos

To download a video from YouTube using this tool you only need to paste its URL address into the application’s window.

  • Quality setup

Before starting the download you can choose the quality for the video you want to save. After that – start the download.

  • Offline playback of YouTube videos

The file will be saved to your computer. When this is done - You can play it back whenever you want.

  • Permanent access to your materials.

You can copy a video to your tablet or smartphone to have it with you forever.

Sounds quite good, huh? You can download YTD downloader free directly from its website. However, the pro-version of the program costs 22$ a year.

Now, let’s take a look at the second tool – Softorino YouTube Converter.

In the video below you can check out how simple it is:

It helps you download YouTube videos in seconds. It allows you to:

  • Download YouTube videos

You can save as many files as you want at a time. Simply copy the links of the desired YouTube videos, choose the needed video quality and start the download. After the process is complete – the content is on your computer.

  • Save the videos DIRECTLY to iPod touch, iPad and iPhone WITHOUT iTunes

All the videos can be downloaded to the chosen Apple device without using iTunes. Softorino YouTube Converter will do everything on its own.

  • Convert YouTube videos into MP3

Any YouTube music video can be saved to your computer, iPod touch, iPhone or iPad as a music file. You only need to switch to "Audio Only" mode before starting the download. Here're clear guidelines describing the converting process: Download Music from YouTube like a Pro. 

  • Use the standard Apple software

Softorino YouTube Converter is designed to help you use your portable gadget with the best possible efficiency. When using third-party apps for playing video and music, your device doesn’t work perfectly. With this converter you can play the video and songs you saved to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, using the native video and audio players.

The lifetime license of Softorino YouTube Converter costs 19.90$. But you can try it out for free for 14 days.

Consider the short guide below to learn how to use the application.

Step #1.Before testing the application, download it here: YouTube Converter.

Save the installation file to your computer, then launch it and set the program up. The setup wizard will guide you through the process.

When the app is unpacked – move on to step two.

Step #2. Launch the application.

Meet Softorino YouTube Converter. It is ready to serve :)

If you want to save music and video directly to iPod touch, iPhone or iPad – connect your device to the computer.

YTD video downloader free download vs Softorino YouTube Converter

Done? Proceed to the next step.

Here we mainly focus on saving YT videos to iPhone, here's how it's done on a Mac: How to Download YouTube for Mac with Softorino YouTube Converter.

Step #3. Go on YouTube and copy the link of the video.

Copy video from YouTube, ytd download free vs Softorino YouTube Converter

Simply copy the URL of the desired file.

The next moment you'll see its icon in the app's window. The next task is to specify on what device you want to save it. It can be your Mac or your iOS device. You can also choose the quality of the video.

std converter vs Softorino YouTube Converter

The last task is to click on the "Convert and Transfer to iPhone" button.

YTD video downloader free vs Softorino YouTube Converter

You'll see the progress bar, that will keep you posted about the process. When it becomes full – the files are downloaded. Find them on your computer (or on the Apple device if you chose this option before). They are ready for the playback.

Home videos folder

Enjoy watching your favorite videos and listening to your beloved songs from YouTube offline. No ads, no additional players, no iTunes.


So, you’ve read about two YouTube downloaders. We've made this compariason of YTD Video Downloader and Softorino YouTube converter to help you decide which tool is better. It's your turn to choose which app suits you more.

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