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Josh Brown Jun 15, 2023

How To Download Full Playlist from YouTube

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Josh Brown Jun 15, 2023

Whether you want to download an entire YouTube playlist to store them on your device[s] or tweak them according to your preferences, none of it can be done without a YouTube playlist downloader.

Fortunately, there is a plethora of applications that enable YouTube lovers to download content from the platform for offline and off-platform usage. However, with so many options available in the market, how does one decide which one is the best for them?

Don't worry! We've cracked the code for you!

Keep reading to learn about some of the best YouTube playlist downloaders in the market. We've also listed our top choice, its pros and cons, and the features that make it the best YouTube playlist downloader, especially for Mac users.

The Easiest, Most Reliable Way to Download YouTube Playlists

Softorino YouTube Converter PRO [SYC PRO] is exclusively made for Mac users by Softorino. It's unlike any other YouTube downloader you have come across to date. From being a 3-in-1 desktop application to supporting various platforms and iOS-friendly formats, there's literally nothing this lightweight software can't do. 

Let's take a look at how this desktop application actually works:

Step 1. Download and install YouTube Converter PRO [SYC PRO]

Download The Youtube Playlist Downloader

Click here and then choose the Free Download option to download the installation file of SYC PRO. Once done, install the software on your Mac and launch it. You'll be asked to share an email address where you wish to receive your trial key. Enter this trial key into the relevant field on the SYC PRO window and your free 24-hour trial period will begin immediately.

Step 2. Find YouTube Playlists You Wish to Download

Copy The Youtube Playlist Url

Open any browser on your Mac and head to YouTube to look for the playlists that you want to download. Copy the playlist link and SYC PRO will automatically paste it into the download queue. This step can be repeated for as many playlists as you'd like because SYC PRO supports batch conversions and transfers.

Step 3. Select the Desired Settings and Hit the Transfer Button

Hit The Transfer Button

Below your download queue, you'll see two options to choose from for the conversion process. You can download YouTube videos in various resolutions spanning from 360p to 2160p or extract audio from YouTube videos and save them in MP3 or AAC format.

You can save the converted files in the Music Library or the Downloads folder on your Mac or choose a Favorites folder in SYC PRO. You can also send the converted files to an iOS device. To do this, first connect the iOS device to your Mac using its USB cable and turn the Wi-Fi connectivity option on. After this, you can conduct wireless transfers to the iOS device.

If you're an Android device user, you can create a custom Favorites folder in SYC PRO with its SD Card location as the output destination and transfer the converted files to the Android device's SD Card.

All the Pros and Cons to Know Before Using the Desktop Software


SYC PRO is a 3-in-1 application packed with smart features. The copy-pasting process is streamlined and its interface and design are easy-to-use and navigable. It's super-time-efficient. What’s more, all audio and video formats are iOS- and macOS-friendly. It also supports wireless transfers to iOS devices and the output quality is relatively better than most similar tools.

The 24-hour free trial period of SYC PRO has no limitations or restrictions. Whereas its license offers value for money and is really budget friendly.


It works on macOS only but you can use SYC for Windows.

Other YouTube Playlist Downloaders Worth Considering

  1. HitPaw Video Converter

HitPaw Video Downloader supports downloads from YouTube and various other platforms. The easy-to-use application also offers numerous output formats to choose from and has an inbuilt editing tool as well. 

✅ Includes customization options.

✅ Easy-to-use design.

❌ Free version has several limitations, including a watermark on the downloaded content.

It only works on Windows PCs.

  1. 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader enables users to download a plethora of content as well as subtitles for subtitled videos from various streaming platforms, which can also include 3D and 360-degree videos. 

✅ You can add a proxy and download private YouTube content.

✅ Allows users to download subtitles for subtitled videos.

❌ Can't test the premium features before investing in its license.

❌ The free version has several limitations.

  1. VideoHunter

VideoHunter comes with an inbuilt browser and supports various platforms and output formats. It also allows users to choose the quality of the output files. 

✅ It has an inbuilt browser.

✅ Can convert YouTube videos into numerous formats.

❌ A paid application that doesn't support major OTT platforms.

❌ Can't download or edit metadata with this application.

  1. Leawo Video Downloader

Leawo Video Downloader, like SYC PRO, is a licensed application that comes with a free trial version. The software supports numerous platforms and conversion formats and supports a relatively fast download speed. 

✅ It has a free trial version and smart download settings.

✅ You can use it to download live streams.

❌ There's no format conversion tool.

❌ Does not offer value for money in terms of usability and features.

❌ You can't use it to transfer the downloaded content.

❌ Doesn't include a browser plugin.

5. iTubeGo

iTubeGo, like many other YouTube playlist downloaders in the market, enables users to download content from various streaming platforms and convert them into multiple formats. 

✅ Downloads content from multiple websites and converts it into varying formats.

✅ Easy-to-use design and interface.

❌ Doesn't allow wireless transfers of the output files.

❌ The price of this software is not justified.

  1. WinX YouTube Downloader

You can use WinX YouTube Downloader to download content, including 4K videos, from a number of platforms, convert it into any of the available formats, and even select the desired output quality. 

✅ Offers various output qualities and formats.

✅ You can download content in bulk from numerous sites.

❌ Not user-friendly.

❌ Can't transfer output files to other destinations.

❌ The content can't be downloaded in MP3 format.

  1. VideoProc

You can use VideoProc to download content, including playlists, from YouTube and other platforms, convert it into another format, and even edit videos. 

✅ Downloads subtitled videos.

✅ Supports numerous formats and video editing.

❌ Doesn't offer much value for money.

❌ Free version comes with restricted use.

❌ Can't download files exceeding the size limit via the free version.

  1. Wondershare UniConverter

You can use Wondershare Uniconverter on both Windows and macOS to download and convert YouTube playlists into various formats. It also allows users to edit videos in the same window to personalize them. 

✅ Converts a YouTube playlist into numerous formats.

✅ Lets you edit metadata and videos.

✅ Relatively high speed.

❌ No value for money.

❌ Its design and interface are not user-friendly.

Reasons to Download a YouTube Playlist via a Downloader

YouTube is one of the best streaming platforms with all types of content. Unfortunately, most of this content can't be downloaded for offline viewing, unless you're a YouTube Premium member.

Here’s why you should download YouTube playlists using a downloader, instead of getting YouTube Premium:

  • YouTube Premium membership is too expensive.
  • YouTube Premium comes with limited features. 
  • The offline videos disappear when you revoke your Premium subscription.
  • The premium account also doesn't allow users to download YouTube videos for off-platform usage. 
  • You can only download videos for offline viewing on YouTube and there's no option to only listen to audio on YouTube.

What Makes SYC PRO the Best YouTube Playlist Downloader?

Say Goodbye to Ads and Other Interruptions

SYC PRO’s paid and free trial versions are completely free from all ads. Moreover, whether you're using the software's free trial version or the budget-friendly licensed version, you will never face any technical issues. There have been no reports of application crashes, bugs, error messages, or any other interruptions so far.

Introducing the Best Time- and Cost-Efficiency

Not only is the copy-pasting process in SYC PRO streamlined with smart technology that automatically detects and pastes relevant links into the download queue, but the entire process of converting and transferring files also takes a minimal amount of time.

Moreover, the free trial version also comes packed with all the Premium features for you to test within the 24-hour trial period, so you know exactly what you're signing up for when you invest in its budget-friendly license.

The Best Software for Batch Conversions

SYC PRO is also one of the most trusted and efficient applications for batch conversions. The software supports batch conversions, so you can add as many YouTube playlists to the download queue as you like in one go.

An Application Dedicated to Mac Users

Everything in SYC PRO has been designed to suit the needs of macOS and iOS users. From wireless transfers to iOS devices to all iOS- and macOS-friendly video and audio formats, this software contains every little feature that Mac users find valuable. Moreover, in addition to YouTube, it also supports numerous other platforms such as Vimeo, SoundCloud, and Facebook.

Use One Software for Three Different Tasks

SYC PRO is a 3-in-1 application. The software not only allows Mac users to download YouTube playlists, but it also enables them to convert them into an iOS- and macOS-friendly format and transfer them to the desired destination, including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Android devices, and the Downloads folder or Music Library on Mac.

Concluding Remarks

This concludes our guide on how you can download YouTube playlists using one of the most trusted, reliable, efficient, and effective tools in the market; Softorino YouTube Converter PRO [SYC PRO]. This software by Softorino is meticulously designed for Mac users and if you're a Windows user, they also have the popular SCY2 already in store for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download an entire YouTube playlist without any software?

If you don't want to download, install, and invest in an application that supports downloading YouTube playlists, you can always look for online tools and websites that offer similar features and functions. However, when using an online program, you should be extremely cautious and ensure that you're not using a program with malware or adware. Always use a trusted online application to download YouTube videos and playlists.

How can I download an entire playlist from YouTube on Mobile?

Whether you use an iPhone or an Android phone, you can download, convert, and transfer YouTube playlists from your Mac to your mobile device via Softorino YouTube Converter PRO [SYC PRO]. After downloading and installing the free trial version of the desktop software, head to YouTube and right-click on a playlist link to copy it. You can then paste the link into SYC PRO, tweak the conversion and transfer settings, and hit the transfer button to transfer the playlist from your Mac to your iPhone or Android phone.

How do I download a YouTube playlist?

To download a YouTube playlist, download and install Softorino YouTube Converter PRO [SYC PRO] on your Mac and initiate your free 24-hour trial period by entering the trial key you receive on the email ID you provided. Next, follow these steps to complete the download process: 1. Copy the playlist link from YouTube; 2. Paste it into the download queue in SYC PRO; 3. Select the output format and output destination; 4. Hit the Transfer button;

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