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Josh Brown Dec 16, 2022

How to Download YouTube Live Streams

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Josh Brown Dec 16, 2022

Have you ever come across a YouTube live stream that you wished you could save on your Mac, mobile, or any other device for offline viewing? If you don’t have a YouTube Premium account, saving your favorite videos isn’t possible. And if you do, you may be burning a hole in your pocket for limited premium features. 

YouTube live streams have become fairly popular since this feature was introduced on the streaming platform. However, like any other video on this platform, downloading live streams from YouTube has become a hassle given the number of unreliable and inefficient options available.

Fortunately, we can tell you how to download YouTube live streams in a much more efficient and effective manner. Wanna learn how to download YouTube live streams efficiently through the most trusted and reliable software? Read on.

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How Can I Download a YouTube Live Stream?

While YouTube lets its premium account holders download YouTube videos for offline viewing, it still doesn’t let them download the content for off-platform viewing. The monthly premium subscription also adds up to be more expensive for the few features that are unlocked.

Well, we did some research and found the best software for this job.

Softorino YouTube Converter PRO [SYC PRO] by Softorino is one of the best tools in the market. It has been explicitly designed for Mac users to help them download YouTube videos for offline viewing.

A Quick Overview

  • Ad-free viewing experience

  • Fast and affordable tool

  • User-friendly interface

  • iOS-friendly audio and video formats

  • Wi-Fi transfers to all iOS devices
  • Automatically pastes video URLs
  • Batch downloads

This app has it all!

With SYC PRO you can download all YouTube videos, including live streams, and even convert them into an audio format, which includes iOS-friendly MP3 and AAC formats.

Here’s how Softorino YouTube Converter PRO works:

Step 1. Download and install SYC PRO

Download Youtube Stream Downloader

Download and install the free trial version of SYC PRO. Launch the software and enter your email address to get a trial key. Enter the key into the relevant field in the SYC PRO window and your free 24-hour trial period will begin. It includes all the premium features of SYC PRO without any intrusive ads.

Step 2. Find Your Favorite YouTube Live Stream

Find The Youtube Live Stream To Download

Find your favorite YouTube live stream and copy its URL. Once you copy the link, SYC PRO will automatically detect and paste it into the download queue. You can add as many YouTube live streams to the download queue as you like because SYC PRO allows bulk downloads.

Step 3. Convert and Transfer

Download Youtube Live Stream Using Syc Pro

Next, you’ll see video and audio format options in the SYC PRO window. You can choose AAC and MP3 audio formats and select video resolutions from 360p to 2160p

Next, select your output files’ destination from the following options:

  • Your iPod, iPad, or iPhone
  • Your Mac’s Downloads folder
  • Music Library
  • Favorites folder in SYC PRO

Note: If you choose an iOS device, you will first need to connect that iOS device using its USB cable. Next, you can turn on Wi-Fi connectivity from the settings menu in SYC PRO to carry out all the future transfers via Wi-Fi.

SYC PRO Pros and Cons


SYC PRO is a user-friendly app that comes with smart technology that detects copied URLs and automatically pastes them into the download queue. The app’s video and audio formats are natively iOS-friendly, eliminating the need for third-party converter tools. You can also opt for the budget-friendly paid version of the app, which comes with multiple payment plans for your convenience. While the free trial period of this tool includes all premium features with no intrusive ads or error messages.


SYC PRO is only available for Mac users but Windows users can download its alternative, SYC2

SYC PRO Features That POP!

There are dozens of more YouTube downloaders available in the market. However, SYC PRO is more reliable, efficient, and effective than most of the available tools. Wondering what makes it our top pick?

Well, here you go!

  1. No Ads or Interruptions

There are so many other premium apps available in the market that make the entire process annoying with intrusive ads. SYC PRO is free from all ads, error messages, bugs, or crashes, making your experience pleasant.

  1. 3-in-1 Solution

SYC PRO can carry out downloads, conversions, and transfers, all within the same window.

  1. Bulk Downloads, Conversions, and Transfers

Both the paid and free versions of SYC PRO allow you to add as many YouTube streams to your download queue as you like. 

  1. Cost- and Time-Efficiency

The SYC PRO license is extremely budget-friendly. It also ensures time efficiency by automating the link pasting task and an accelerated download, conversion, and transfer speed.

  1. Mac-Exclusive

SYC PRO is Mac-exclusive, meaning it was created explicitly for Mac users. Thus, its features, interface, and functions have been integrated in a way that proves vital for Mac users. 


Softorino YouTube Converter PRO [SYC PRO] is one of the most revolutionary tools we’ve come across amongst all the other YouTube downloaders available. It lets users download, convert, and transfer all YouTube videos, including songs, movies, podcasts, audiobooks, shows, and even YouTube live streams. The desktop tool is worth every buck and dominates the world of YouTube downloaders.

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The Ultimate YouTube Converter for Music, Videos & Ringtones

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Softorino YouTube Converter

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System Requirements:

macOS 10.10 and higher

Windows 8 and higher

Latest Version:

2.1.14, 24 January 2020

2.2.36, 31 January 2020


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