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Josh Brown Jun 15, 2023

How to Add SoundCloud Playlist to Apple Music

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Josh Brown Jun 15, 2023

Can’t find your favorite SoundCloud song on Apple Music? Stay tuned and learn to add the SoundCloud playlist to Apple Music in a few quick steps.

If you are into music culture, SoundCloud needs no introduction. Instead, it is undoubtedly the best open platform to unite artists, DJs, bands, audio creators, and listeners globally and tune in to the pulse of new, now and next, in the music industry. 

Featuring over 265 million music tracks, SoundCloud lets you upload tracks, promote, share, stream and listen to music online for free. 

But what if you need to download it to your Apple or Android devices and add it for any time fun?

Well, we have sorted you the best solution to download and add your chosen SoundCloud song to Apple Music and groove to it whenever, wherever. 

So let’s look at how you can add the SoundCloud playlist to Apple Music without much effort. Let’s dive in!

Note: If you are a Windows user you can use SYC to download your playlist from Soundcloud to Apple Music

YouTube tutorial and quick visual access to add your chosen SoundCloud song or entire playlist to Apple Music. 

The Easiest Way to Add SoundCloud Playlist to Apple Music With SYC PRO

If you cannot locate your treasured SoundCloud song on Apple Music, you must check out the SYC PRO asap for the perfect solution. SYC PRO, or Softorino YouTube Converter PRO, is one of the most featureful apps developed by Softorino to make downloading fun.

With the help of SYC PRO, you can download any song or entire playlist from SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo and put it straight to Apple Music or other Apple devices. 

With SYC PRO, you can even mix the sources of SoundCloud and YouTube. This software can also download YouTube videos in 4K 60 FPS and send them all to your Apple devices, including Mac, iPhone, iPod, and AppleTV. 

It supports editing metadata information at a click and setting custom artwork to make it look beautiful in your library. 

Moreover, with SYC PRO, you get access to 15 premium apps instantly to customize and manage your media library on your Apple devices. It has definitely redefined the design and experience of PRO users. 

Prime Features and Highlights of SYC PRO

Steps to Add SoundCloud Playlist to Apple Music 

Using SYC PRO, you only need to follow some quick and easy steps to add your SoundCloud Playlist to Apple Music. Here’s how!

Step 1. Download and install SYC PRO software

Before you start, download and install the SYC PRO software on your Mac systems. 

Visit the official site of Softorino, select SYC PRO under the Products tab, and run the program to launch it. Tap the Free Download button and start your trial instantly. 

Step 2. Find the SoundCloud Song

Next, open and navigate SoundCloud and find the song you need to download. 

Step 3. Copy the SoundCloud URL

Copy the SoundCloud URL from your internet browser’s address bar, and SYC PRO will recognize the copied link automatically. You can decide how you wish to proceed with the copied song. 

To download multiple songs at the same time, you must copy the URLs, and SYC PRO will pick them all up. 

Step 4. Customize the song output

Select the Audio tab and choose between MP3 and AAC audio tracks. Both tracks are compatible with Apple devices. 

You can also click the file to edit your song’s metadata information to fill in the data to the best of the SYC PRO software’s ability. Finally, it will enable you to show the song with the correct title, artist, and album art in your Apple Music library. 

If any information is missing or you want to change it, you can do so in the metadata screen before sending it to your chosen Apple device. 

Step 5. Select Apple Music

SYC PRO will download your copied song to your Mac and send it to other Apple devices like iPhone, iPod, Apple Music, or Apple TV. Select Apple Music to save your SoundCloud song there. 

Step 6. Begin downloading your song

Click Download to Music, and your song will begin downloading. Once downloaded, you can find it in the Recently Added tab of the Apple Music library. 

The Bottom Line 

Now you must never refrain from listening to your chosen SoundCloud music. Instead, you can add the entire playlist to your Apple Music library and tune it for every mood. SYC PRO is a beginner-friendly software created with user preferences in mind. So having a user-first interface, the software boasts of enhancing your downloading experience. 

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