YouTube Downloader for iOS to Save Videos or Music to iPhone

YouTube Downloader for iOS by Softorino is a stellar application letting you save music or video directly to your iPhone or iPad. And yeah – it's super easy to use!Keep reading. 

Josh Brown

In this article we share a quick workaround that will help you to get both music and video from YouTube to your iOS device. A nice benefit is that you'll have them all saved inside of your native videos/ 

The app's name is Softorino YouTube Converter, even though it's  a 'newbie' to the software niche, it got huuuge amount of downloads and even press coverage.

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Right below we'll show how to use Softorino YouTube Converter – advanced YouTube Downloader iOS. But before watch this video: 

So you watched this video, now you know that Softorino YouTube Converter is a desktop application brought to life by couple of enthusiasts from Softorino. It works on Mac and Windows and uses built-in technique allowing to push videos to iPhone/iPad or iPod touch.

And you know it's exceptionally easy to use. 

It basically makes YouTube video download enjoyable. Streaming is given a priority right now, why? Because at some point it turned out to be easier and more convenient than downloading. Now with new technique implemented in Softorino YouTube Converter, it's not anymore. And if you consider buffering or all those times, when you didn't have connection – offline listening becomes quite an option. 

How to Download Music with Softorino YouTube Downloader for iOS:

We'll be running Softorino YouTube Converter on Mac. Here's where you can download the installation file: YouTube Converter. 

The download is free, and the trial lasts 2 weeks. This is more than enough to try out all its features. 

1. Drag Softorino YouTube Converter into 'Applications' folder. 

Caveat: This tutorial is mainly about downloading videos to iPhone, here's how to get the job done on PC: Save YT Videos with Free YouTube Downloader for Windows 7, 8, 10.

2. Connect your iPhone & iPad or iPod touch to your computer.

For this use standard USB cable. 

3. Go on YouTube & copy the link of the video. 

To show you how freakin' easy it is, we'll be converting 12 videos to audios simultaneously. Wanna know a secret? It won't take more than 10 secs. Really. 

So just copy all the links you'd like to add. Just copy – no pasting. 

Once you copied them all the videos will show up in the downloading list the very minute. To see them all, just scroll through the list. 

YouTube Downloader for iOS

4. Hit 'Convert' Button. 

In 10 secs all these 12 Eminem songs are available from Home Music folder on your iOS device. 

Pro Tip: By default all the audios will be added in M4A (AAC) format. If you wish it to be in MP3, go to Preferences > Advanced. Tick 'Save as MP3' there. 

Be sure: this way works seamlessly for downloading videos. (and not only from YouTube). Here's more: Video Downloader App to Save YouTube, Facebook, Instagram to iPhone or Mac.

To Sum up:

I bet now you understand why we call this application the best YouTube downloader for iOS. Because you can be confident – there is no other YouTube video downloader software which will do the same. You may try myriads of other apps – but you won't find another YouTube video downloader able to do the job this way. Because when you use SYC you are able to:

  • download videos to your Mac/PC/iPhone/iPod [Get YouTube to iPhone in 2 Steps]
  • save videos in the HD quality (yess, 2160p/1080p are all supported)
  • convert YouTube to MP3/M4A
  • use this YouTube video downloader free for 14 days

And the whole process is ridiculously simple – copy the link of the desired video and you're all set.

Right now we released both: Softorino YouTube Converter for Windows and for Mac. In this very moment they both work pretty well (though PC version only supports YouTube now).

We all know, that iTunes is the main app to copy content to Apple devices. And we all know, how complicated it is to use this overloaded program. If the format is unsupported – there`s no way you can transfer your file onto your device.

But with our converter there's absolutely no need to use iTunes. Softorino YouTube Converter does everything on its own, without asking for help from outside!

This is the best YouTube downloader for iOS released for now: it works with iPhone, iPod touch or iPad equally well. It does't matter if you use iPhone 6, iPad Air or iPod touch – you’ll get your YouTube videos downloaded there in no time.

By the way, converting videos to MP3 files is possible as well. It is performed in the same simple and easy way. Using this YouTube video downloader you can transform your favorite music videos into songs, and the documentaries – into audio books. The audio files will be added to the standard music player’s playlist.

More than this, it's also able to download Vimeo videos to iPhone & iPad. 

And again – this YouTube video downlaoder is free to try! The trial lasts 14 days. So you can use the app, rate it and let us know in the comments what you think about this solution.