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Josh Brown Jul 31, 2023

How to Convert YouTube to MP4 for iPad or iPhone in 3 Clicks

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Josh Brown Jul 31, 2023

YouTube to MP4 for iPhone converting can get ridiculously simple and fail-proof. All you need is just one amazing and easy-to-use app and a few minutes of your time. Ready to get started converting YouTube videos?

If you looked for the best YouTube videos to .mp4 converter – you just got lucky! The software that I am going to talk about will level up your YouTube video experience. It's the only tool to save any YouTube video directly to your Apple device.

Long story short: it's the most streamlined way to convert YouTube videos to MP4 format for iPhones or desktop computers.

How to convert and download YouTube videos from YouTube to MP4 for iPhone & computer using 1 tool:

Softorino YouTube Converter (the app from the video) is the smoothest way to convert YouTube videos to MP4 720p and 1080p. Below you will find an easy-to-follow guide on how to use this YouTube video converter app.

Step 1: Download Softorino YouTube Converter.

Download the app online by clicking on the button below on this page. It is a free download, and you'll be able to use it for free for one day. 

Softorino YouTube Converter

Free Download

The installation file will be saved to your computer right after you hit the button.

To install the application, launch the setup file and go through the installation guide. It will take just a few seconds. After completing, proceed to the next step.

In our tutorial, we'll only cover how to download YouTube videos as an MP4 file. But of course, this video downloader can also convert YT to audio, learn how here: YouTube Music Converter by Softorino (beginner's guide).

Step 2: Plug in your Apple device.

Download any video format and turn it into MP4 files.

The synchronization between the app the video downloader application is set up right after you connect the USB cable to your device. It was easy, wasn't it?

Step 3: Convert videos from YouTube to MP4

To do that go to the webpage of the video you want to convert. Then copy the video URL to the clipboard.

Downloading videos to iPhone is easy and quick.

The next thing to do is to open the application and choose the quality of the video. After this specify the location where you want to save the YouTube videos.

Step 4: Click on the big red Convert and Transfer button.

Download video from Youtube to iPhone.

Time to press the download button! Do you see the blue bar on the display? It is there to keep you posted about how the YouTube to MP4 converter is going, and how much time is left till completion. When the bar disappears, your YouTube video is converted to MP4. You can also convert multiple YouTube videos in this way.

FYI, the peculiarity of this software is that it can download YouTube videos, convert them as MP4 & MP3 files, then add them to the Home Videos/Music folder on your iPhone.

This lets you play YouTube videos using a standard Apple video player. No need for third-party apps on your iPhone!

Watch downloaded YouTube Mp4 videos on your iPhone player

Do you see how easy it is to download YouTube videos and send Youtube to MP4 iPhone files?

Even though there are so many solutions and different tools allowing you to download YouTube videos, downloading YouTube videos in MP4 format to your HDD is still troublesome.

The market is overloaded with the competition offering you to rip YouTube videos using questionable techniques. Low-quality conversion apps and online downloader services can contain malware or adware. Once you start to download YouTube videos, you will often result in bad-quality videos or even malware on your machine.

What does this mean?

You won't find any other application which will cope with the complex task to download YouTube videos to your iPhone. Softorino YouTube Converter is easy to use and the best YouTube Movie Downloader that lets you download YouTube videos, send videos from YouTube to MP4 iPhone files and solve the problem of watching YouTube videos without an internet connection.

This software solves all the problems concerning the playback of the best YouTube videos. If you want to watch them offline on your Apple device, you won't find anything that works better.

YouTube is full of entertaining and educational content. Every Internet user can find a YouTube video that will match their interests. This is YouTube's selling point.

Unfortunately, you cannot download from YouTube in MP4 format for offline viewing. Until now!

Usually, if you want to convert YouTube to MP4 in 720p and higher and save it to your iPhone afterward, you'll have to install some doubtful browser extension or some shady app.

And if everything went well and you got your video downloaded in acceptable - not great! - quality, you would still have to go to iTunes and sync your device with it. Not anymore - with Softorino YouTube Converter.


Why do you need to install several different apps to convert YouTube to MP4 in HD, then do you still need to use iTunes to transfer the file? With Softorino YouTube Converter, you can save the video that you want and watch it on your iPhone. Just copy the URL and click the button on your screen. Easy, isn't it?

What is more, you don't need to install any additional software on your gadget. The converted YouTube videos are saved in a format that is compatible with the standard Apple player. This means that your device will work with a player which is perfectly optimized for it.

Native apps are using your battery charge in the most effective way possible. So if you are using pre-installed apps developed by Apple, you're actually improving your battery life.

Besides, did you notice that you haven't used iTunes to copy the video content to your device? That's right, you can download videos without it.

Do you remember how complicated iTunes can be? It often doesn't sync some media files for unknown reasons. But all the long-drawn and difficult experiences of downloading videos using iTunes is now in the past.

And did we mention, this MP4 converter for YouTube is totally universal? That's right, it will work across all models of iPads, iPods, and iPhones out there.  

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How to download youtube videos to mp4 on iPhone?

Softorino YouTube Converter is one of the smoothest apps that can help you download Youtube Videos on the iPhone. Here is a step by step guide on how to download YT videos:


  • Step 1: Install the Application on your computer
  • Step 2: Connect your device via USB
  • Step 3: Search for your track in the SYC-2 in-app browser
  • Step 4: Select the format of the track (video) and tap on the Convert to iPhone button
  • Step 5: Find the video in the iPhone's native app section


How do you convert a youtube video to mp4?

Due to iPhone's byproduct philosophy, you need a third-party converter to convert your desired Youtube videos to Mp4. Thanks to SYC (Softorino YouTube Converter), you can convert any youtube video to mp4 in just a few seconds. All you need to convert the desired video is to copy the URL link of that video, select the format to video (MP4), and click on the Convert to iPhone button.

How to convert youtube to mp4 on iPhone?

To download Youtube videos on your iPhone, you may need to download a shady app and there is a possibility that it could contain malware or adware. That is why we suggest you convert your desired Youtube videos to mp4 via Softorino YouTube Converter, as it lets you download or convert videos in high quality without the need for iTunes.

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