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Josh Brown

Josh Brown

Marketing Director at Softorino

Prior to Softorino, Josh had a hand in software support outsourcing company as the leading macOS tech support manager. Thanks to always having an eye for figuring out how to help users find a solution, Josh started diving into his next chapter — marketing. After mastering copywriting, PR, Email marketing and everything else that comes with communicating the story to the consumer — Josh is now in charge of the marketing department at Softorino. And even though he’s an introvert — it’s not stopping him from creating honest YouTube tutorials that you’ll find on the official channel.

He is a proud Chicago-an. Has a beautiful daughter. Huge VR evangelist. Has a pre-MBA in Marketing from MIM-Kyiv Business School. And most of all, he’s an Apple “fan boy”.

Interviews with josh

Josh Brown

Jun 8th, 2018

Jeff Gamet interviews Josh Brown from Softorino at AltConf and WWDC 2018

San Jose – Jeff Gamet sits down with Josh Brown from Softorino to talk about Apple’s WWDC announcements...

Josh Brown

Jun 12, 2018

MacVoices #18135: WWDC/AltConf - Softorino's Josh Brown On Software Marketing and A New App Project

At AltConf at WWDC, Josh Brown of Softorino talks about software product...

Josh Brown

Jun 16, 2017

MacVoices #17147: AltConf - Josh Brown of Softorino Profiles WALTR2 and Softorino YouTube Converter 2

At AltConf in San Jose, we catch up with Softorino Marketing Director Josh Brown...


Written by josh

Jul 24, 2015

Josh Brown, Marketing Director at Softorino — «PR stragedy as important for each startup as a product itself»

As Mad Men’s character used to say, “advertising is based on one thing — happiness”. Making a customer happier with your... read full article

Apr 2, 2015

WALTR 2 | Drag & Drop Files to iPhone, iPad, iPod w/o iTunes

Hi everyone! My name is Josh, one of the makers of WALTR 2. We’ve introduced the 1st iteration of... read full article

Aug 28, 2020

How Apple Rumors Helped a Mac App Earn $30,000 in 7 Days

This is a case study on how rumors about Apple helped our Mac app go from 0 to $30K in just a single week... read full article

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