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On December 29, 2022 — Softorino Inc. — released Folder Colorizer — a handy app to change folder color in one click. Compared to the original Folder Colorizer for Mac, the 1.5 version goes with even more features — huge collection of images that could be set as a folder background and enlarged decals gallery.

What is Folder Colorizer ?

Folder Colorizer customizes Mac folders with colors, emojis, and decals. In a new update, Folder Colorizer is adding a "Global Image Search" feature that lets users apply any web image sourced from Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash as folder backgrounds.

Folder Colorizer for Mac 1.5 Image 1

3 Million Images to Spice Up Mac Folders

Folder Colorizer 1.5 comes with a wide range of new features — a 3.1 million collection of images that could be set as folder background and an enlarged decals gallery.

The app searches the libraries of Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash to find the perfect images for each folder, based on the keyword presented to it.

Alternatively, pre-built color, emojis, images, and decals galleries can be browsed with ease. And a delightful ‘Perform Magic’ algorithm acts as an AI magic wand — it scans the folder name and displays the best-fitting images, emojis & decals.

Folder Colorizer for Mac Image 12

A Baby-Blue Problem

There are tons of reasons why someone might find themselves in need of changing the look of folders. Whether they’re an aesthete who needs their folders to match wallpaper or a perfectionist who needs proper organization even on the desktop. Whoever it is, they already know that customizing folders on Mac is more difficult than it ought to be.

Folder Colorizer for Mac Image 2

Solution Full of Color

Folder Colorizer makes it effortless to change folder color, and not just for aesthetics. The colorized folder icons serve a functional purpose as well, making it easier and quicker for users to find the specific folders among baby-blue ones.

Folder Colorizer for Mac Image 3_2

How it Works

Folder Colorizer (as the name implies) allows users to set color to any folder on macOS. The interface is simple and intuitive allowing color change in just 3 simple steps:

Folder Colorizer for Mac Image 4_2

Step 01 Drag & Drop one (or multiple) folders into Folder Colorizer

Folder Colorizer for Mac Image 5_2

Step 02 Select color, add emojis, image or symbols for total personalisation

Folder Colorizer for Mac Image 6_2

Step 03 Click “Colorize Folder!”

More Than Just Colorize

Folder Colorizer Feature 1

15 premium Softorino apps included for $39.96 per year OR $4.99 for one app in the Mac App Store.

Folder Colorizer Feature 1

Folder Colorizer searches Pixabay, Unsplash, and Pexels for millions of stunning images that can be set as folder backgrounds.

Folder Colorizer Feature 1

AI-based ‘Perform magic’ algorithm recognizes the folder’s name and suggests a great mix of images, emojis, and decals to customize the folder.

Folder Colorizer Feature 1

Change the colors of multiple folders in one click, track every step of the process, and easily revert to the original color.

Folder Colorizer Feature 1

macOS Ventura-first, with a modern design that’s also compatible with older versions of Apple’s operating system.

Additional Details

macOS 11.0 or above.

Folder Colorizer can be downloaded from the official website at

Or from the Mac App Store at

A free trial is available providing 24 hours of use with zero feature restrictions.

Folder Colorizer is available alongside many other great Softorino apps as part of a $35 annual subscription that includes 15 premium apps.

It’s also the first Softorino product available in the Mac App Store, where it can be bought as a stand-alone app for $4.99.

Folder Colorizer 1.5 for Mac Icons

Folder Colorizer for Mac Screenshots

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Download a collection of short “animated” screenshots to showcase Folder Colorizer for Mac.

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