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On January 14, 2022 –– Softorino Inc. –– released Folder Colorizer for Mac. A handy app to change folder color on Mac in 1-click. Originally created for Windows in 2011, and with ten million happy users already – Folder Colorizer is finally available on Mac. With even more features.

What is Folder Colorizer for Mac?

Folder Colorizer is built for Mac users who's life depends on color to navigate successfully between folders. It makes project management on macOS so much easier.

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A Baby-Blue Problem

By default, all folders on Mac are baby-blue. A typical macOS user has a ton of generic file folders and subfolders, it can be tough finding the one you need. This is frustrating, especially if you're in a hurry.

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Solution Full of Color

Folder Colorizer will help Mac users quickly target vital folders for easy access. Thanks to unique folders created using Folder Colorizer – Mac users will be pleasantly surprised at the difference in not just their mood, but the efficiency of navigation. Simply put – It's an app to make significant folders stand out on a cluttered desktop

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How it Works

Folder Colorizer (as the name implies) allows users to set color to any folder on macOS. The interface is simple and intuitive allowing color change in just 3 simple steps:

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Step 01 Drag & Drop one (or multiple) folders into Folder Colorizer

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Step 02 Select color, add emojis, image or symbols for total personalisation

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Step 03 Click “Colorize Folder!”

More Than Just Colorize

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Cross-system Compatibility

Colorized folders keep their style when transfered to another Mac or external drive. Style is attached to the folder.

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Multiple Folders in 1-Click

Save time by applying bulk color changes to multiple folders.

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iCloud Folders Support

iCloud and shared folders keep their style and are displayed with styled icons on all Macs.

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Smart Search

Using the search bar, you can easily find the desired image, color, emoji or decal.

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Revert to original

You always have the option to reset to default and quickly revert to the original folder color.

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History of Every Step

For those who love to experiment. It’s easy to go back to every change you made.

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AI “Magic”

A “Magic wand” feature uses AI to recognizes the names of folders and offers the most appropriate colors, emojis and images. Simply drop your folder and let magic do the rest.

Additional Details

macOS 10.15 or above.

Folder Colorizer for Mac can be downloaded from the official website at A free trial is available providing 24 hours of use with zero feature restrictions.

Full version if available as part of a Universal License from Softorino which unlocks all Softorino apps, including Folder Colorizer for Mac. An annual license is USD 35. Monthly license is available for USD 10.

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Download a collection of short “animated” screenshots to showcase Folder Colorizer for Mac.

About Softorino

Softorino — is a small & young team of outstanding individuals, who are passionate about bringing simplistic & powerful solutions to Windows and MacOS. Famous for developing WALTR, iBetterCharge, iRingg and Softorino YouTube Converter app.

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