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Josh Brown Jul 31, 2023

How to Download Video Songs from YouTube [2023]

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Josh Brown Jul 31, 2023

Downloading songs from YouTube is what every teen wants these days. How is it done? This article will show you how to save YouTube music using just 1 simple tool.

It might not come as a surprise but it seems people spend a lot of time on YouTube jamming to music instead of watching something else.

After all, when you take a step back, you can see that YouTube can actually compete with the popular music services like Spotify and

Apple Music in terms of the music available. You can even find songs that the other services don’t have by searching on YouTube. You may even find music that doesn’t qualify as a song but can still be great to jam with on your phone. You can say that YouTube music has a lot to offer for your music library.

Still, it can be easy to forget that YouTube is a video hub. After all, many songs uploaded in YouTube are files that are added for listening only. A good example of this are the “videos” that have the image and an audio track. You’d even be surprised that they can get a lot of views.

That’s why it can be understandable that YouTube fans attempted to get these songs saved in MP3 format and listen to them without having to go through the controls like they’re watching videos.

While there are various websites that offer the feature to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files, it’s no secret that those services are lagging often. Just a few clicks and the results are less than stellar.

That’s why when it comes to downloading HD video songs, it can be tricky. So what’s the best way? Go for the legit software that’s got the features of helping you getting video songs from YouTube and saving them as high-quality MP3 files and has the reputation for being a good tool.

It’s also the best way to download YouTube songs to an iPhone or computer which can be executed in 3 steps and be done in 30 seconds!

How to Download Songs from YouTube in 3 Steps

To download free music from YouTube nice & sweet, it takes only one tool – Softorino YouTube Converter 2. It’s a piece of software for Mac and Windows systems, and trust us, it’s bound to replace all the alternatives by helping you download from YouTube in an instant.

The short promo video is down below, so have a quick look and keep reading for the instructions.

Pro tip

This application is the #1 tool to save YouTube songs/videos to iPhones & iPads too, as well as Mac and Windows computers.

By far, Softorino YouTube Converter is a powerful video song download software designed for every music lover.

Step 1. Download YouTube Song Downloader (install it).

Softorino YouTube Converter Logo Softorino YouTube Converter 2
Requirements: macOS 10.10 and higher
Latest Version: 2.1.14, 24 January 2020
Requirements: Windows 8 and higher
Latest Version: 2.2.37, 26 February 2020
Free Download

Save the set-up package to your hard drive by clicking the appropriate button which you can see above. The download is free, so no worries. There’s also a 24-hour free trial. By purchasing one universal license you get access to all Softorino products.

When the download is finished, launch the file and follow the setup wizard. It will help you go through the installation.

The whole process should take less than a minute. Once everything is finished, the converter is ready to download music from YouTube at once.

Step 2. Launch YouTube Song Downloader & plug in your device.

how to download videos songs from YouTube

Open the software and use the standard USB cable to establish the connection with your chosen device such as your phone. As a good example for the next steps, we’ll use an iPhone.

But what if you don’t have a USB cable? Don’t worry – SYC can easily transfer songs on your iPhone over Wi-Fi too. To enable this, simply go to Preferences > Wi-Fi and turn on wireless connectivity for any device you are using.

Step 3. Copy the URL of the song…or the whole playlist at once!

Next, head to YouTube through a browser to find the song you would like to download. Make sure to copy the URL of the YouTube video you’ll be downloading.

Once you’ve done this, the application will recognize it at once so there's no need to paste link anymore. It also features a built-in YouTube browser, so you can search for any song to download on YouTube without leaving the app.

Once you spot a track you wish to download, simply click on the “Add this video to queue” button above the video.

SYC will download video songs from YouTube

Then select ‘Audio’ in the app’s menu. Choose the device & hit the ‘Convert and Transfer to iPhone’ button.

See? It’s that simple! This is all it takes to download songs from YouTube.

From there, the converting begins immediately. That’s how easy it is to download YouTube music to your chosen device. You can also add as many links as you wish and the converter will download the content from all of them, saving all the video as the audio content without doing so much work.

convert and transfer video songs from YouTube

And when the numbers hit 100%, it’s done! The video files you’ve downloaded are now ready for your device.

As you can see, there’s absolutely no need for using any clumsy websites when you have Sofotrino YouTube Converter 2.

Besides being an app that's simple to use, SYC lets you handle multiple things at once. It's also a 3-in-1 tool that lets you not only download YouTube music but also a YouTube video with subtitles if you wish.

Step 4. Play your song 🙂

Video songs from YouTube on iPhone

All the music you’ve converted earlier to MP3 will land right into the default Music app on your iPhone which means you can play them all right away 🎉

As you can finally see, this app is certainly the best for downloading YouTube videos as MP3 files!

And FYI, in the latest update for Softorino YouTube Converter, it now supports all the popular sources like Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud.

Here’s our guide on the topic: Video Downloader App to Save YouTube, Facebook, Instagram to iPhone or Mac

No other app or Internet service will provide the same comfort and time efficiency for you while downloading your audio to Apple devices. Take all your favorite songs, concerts and discographies with you on your iPhone, iPod or iPad!

So, what’s the outcome?

If you ever happen to like a great tune, a cool track or an engaging video on YouTube, you finally know the working way on how to quickly download video songs from YouTube to convert them to MP3 files so that you can transfer them to your iPhone or computer (It’s a no-brainer, really).

With the SYC, it will take no more than a couple of seconds out of your busy day. Plus, it’s safe, fast and simple.

This is not advertising or some sheer attempt to trick you: It’s all legit and underpinned by the feedback of users worldwide.

You’ll also won’t need to use iTunes or third-party iOS software. You might have also noticed – all videos and music you download with SYC will be kept safe and sound inside of your default music and video applications.

That’s why when it comes to songs and videos you want to download on YouTube, it’s easy as pie: copy the link, select your desired quality, and bingo 🙂 It’s there in your music library!

So yes, this is an awesome solution to get songs from YouTube and transfer them to iPhone or computer. So, give it a try, let your friends know about it and be happy in knowing that YouTube music is possible!

P. S.

Did you know that from now on, you can read this article in different languages? You can find it in Spanish, Turkish, German, Portuguese, and Russian!

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