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Best AVI to MP4 Converter for Mac & Windows

Looking for The best AVI to Mp4 converter on Mac and Windows? Meet WALTR 2!

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With no doubt for transformation, the software that is most effective is Handbrake – it’s exactly what most of the of the additional applications are according to. But, you will additionally need VLC in case you go with Handbrake. To forget about downloading external apps because this ‘Boss’ of AVI to MP4 converters – Waltr – is ‘irresistible’ when it comes to importing AVI on your iPad or iPhone. With WALTR you can even sync iPhone over Wi-Fi

The best converter is the converter that doesn’t actually make you convert! It just helps you get you the desired results ASAP. That’s because time is precious. Why would someone want to spend extra 17 minutes (approx.) on figuring out the correct format settings to convert the AVI file that you want to play on the iPad? Exactly. 

How to use AVI to MP4 Converter on Mac & Windows:

The brief steps are demonstrated in the video below. So watch it to have a better idea of the whole procedure:

This works for all movie & music file formats out there. WALTR 2 eats any file you feed it. The gem-kind application helps you convert MKV to MP4  and sends it to your iPhone or iPad for native playback.

Step 1You will need to download WALTR.

This shockingly powerful & straight-forward tool is a free download. So there’s no need to get your credit card ready. After downloading the .dmg, you will need to install it by putting Waltr.app into your ‘Applications’ folder. For Windows PC users, simply download the file and proceed through the setup wizard.

Download WALTR 2 for Free
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Step 2  Launch WALTR & connect iPad via USB.

WALTR 2 is the best AVI to MP4 converter on MAC and Windows computersYou will be prompt about connecting your device. After connecting your iPad, WALTR will show you one simple screen – ‘Drop ANY file here’. It takes any format. You may even put multiple formats and it will upload them into natural video & music in one round. In this example, we’ll drag & drop a high-quality AVI movie into WALTR. But you can also sync iPhone over Wi-Fi.

Step 3Drop the file into the drop-zone & sit back

After putting the desired file into WALTR, you will see a progress bar. Once WALTR finishes doing the dirty work for you, you will be able to access your AVI files directly from the native Videos app on your iPad. That’s how ridiculously easy the whole procedure gets if you’re using this AVI to MP4 converter. 

….You’re good to go!

That’s it. There wasn’t any hassle with putting the AVI file into your iPad. WALTR did not make you worry about choosing any proper converting formats nor did it require iTunes to be launched for the sync to be completed. You just take the file and drop it into your iPad + It’s fast. Really fast. 

It handles any file formats you can imagine. WALTR 2 helps you easily convert MKV to Mp4 for your Apple device. If you own Mp4, FLAC, CUE, APE, WMA, WMV, simply drop them into WALTR to watch them on-the-go. 

Now I’m sure without a doubt, this is worth naming it the best converter for AVI to MP4 on Mac & Windows computers.

In conclusion

It is time-consuming to change movies which aren’t in Apple ‘default’ format – that’s true. Fortunately, you do not have to. Many third-party iOS apps can handle this. They let users enjoy the ‘Apple’s unnatural’ formats, although they will consume much of iPad’s graphics chip. This also results in extensive consumption of battery compared to playing movies from default iPad video player. Honestly, we don’t think it’s worth it! WALTR puts an end to this. Enjoy AVI files on the iPad’s native video app.

Now, playing High-definition movies on the latest iPhones or iPads(or iPod Touch) is pretty smooth, there shouldn’t be any problems. But, if you have an older iDevice, there may be a limit to only 720p instead of 1080p. Sometimes it may be even lower. This is due to the outdated and not very powerful processor. It simply can’t handle media in higher quality.

In short, WALTR will provide the greatest quality possible to be played back directly from your native Video app inside your iPad or iPhone. The interface is undoubtedly the most straightforward UI out there. It’s a video converter+iOS uploader that’s easy for anybody to work with. And it’s the best AVI to MP4 converter since it handles your movies in unsupported Apple formats almost Instantaneously making them ‘playable’ for iOS devices.













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