Updated: August 29th, 2018

How to Convert AVI to iPhone in 3 easy steps!

Convert AVI to iPhone in just 3 Steps! There’s no need to use iTunes, Handbrake or any other converting software.

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  • by Josh Brown


Many forums or blogs, or simply search engines – they bring up solutions but to be honest they suck! The most widely-spread myth is that the only way to convert AVI to iPhone is to convert AVI file to MP4, open iTunes, import them and in the end sync it with your iPhone. Uhm: Seriously?

First of all, the conversion itself takes an extremely long time.

Secondly, if you decide not to convert, your only way to add AVI to iPad or iPhone is to download a 3rd party app to import it and then another 3rd party app to play it on the device itself. Again… this is not the quickest way nor is it user friendly. Below you’ll find the fastest and easiest way to do this.

How to Convert AVI to to iPhone & iPad

This short video guide shows you the easiest, most seamless way to convert AVI for iPhone and iPad. Make sure to watch it:

In this article, I will show you how to convert your AVI to iPad or iPhone in just seconds. Here are 3 simple steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: Download WALTR 2 & Install it.

Download WALTR for Free
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WALTR 2 is a Mac & Windows app that transfers any video or audio format to iPads and iPhones without converting. It’s a perfect tool that only asks you to do 1 thing – drag & drop the AVI movie to play it on an iPad. It’s a free download, so there’s now strings attached.

Step 2: Launch the app. Plug your iPhone to Mac or PC via USB.

After launching WALTR and plugging your iPhone into your Mac or Windows machine, you will be prompt about the main feature that it has:Drop ANY video or audio format into the drop-zone. In this scenario, we’ll use an AVI high-quality movie.

Also, in case you still don’t know how to put mp4 on iPad, WALTR is the easiest MacOS & Windows software to have this done.

Before we move on, and while you’re drooling, here’s even more killer features inside WALTR:

  • Transfer any Video format, such as: MKV, AVI, MOV, MP4 without worrying about converting.
  • Put any song in any format on your iPhone, such as: FLAC, MP3, ALAC, APE etc..
  • No need to launch iTunes.
  • Playback directly from the iPad’s video or music native player.
  • The name is inspired by Walter White from one of the coolest TV shows of all time.
  • Convert AVI to iPad without using any third-party converting software. 
  • Support of any Apple device ever created!

Step 3: Drop AVI file into WALTR.

Locate the desired AVI movie you want to add to your iPhone and simply sit back while WALTR does all the dirty work for you. The uploading process is quick. You don’t have to worry about the conversion or syncing hassle.

WALTR is a MacOS & Windows software that helps to convert AVI to iPhone


The AVI file is now available for playback directly from your native Videos app (or TV.app) on the iPad or iPhone.

How’d you like that? If you can confidently say that this is the EASIEST way to add AVI to iPad compared to the old solutions – then please share this article with your friends. They might need it too!

Bottom Line

Try to Convert AVI to iPhone and you will always stumble upon a complicated process to get it done. But we know how to help you enjoy those crystal-clear HD movies on the iPhone’s screen.

Not only WALTR is great for transferring AVI files to Apple devices, it supports any other formats you can find on the web. AVI, MKV, FLAC, APE, MP3, CUE are all on the list. Be sure to read how to put mp4 on iPad using WALTR. It also doesn’t require iTunes sync or any additional converting software. 










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