Updated: 18 February 2017

Stream MKV Movies To Apple TV from iPhone or iPad

Stream MKV to Apple TV is an absolute walkover with the  new workaround presented below. Originally, MKV is a non-starter for Apple TV, yet there's an easy way you can play MKV movies on your Apple TV. 

Josh Brown

How to Play MKV on Apple TV 

If you ever wondered how to stream MKV movies to Apple TV, this post will show you the most straight forward way to get the job done. 

No doubts, we all love AirPlay. This is the best thing ever to mirror your display to Apple TV, watch your fave movie on the big screen. By all means – this actually brings cinema directly to your bedroom. And you are good if your movie is in .mov or in .mp4, you just need to set up AirPlay and enjoy your video in big resolution.  The well-known issue for many Apple TV owners is that they can't stream MKV movies to Apple TV, since mkv is not in the list of Apple supported formats.

But if you still would like to stream mkv movies to Apple TV from your iPhone or iPad, this can easily be down with the workaround we present below. 

What you will need:

  1. Apple TV 
  2. iPhone, iPod touch or iPad
  3. USB cable 
  4. WALTR 2 for Mac or Windows

Get the installation file of WALTR 2 by clicking on the button below

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How to Stream MKV Movies to Apple TV 

First things first, we need to get your movie to your iPhone or iPad and then we'll airplay it to your Apple TV. To transfer a movie to your iPhone (or any other iOS - powered gadget you might have) we'll be using WALTR 2 – universal drop area that puts any media file to any Apple device. This means, that it also adapts music and video files that are not supported by default for native playback on your iPhone or iPad. 

WALTR 2 works perfectly on MacOs and Windows PC. 

Step 1. Open WALTR

It will tell you to connect your iPhone or iPad to your machine using USB cable. 

waltr 2 on a mc

Step 2. Push your movie into WALTR

Once WALTR 2 recognized your device (you are supposed to tap 'Trust' on your iPhone) drop your mkv file into WALTR. Later on we will stream this MKV to Apple TV.

How to stream MKV movies to Apple TV from iPhone using WALTR

After you've dropped files into WALTR 2, it will show you the progress bar on this. 

Then you have it available from your default movies application. WALTR 2 basically swaps the container of your movie to the one that Apple software recognizes. Then your next step is to simply airplay it to your Apple TV.

Every single file you're transferring with WALTR 2 will land in its proper place. That is if you are transferring movies – they will go to movies folder, if TV shows you will find them in TV shows app, if ebooks than they'll go to iBooks app. 

WALTR 2 makes your movies app look neat! As you can see WALTR 2 also adds meta data to your video like actors info, plot summary etc. So once you watch a movie or a TV show you can quickly learn all the needed info like cast or run time without googling it and spending additional time on this. 

Here's a quick outline of Vital WALTR 2 Features: 

  • Transfer AVI, MKV, MP4, FLAC, MP3, CUE files to iOS devices. No more restrictions on videos & music you're transferring!
  • Compatibility with any iOS device with iOS 5 or higher + the whole lineup of Apple iPods! Dust off your dear old iPod and start using it again ;)
  • WiFi Connectivity: you can transfer files to iPhones over the air!
  • PDFs & ePubs support – now you can put ebooks on your iPad or iPhone with just one drag & drop movement
  • Kiss iTunes Goodbye! When using WALTR 2, there's no need to sync your iOS device with iTunes.

Step 3. Enable AirPlay on your iPhone

Once your Apple TV and iPhone are connected to the same WiFI network, on your device swipe up from the bottom of your screen to see the control center. Then swipe horizontally to find the now playing screen. Then select your Apple TV there. 

Airplay MKV to Apple TV from iPod touch

Step 4: Done! Grab your popcorn & watch a movie!

This how you can easily stream any movie to your Apple TV. This workaround makes streaming literally a child's play. Since WALTR works with any file type, you can airplay movies in any format – MKV, AVI, WMA, FLV, WMV and even the ones that are encoded in h.264 video codec with little to no efforts.


The evolution of technologies is very fast and unstoppable. Every single day, our computers give us more and more wonderful opportunities. Apple’s AirPlay technology is one of such options. With it, Apple users can stream sounds & videos from their gadgets to other ones supporting AirPlay. And no wires required. 

No doubt, watching movies on Apple TV is an amazing experience. A huge display with high-resolution makes this process literally irresistible. However, there are some problems. Just like other Apple products, it doesn't support many popular video formats.

WALTR is a really helpful tool. It is able to convert videos into the formats compatible with Apple software. And the whole converting process lasts only a few seconds! After this you can easily airplay MKV movies to Apple TV from iPhone 6 using WALTR. Watching your favorite films on the big screen doesn't require much effort, does it?

Sure thing, you can stream MKV to Apple TV using this workaround, but there are tons of other formats that are also spread on the web and that you can easily airplay to your Apple TV. So go ahead and try this solution! Let me know how it worked in the comments section ;)

Play your MKVs on a Big Screen!
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