Simple YouTube to MP3 Converter Will Rip Music from YouTube

Simple YouTube to MP3 Converter will rip YouTube music almost instanteneously. Also, in the article below we'll uncover some hacks & tips to convert YouTube music to iPhone or computer just as seamlessly.

Josh Brown

Have you ever stumbled upon a YouTube video soo captivating, that you just can't go by without keeping it for yourself? Being honest: it happened to me. A lot. 

But because, it's just too troublesome to exceute using some dubious downloading app, it's a rare case when somebedy manages to save that video. Or even convert it to MP3, if it's a music video.

Since YouTube and other websites (e.g Daily Motion, Vimeo) are quite progressive in terms of music content, this opens up a huge path for every music lover. And in this article I'll show you clear and comprehensible way how to rip music from YouTube. 

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Let’s dive right into it:

There are lots of solutions out there helping to convert YouTube to MP3, but I'd suggest using Softorino YouTube Converter. It's a newly released Simple YouTube Converter that can convert any video to MP3 into a quick and clear way.

This short promo video is a 'must-watch' to get the idea how the application works:

In this video the guys behind the app show how to get video to iPhone. In our tutorial we'll concentradte on how to rip music from YouTube and send it to computer or iPhone. 

Here's how this Simple YouTube to MP3 Converter works:

– Launch the application.
If you haven’t downloaded Softorino YouTube Converter yet, get the installation file here: Simple YouTube to MP3 Converter.
The download is free of charge and absolutely safe. Do not be afraid of different malware and adware. 

Then drag Softorino YouTube Converter into Applications folder, if you're on Mac. 

youtube downloader app iphone, install Softorino YouTube Converter on Mac

On Windows you're suppossed to go through the installation wizard.
– Go on YouTube and copy the link of the video.

If you wish, copy 2-3 or even 10 URLS in a row. 

They all will be added to the downloading list of the app right on the spot. (see screenshot below)

Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your computer using USB cable. (You may as well skip this step, if you want to put the song on your computer. )

Simple YouTube to MP3 Converter

Then select 'Audio' and press 'Convert and Transfer to iPhone'

You’ll see the progress bar show up.  2 secs and –


You've a got a new song onto your iPhone directly into the

That's all it takes to get music to computer

So that you had chance to compare the experience of using other YouTube downloader apps, we even provided a detailed comparison here: Softorino YouTube Converter vs Free YTD Downloader, to show all ins and outs of the application.

Every user of Softorino YouTube Converter can quickly rip audio from YouTube video. It can be even documentary, if you’re eager to listen to it while on your way to work, for instance.
Using Simple YouTube Converter by Softorino you can easily extract audio and save it to your iPhone & iPad & iPod touch. All you need to do is to select 'Audio' in the app's window. Then you can identify the device you want to get it to. That's it!

And another bonus is that it'll be quickly added to your native 

If you think, that's all what Softorino YouTube Converter is capable of – that's not true. There are many more features to come. We provided short descriptions of some other features right below:

Get a video to your iPhone. Seamlessly.

Softorino YouTube Converter is the first desktop Youtube downloader app made with the uncommon technique to push video or music directly to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
Sure there were some iOS apps able to tackle this too, but with all the recent restrictions they stopped working or were taken down from the App Store. The principal difference between them and this simple YouTube Converter by Softorino is that the latter sends media to Videos/ Music pre-installed Apple player. Which is much more convenient and also useful in terms of battery efficiency.

To test this feature out – connect your iPhone to your Mac & Windows. It’ll be recognized by this YouTube downloader application right there.
Tap 'Trust' on your iPhone. Except this the process remains absolutely the same. Hit ‘Download’ button to get the video for offline viewing.

Get Rid of YouTube Ads.

Commercials that popping up every 5 seconds can give a massive migrane to just everyone. This is how you can get easily distracted while watching videos you love. Now when it gets literally imperceptible to get a video for offline viewing you can finally forget about adverts.

We also wrote a definitive guide on this issue here: How to Download YouTube Songs in 2 Steps

Keep your iTunes library live and updated

Even though, streaming services are prevailing right now, there's still this conservative casta of passionate music lovers who prefer to listen to music in iTunes library. Very frequently their music libraries are extensive and take up a huge storage.
Within the new update developers intoruduced a new feature in Softorino YouTube Converter for Mac. Now the app is also able to add video/music to iTunes library in a matter of seconds. To turn te feature on, go to 'Preferences' > General and enable 'Save to iTunes' option.

Then you'll see iTunes icon show up in the app's UI. 

Watch Crystal Clear Videos in the Highest Quality (4K & 60fps videos)

Using this simple YouTube to MP3 Converter, you can select quality rate starting from 360p and up to 2160p (4K). Another tempting feature – you now can download videos with high frame rate (50-60fps for example). This feature was introduced in the latest update in this YouTube downloader app iPhone.

Quick workaround: Go to the Preferences > Advanced and tick 'Download highest FPS available' (see screenshot). And you're free to go.

Softorino YouTube converter is the best app to download YouTube videos not only because of its extremely fast speed and friendly interface – it has many other great features. For example, Mac version of the application supports Daily Motion video-sharing platform. Here's more about this feature: Download Daily Motion Videos with Softorino DailyMotion Converter.


Softorino YouTube Converter is very simple. But of course, we do understand that just being simple is not enough. That’s why this YouTube Downloader app iPhone is loaded with Huge. Bulk. of Features.

It’s core feature is the ability to send video or music to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. This is what puts it absolutely of different level than usual software.

No other desktop app ever able to do the same.

This application was worked on for a long long time, then it was polished, and it’s still under construction because we always add new features. If you have something in mind, don’t hesitate and let us know.

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