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Josh Brown Jul 27, 2023

How to Change Folder Icon on Windows 10

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Josh Brown Jul 27, 2023

Change folder icon color on Windows 10 in 1 click! All you need is a simple utility - Folder Colorizer 2.

Even though I’m using a Mac for work, my Windows machine is still my personal computer for everything else. And every time I’m using my PC, it’s always hard to navigate.

The truth is on Windows you can’t really customize your files. All folders are plain yellow, all files are the same. Sure thing, it’s hard to search for the needed files. All in all – it simply looks boring.

As it turned out – this all can be solved in a very beautiful way! Folder Colorizer by Softorino helps you change folder icon on Windows 10 so that you can quickly locate any file you need.

Watch Video Tutorial on How to Change Folder Icon in Windows 10 (1 min)

How to Change Folder Icon on Windows 10

Folder Colorizer was released back in 2012 and its downloads skyrocketed since then. The utility got more than 5 000 000 downloads in total! if this fact doesn’t prove how useful this app can be – read this review of the software saying that Folder Colorizer brightens up Explorer and my help navigation.

Look, Folder Colorizer is the simplest app out there. It’s tiny, basically, the app is integrated in your context menu. You just need to right-click on the folder and hit “Colorize”.

Folder Colorizer for Windows

Just recently Folder Colorizer got a huuuge update. The new changes ensure that it’s simply the most legit in this category:

  • new, great HEX color palette

  • Windows 10 support

  • colour wheel to choose just any custom shade

  • 24/7 support team got your back

Here’s how to change folder icon on Windows

I assume you already have Folder Colorizer installed. If not – make sure to do this right now.

Now when you have it installed, do the following:

  • Right click on any folder, and hit “Colorize!

  • Choose any color from the menu… and that’s it!

Not only your folders are prettier to look at – the navigation gets a LOT easier. If you know what color is assigned to your folder – it gets so much faster to find whatever file you need.

Say, if you have a folder full with working docs, you can assign red to it, to show that it’s important. Or green for something that you have completed.

And if you think: ”well, how many colors are there?” – a lot! you can easily pick a any custom color. Under “colorize” in the context menu, you will see a color wheel. So choose just any shade you like.

Change folder icon color in1 click

What I love about Folder Colorizer is that it has plenty of shades! It’s not just blue – you have dark royal blue and aquamarine. And it’s not just gray – there are literally 50 shades of gray there! 🙂

Windows looks like it’s a plain desert with just yellow folders in it. Finally, it’s time to add some style to your Windows machine. Custom colors are just perfect to lighten things up!

Best Tips and Practices to Customize your PC

In 2020, we spend hours in front of our desktop. Lots of us spend more time staring at the screen, than on sleeping. All this means – your PC simply has to be top-notch! It has to represent your unique perspective. It’s has to be easy to customize.

Now you just learned how to change folder icon on Windows 10, but there are other cool tricks you can try.

Tip 1. Optimize your start menu!

Turns out – aside from apps that you see on start menu, you can also change its color and look.

To do just that go to Personalization > Colors > Show color on Start, taskbar, and action center. You even can make it transparent-ish, simply by selecting “Make start, taskbar, and action center transparent”.

Tip 2. Pin apps and files to the Taskbar to access them faster.

To get this done, open the app you want to add, right-click on it in the Taskbar and select “Pin to taskbar”

Tip 3. Control your computer's volume

Along with Folder Colorizer we also updated one of our Windows utilities – Volume Concierge. This is a little app that helps you adjust volume on your computer according to different time intervals that you set up.

For example, if you want the sound be quiter in the evening – Volume Concierge is the best for this.

Tip 4. Configure or remove Cortana.

If you don’t use Cortana quite often – probably there’s no place for it in your Taskbar.

Therefore, right-click the taskbar and choose “Cortana > Show Cortana icon” from the pop-up menu. Select “Hidden”option to remove both search bar and its icon.

Bottom Line

Nobody likes boring yellow folders Windows is chocked full with.

For those who keep lots of files and folders on their hard drive – it’s not always easy to navigate through the File explorer. The most convenient and fun way to solve this is to change the folder icon on Windows 10.

Folder Colorizer easily helps you customize folders and files. This is just the coolest way to change the folder icon and brighten it up with some fresh new colour.

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Folder Colorizer 2

Change folder color & get organized.

Folder Colorizer 2

Folder Colorizer 2

Change folder color & get organized.


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