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All About Restoring iOS You Need to Know [2024 Update]

At times when you erase some data from an iOS gadget by mistake and want to restore it, a backup can be extraordinary assistance.

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What Does an iPhone Backup Save: a Quick Guide (2024 Update)

Backing up your iPhone is important.

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How to transfer photos from PC to iPad in 2024

Before we start Don't rely on iTunes or a USB cable for transferring pictures from your computer to your iPad. Opt for AltTunes to facilitate a hassle-free photo transfer experience! Table of Contents Before we start How do you export photos from computer to iPad? How do I transfer photos from  laptop to iPad using USB? How do I transfer photos from computer to iPad using iTunes? How do I transfer photos from computer to iPad using iCloud? Read More

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Backup Files [2024 Guide]

A backup is a snapshot of your phone at that point in time and serves as a great safety net. In the case that you accidentally end up deleting important data or want to restore your phone, you can use your backup to recover all of it.

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How Long does it Take to Back Up an iPhone to Computer/iCloud [2024]

iOS 13.1.1 got released on Sep 2019, 27  and it included improvements like bug fixes and much more. The backup should be indispensable before you update your OS to a new version, a step to protect your security system. 

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