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Josh Brown Oct 20, 2020

How to Sync iPod to iTunes Library + Alternative WAYS

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Josh Brown Oct 20, 2020

Learn how to sync iPod to iTunes library with the quick guide below. Besides featuring a usual iTunes workaround, we included some alternative (and faster) ways too.

Long long ago, before the era of 4G Internet, before giants like ‘Apple Music’ or ‘Spotify’ – what really mattered to music aficionados was the size. Of iTunes library.

Massive music library made you head above everyone else. That’s how you could stand out from the crowd, while riding on the subway with an iPod in your pocket.

In good ol’ days syncing iPod to iTunes library was nothing but a ritual (often a painful one). That was the standard way you could transfer all your precious songs you’ve collected for years to an iPod.

Because there is a huge number of people still using iPods, we prepared a quick tutorial on how you can sync iPod to iTunes.

NOTE: In the second part of the article we suggested faster, smoother, easier workaround just as well. You can skip the iTunes part and jump right there.

How to Sync iPod to iTunes Library:

To say honestly, I know for myself that syncing iPod to iTunes can be very painful. That’s why to make the tutorial more comprehensible, we came up with the much simplified but highly visual infographics.

Also, if you were wondering on how to delete movies from iPhone with the new – we got you covered as well.

The detailed follow-up you’ll find right below it.

How to Sync iPod to iTunes Library:

  1. Plug-in your iPod to your machine

  2. Launch iTunes, tap on ‘iPod’ icon in the left corner above the ‘Summary’ tab you can check on device’s storage capacity.

  3. Select the desired settings in the ‘Options’ tab.
There you can enable automatic iTunes launch, once iPod is connected. You can also choose the way you want to manage your music – ‘manually’ or ‘sync checked songs’ only.

  4. In the left sidebar menu tap on ‘music’. Mark ‘Sync Music’

  5. There you can pick ‘Sync entire music library’ or ‘Selected playlists, albums, artists, genres’

  6. Click on ‘Eject’ button next to iPod tab on iTunes

If you are not lucky, you may get the following message, when you hit ‘Sync Music’:

This means your iPod is ‘tied’ to other library. And the golden rule is – You can synchronize your iPod only to one iTunes library. If you do with another one all the files you’ve got on your iThingy will vanish away.

In this case, choice is yours – you can either delete the existing content and add new files or stick to the songs you’ve already got on your iPod.

My suggestion is – if you got the situation like above, try out the alternative workaround straight away.

How to Sync iPod with WALTR 2

WALTR is a critically acclaimed app that made its name by literally hacking iTunes. It’s an alternative way to push music & video to iOS devices.

Unlike iTunes, it’s very straightforward and simple. Also, you can learn more about Air Video HD for that matter.

Its working principle is very well displayed in this one-minute YouTube review:

Here’re some points, you definitely should consider before you use WALTR:

  • Media formats like MKV, AVI, FLAC, APE are simply not supported by Apple. WALTR works with ANY of them. It even can handle VOB to MP4 conversion pretty easily.

  • Apple lets you synchronise one iTunes library with one device only. WALTR lets you put media on any iOS device – no restrictions. Without erasing any of the content you already got on your device.

  • WALTR has got 100s reviews and positive feedback from the press. It was recommended by the most respected tech blogs worldwide.

With the new version coming out, WALTR 2 adds some new features, like support of entire iPod lineup ever released by Apple. Here’s how you can put music on your iPod:

Step 1. Launch WALTR 2

First off – you need to have WALTR downloaded & installed on your machine. The download is free.

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macbook with waltr pro on it

Go ahead and install the application.WALTR can sync iPod to iTunes Library

Step 2. Plug-in your iPod to computer

Use standard USB or 30-pin cable, depending on the iPod generation you have.

how to sync ipod to iTunes library

In case, you own iPod Touch, you might synchronize with WALTR 2 via WIFI.

Step 3. Drag the music you’ve got into the drop-zone

WALTR is going to detect your device ASAP. And it can even handle VOB to MP4 conversion for you.

sync iPod

It’s going to be sent to your device at once. In case, you dropped any films to put on your iPhone and wanna know how to delete movies from iPhone, we already have a tutorial for that as well. Sync iPod with WALTR 2

Wrapping up

No matter how old it is – iPod is the device for all times. It’s great for music playback and it gives that nice nostalgic feeling when you hold it in hands. And why Air Video HD is now the best option?

Even now in 2016 iPods of all sizes and colours are used by many people worldwide. Te fact is – Apple sold more than 400 millions of iPods since 2001.

For all those music lovers, we prepared a definitive guide on how to sync iPod to iTunes.

There are 2 ways you can still keep it live & updated with your music: you can sync iPod to iTunes or you can use WALTR.

We featured both of the ways in this article. Which one do you prefer? Share in the comments!


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