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How to Put Music on iPod Shuffle, Nano, Mini without iTunes

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Josh Brown Mar 27, 2024

Before we start

Is it possible to put music on iPod can be done in 3 steps? Here is your quick recommendation: Download SYC PRO. SYC PRO makes it super easy to download YouTube videos as MP4 or MP3 to your Mac, iPhone, iPad or Apple Music/TV library.

Are you wondering how to add song to iPod Shuffle without iTunes? This guide is here to help. So read on!

Regardless of the advancements that iPhones have made, putting music on iPods hasn't lost its charm. In fact, there is something very nostalgic and music-geeky about it.

It doesn't matter where you are, you can always playback any song with just an iPod in your back pocket. You don't need an Internet connection nor iTunes for adding song to iPod Shuffle. 

This guide will show how to put songs on iPod and listen to it offline.

Table of Contents

How to Put Music on iPod Shuffle & Nano without iTunes

Want proof of its simplicity? Watch this video below to see just how stupidly easy the process of putting music on iPods is with WALTR PRO!

How to Copy Music on iPod Shuffle or iPod Nano without using iTunes

To sync iPods without iTunes, here is what you will need:

  • A macOS or Windows computer;

WALTR PRO is free to download, so grab it right now and test it out with no strings attached. By the way, if you’re looking for other tutorials, visit our ‘How to’ guides page.

Step 1. Plug-in your iPod

Once you have installed WALTR PRO (a 10-second process), connect your iPod to a computer. Use either a FireWire or USB cord. WALTR PRO works wirelessly. However, older devices like iPods still need a USB cable for putting music on iPods.

Step 2. Drop your music into the drop-zone

There are no size limits. You can sync iPods without iTunes as many times as you wish. Just drag and drop any music file into WALTR PRO and let it do its magic. No need to worry if it’s in FLAC or any other file format because WALTR PRO converts it on the fly for native iPod playback. Additionally, you can transfer FLAC on iPhone if needed.

Drag And Drop

As soon as you drop the music into WALTR, the app will grab the artwork from the Internet, if available.

Key Features in WALTR PRO

  • The Universal Connection Bridge quickly brings music to life. It works on the original iPod from 15 years ago;
  • Smart Adaptive Conversion supports all video formats, like FLAC, WAV, CUE, and APE; It also supports all music formats, such as FLAC, WAV, CUE, and APE;
  • Automatic Wifi Connectivity. Throw any media to your iPhone & iPad wirelessly — no cords required;
  • Full Support of ePub and PDF.

Softorino has many apps which help you to get around file format issues, change the color of folders, download copyright-free images and much more! Now you can add all of them in one simple subscription – Universal License.

How to Add Music to iPod?

Let's learn how to put songs on iPod first. Then, we can find out how to build a diverse music library without spending any money. YouTube has the greatest pool of most authentic content. YouTube provides what most music platforms don't: concert versions and acoustic covers.

Softorino YouTube Converter 2 is a great tool. It helps you download music from YouTube to iPod. This desktop app takes seconds to get a song from YouTube and load it straight to your iPod. Yes, it's fully compatible with iPods.

How To Add Music To Ipod

We wrote an entire guide on how to download music from YouTube to iPod. Check it out!

How to Put Lossless Music on your iPod

Your ultra-portable iPod accepts very few music formats out of the whole ocean of them. Sure, it can play MP3, and perhaps it is enough for most people, but HD quality music encoded in FLAC is a non-starter.

There are more and more music fans who would like to stick to lossless music. You can sync iPods without iTunes losslessly by following this guide — how to put MP3 on iPhone.

WALTR PRO supports all those formats. When you use WALTR PRO, you can copy music to iPod without iTunes. There's no need to waste time converting files and no loss of quality. 

Bottom Line

iPod was the first Apple product on the market of mobile gadgets. During 15 years, Apple released 5 models of the device and more than 20 generations. There have been more than 300 million devices sold worldwide. A whole army of iPod lovers!

Many people still prefer to own their music. Music streaming services drain your battery rapidly. 

Meanwhile, devices like the iPod Nano have long-lasting battery life. With WALTR PRO, you can create your entire music library on any iPod model. You can even listen to FLAC on your iPhone!. So go ahead and try it out right now!


Why would I want to put music on my iPod Shuffle without using iTunes?

There are reasons to avoid iTunes, like Apple discontinuing it. You might prefer a different way to transfer music. WALTR PRO, a fast iTunes alternative, is a solution provided in this guide.

How can I transfer music to my iPod Shuffle without iTunes?

WALTR PRO is a user-friendly alternative to iTunes. You can use it to transfer music to your iPod Shuffle. Simply connect your iPod, drag and drop your music files into WALTR PRO, and let it handle the rest. The process is quick and efficient.

Can I add lossless music, such as FLAC, to my iPod using WALTR PRO?

Yes, WALTR PRO supports various music formats, including lossless ones like FLAC. When you use WALTR PRO to transfer music to your iPod, it automatically converts FLAC files to ALAC. This conversion keeps the quality. You can enjoy high-quality music on your iPod.

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